The 10 Best Classic Car Racing Games
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The 10 Best Classic Car Racing Games

The 10 Best Classic Car Racing Games. It is true that in recent years there are fewer video games of speed than we would like to us, lovers of adrenaline on four wheels. However, it is easy to see in the current driving games the long shadow of great classics that you will find here and some that, in fact, have not yet been overcome. Fasten your belt and press the Start button. We start!

The genre of speed is one of those that has evolved least with the passage of time. After all, driving a car has been basically the same thing since the beginning of time: reaching the finish line before the others. However, there have been different proposals that have been incorporating concepts or ideas that have opened the way for others. Now there are big names of the simulation like Project CARS, Forza Motorsport or Gran Turismo that either appear in this special with their first deliveries, or they owe a lot to some works that you will find in this article. On the other hand, the same goes for memorable arcades such as Forza Horizon or Burnout.

The 10 Best Classic Car Racing Games

The 10 Best Classic Car Racing Games

In this text we are going to collect some videogames that were pioneers when it comes to bringing novelties to driving games; but also others who, simply, were the best of their time. Releases that have been able to age one better than others, and that visually maintain the type in some cases or that show a charming lack of means in others, but that all of them are still fantastic today.

Arcade speed? Piloting of fireballs more than the simulation style? Do not worry. Here all fit … these are the 10 best classic car games.


Burnout 3 Takedown

“Transform every shock into a work of art”. That seemed the motto of Criterion Games when it launched a Burnout 3 Takedown that is remembered by a plethora of players as the best installment of a saga that has jewels. Before the simulation became so fashionable that it engulfed the speed genre almost completely, arcade classics like these attracted fans by legion and sold millions of copies. Takedown agreed with critics and fans that it was a work that could hardly be improved. A furious car game, with a technology for chilling collisions and that, in addition, managed to be spectacular graphically and able to reach a devilishly fun playable speed.

Crazy Taxi

Crazy Taxi marked, with its impossible maneuvers and its spectacular tests against the clock, a whole generation. Your password? Being one of the first launches to give the start signal to the all-in-one in the driving genre. The only goal was to take the passengers from point A to point B, and for that, any imaginable traffic regulations could be violated. On the way, yes, we had to carry out all kinds of incredible pirouettes to earn a few extra dollars and prove to whoever was watching us who is really the king of the “yellow cabs”. An arcade with all the lyrics and one of the best and most addictive car releases of the 90s.

Daytona USA

In that distant moment when everything that SEGA played turned it into gold, the amazing Daytona USA came into play to turn everything we knew about videogames into recreational driving. Built on the Model 2 engine, which allowed a very light 60FPS, in 1993 the departure signal was given for one of the most credible and surprisingly realistic experiences of the moment. It did not take long to become a real phenomenon and the recreational one that raised more money within the speed genre. The keys? His impressive graphics, his attractive soundtrack and the impeccable sense of accomplishment when we overtook our rivals, whether they were led by the AI or humans in their formidable competitive experience with eight games connected to each other.

Gran Turismo 2

With a truly obscene number of vehicles, the second installment of the Gran Turismo saga further enriched Polyphony Digital in general and the ideologist Kazunori Yamauchi in particular. The motives? Although, from a distance, the sequel could be considered somewhat conservative in terms of playable novelties, if we are completely honest there was an important visual advance and enough “signings” to improve their driving. For example, it was a before and after everything related to braking and, as if that were not enough, it greatly increased the number of cars we could drive. In addition, and something deeply appreciated by fans, it was also a much more comfortable and versatile work to be enjoyed without all the constraints of the original delivery and had some extra modes of the most succulent.

Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuit

The Need for Speed brand has been one of the great references of the arcade genre all of life, and with Hot Pursuit we lived one of its most brilliant episodes at the end of the last century. The name ended up generating a complete saga within the IP, which gives us an idea of its importance, and made reference to the police persecutions that became the watchword of some of the best episodes of the NFS. An impressive graphic section for its moment, a sense of speed and fantastic control and only nine tracks, but of a very respectable size, were some of the keys of one of the peaks of a brand that has such amazing highlights as Underground or Most Wanted.


It is an authentic legend, and one of those video games whose mere mention bristles the hair of any veteran fan. Its imposing recreational (with seat and movement) is a true symbol of the 80s, and its arcade design is relentless and able to sustain the passage of time even more than 30 years after its arrival in the salons. A Ferrari Testarossa of careful mobility, a beautiful companion and a legendary soundtrack are some of the key elements that served for several generations have spent hours and hours traveling through its endless tropical roads at full speed. A legendary classic, one of the best driving releases of all time and an unbeatable example that in video games many times less is more.

Pole Position

The oldest driving videogame of those included in this special is also one of the most influential. It was not the first launch to opt for the camera behind the vehicle, but it was the one that popularized this perspective to unsuspected extremes. The inspiration of his circuit is based on the one of Fuji of Japan, that was the path chosen by Toru Iwatani (creator of Pac-Man) to reproduce in a title that would bring infinity of successors that looked for to reproduce their success. Not coincidentally, it was the re-creative that collected the most in 1983 in America, becoming a phenomenon. Asking the accuracy and precision of the current simulation would be insane, however taking into account that the decade of the 80 was the dawn of the game, Pole Position has a truth certainly admirable.

Project Gotham Racing 2

Microsoft needed many great brands with which to attract fans to the Xbox brand since it was the first video game console of the Redmond. They managed to capture all our attention from Bizarre Creations in 2001 with the start of Project Gotham Racing, but they definitely blew us away with their amazing sequel put on sale just two years later. A light but precise and addictive driving, a selection of cars of the most exotic and unusual, tracks in the most varied places that we could imagine and the always attractive support of an Xbox Live that already demonstrated its worth were key elements to consider it one of the best car games of its time.

Sega Rally

Until the last hour we have racked our brains to decide between SEGA Rally and Colin McRae Rally, and both had the curious coincidence of belonging to the same subgenre of driving. Finally we have decided on the SEGA videogame not only for being the first great representative in popularizing this type of launches, but also for its indisputable quality. His interest in taking care of elements such as the different types of surfaces that we were going to cover with our car made us forget that, in reality, it was not a game that was not generous in terms of the number of tracks or vehicles. Otherwise? An amazing speed production.

Super Mario Kart

In the decade of the 90 abounded the video juegos of pure and hard speed without more complications than the one to arrive at the goal before the rivals. It was already tremendously fun in the not too numerous titles that allowed local game at that time, but if we added the possibility of attacking each other … Winning formula! Super Mario Kart was not the first work to introduce all these elements separately, but it was the first to bring them together at the same time and refine their structure with the iron hand of a Nintendo that possibly was never as fit as in the time of Super NES. The charisma of the most emblematic characters of the Japanese company.

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