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The 15 Best Weapons of Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition and Where to Find Them

Through this guide of the best weapons of Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition you will know what weapons to obtain to have the strongest characters of the whole adventure. Most of these weapons can be achieved in your first game in history, but others appear after the game is over.

Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition is a gift for fans of the Japanese license to return to enjoy the original title but with certain developments in content, including everything that has been released in subsequent weeks as part of the season pass.Something you are going to worry about is obtaining the best weapons in the game, and in our Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition guide you will find a solution.

To get the best Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition weapons , apart from the ancestral ones , you’ll have to have a character level high enough to surpass the missions that await them. There are dozens and dozens of weapons in the game, but we have decided to launch with the 15 that we consider to be the most powerful.

The 15 best weapons of Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition and where to find them

Zorin Swords

Once again in the Randolph missions, specifically after finishing the fifth. They ask us to eliminate a level 120 monster, and thanks to this sword you will greatly enhance your magic.


A sword with damage 248 that you can buy for 8000 gil in Hammerhead.

Sword Balmung

In order to obtain it we must overcome the Damned Aberration of Steyliff, one of the eight portals of the aberration to which you accede with the key of Ezma when finishing the juice. You can get it before reaching the first camp, and it is the sword with the most attack of the whole game.

Sword Quitapenas

We will get it when the game is over, and it is part of the Randolph missions in Lestallum. You get it by defeating a falar is on the fourth commission mission.

Indomitable shield

Also part of the missions of Randolph, but this time of the third getting it after defeating two gentlemen Tomberi.

Mandoble Apocalypse

Again we must make another damned aberration, in this case Balouve’s. You have it in the first Balouve camp so you can not miss it.

Pistol Death Penalty

Same as the previous one, but this time you must reach the final boss and defeat him.

Ax of the Conqueror

This great ax can be obtained after killing the Arachne chief and entering the Conqueror’s Royal Tomb. You can kill this boss with any big sword and with fire spells. When you equip the Conqueror’s Ax, you will obtain a higher level of strength.

Oracle Trident

You must defeat the demon Deathclaw at the end of chapter 12. You can kill this enemy with fire spells and avoid their air attacks.


A powerful spear of damage 221 that is achieved if you overcome the dungeon of the Steyliff Grove.

Sword Artema

We get it in chapter 8 of the game. For this we must complete all the missions at level 7. Among them is to overcome the mission of the Iridescent frog. Once we have overcome them, we must visit Cid, and give him both the Ex Machina Omega and the Hardened Horn.

Dominating Sword

To get it, you have to do The Damned Aberration of Keycatrich, one of the eight aberration portals that you can enter with the Ezma key at the end of the game. We got it in the first of the camps.

Burial Sword

Same as the previous one, but reaching the final boss and overcoming it. We will receive this sword as a reward.

At Parca

It is a spear with damage 172 that is obtained in the mini game of the Arena of Altissia.


This sword of damage 173 is obtained in the dungeon Labyrinth of the depths of Fociaugh.

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