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Analysis of Far Cry 5 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC

Analysis of Far Cry 5 for PS4, Xbox One and PC. Ubisoft brings us a new installment of his shooter saga in the open world, taking us this time to the county of Hope, in Montana, to confront a sect of fans led by Father Joseph Seed. Country bumpers, church songs and explosions at large come together in what is, from this moment, the best Far Cry.

The Far Cry saga has accustomed us to exotic destinations, perfect places to bundle a bandana in the head and, machine gun in hand and machete in the mouth, to shoot with any lunatic who gets in front. Therefore, when it was announced that Far Cry 5 would take us to a fictitious region of Montana, deep in the United States, our first reaction was one of disbelief. A Far Cry far from the classic paradisiacal locations?

Analysis of Far Cry 5 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

But Hope County has shown us that it can be as paradisiacal – or even more so – than the island of crystalline beaches of Far Cry 3 or the snowy peaks of Far Cry Nepal 4. And is that although we go for the fifth installment, it could be said that the Far Cry saga, as we know it today, started with Far Cry 3. The third chapter completely embraced the madness, offering a characterized gameplay for its numerous emerging possibilities and a villain -Vass Montenegro- that left its mark on the community.

Since then the formula has been the fruit of a slow evolution, altering the bases just in the numbered games, and something more in spin-offs like Far Cry Primal or in additional contents like the fantastic Blood Dragon. That’s why, at first glance, Far Cry 5 may seem more of the same: it has frantic shoot-outs, it has positions that we can “clean” using stealth, it has a charismatic villain, it has phases under the effects of hallucinogenic substances and it has large dose of madness.

However, Far Cry 5 also presents a lot of “invisible” changes that alter that classic development. News that may go unnoticed, but with great weight on the satisfaction of this delivery … What makes it the best of the Far Cry series. If you have faith, take the leap and discover why in our analysis of Far Cry 5.

“Easy, I will not have you climbing towers all day”

One of the most important changes is found at the beginning, and that is the way in which the missions are structured. As you remember, to advance the history of previous Far Cry we completed a series of orders in a more or less open, which led to unlock a new area of ​​the map … To continue completing orders. The general trend that most sandbox follow, go.

In Far Cry 5 the map is also divided into several regions (three, to be exact), but it is completely open from the beginning, so we decided at all times what to do and where to go. The objective is clear: to destroy Joseph Seed and the Puerta del Edén sect and, to achieve this, the first thing is to overthrow his three brothers, each one in charge of one of these areas.

So let’s say we decided to go in the first place to John Seed, younger brother in charge of converting the population to Edenism, and located in the region southwest of Hope. We still have several main missions to choose from, but they no longer mark the progress to the villain: now everything revolves around the resistance bar.

It is a numerical meter that increases when carrying out all kinds of actions, such as completing main missions, but also when carrying out optional commissions, bringing down important members of the sect, completing random events, destroying structures … So it is possible to reach the end of the line and finish with the villain of the region without having completed all the main missions of that area. In fact, dialogues when accepting missions change to reflect if the villain has fallen or not. Good touch.

As the bar fills up, story missions with a greater plot load are activated, which help us to know both the motivations of the brother in question and those of Joseph himself. And the closer we get to the “end” of a region, the greater the enemy opposition to the place. Something like the police meter of the GTA, with the difference that here is permanent (until we finish with the villain of the area), so things become quite violet, even sending planes to us.

This nature, much more open than we are used to, also applies when it comes to “getting” orders. Forget about climbing to the top of towers to show on the map all the icons with activities in one area: in Far Cry 5 everything develops in a much more organic way. For example, after saving a villager, he may say that he has heard shouts inside a cave; in this way, the icon of a secondary mission is added to the map. And maybe inside a house we discover a letter that details the location of an Edenista church (which obviously has to be destroyed). The same happens with the hunting areas, whose details are revealed when we contemplate posters. And, of course, there is always the possibility that we come across something new while we explore.

It is still a reinvention of something that practically invented Ubisoft, and while it does not reach the levels of freedom of, say, Breath of the Wild, and still see certain “dejes” of the old structure (oh, that saturated map of icons and that overwhelming feeling to see everything that lies ahead), now everything develops in a much more natural and, ultimately, satisfactory. And speaking of maps, the mini map has disappeared in Far Cry 5. The most surprising thing is that we did not realize this until after a good handful of hours, demonstrating how expendable this element is. It has been replaced by a compass at the top of the screen (same as that of Assassin’s Creed: Origins). In general, the interface is much cleaner than in the previous ones, allowing us to enjoy the views better. And as usual, it is completely customizable, so if you want to play without any indication, you can deactivate all the markers from the settings.

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A very curious detail that we have seen on a couple of occasions: do you remember the classic follow-up or persecution missions? Those that everyone hates but insist on including? On several occasions, by moving too far from the objective, the mission was updated with a new one. This has not always been the case, and there are still orders in which we fail to stay behind, but it is a most interesting solution that marries the open approach.

If it is true that God loves you, give your palms

If the Far Cry stand out for something, it is because all their systems are connected in some way, giving rise to situations of madness generated by pure randomness. We try to catch a group of enemies unprepared, a bear appears, we get on top, the enemies realize and a shooting starts, someone throws a Molotov cocktail, everything burns, a passing car takes a soldier ahead , a helicopter joins the party … The madness has no end.

Far Cry 5 has not lost an iota of this madness, quite the contrary: it has increased thanks to the plot lines that this delivery follows. Going into a gunfight while a church song is playing in the background, it’s one of those things that is hard to get tired of, and the kind of situation that, when the smoke of the shooting rises, makes it inevitable to think that of “this could only happen in Far Cry”. But that does not mean that in this section we also find a series of changes focused on making everything more satisfactory and improving the quality of life.

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The character progression system has been completely renewed, and moves away from the pseudo-RPG touches of previous deliveries (outside levels and experience). We continue to have a series of skills (nicknamed talents) to unlock, divided into five styles and with quite juicy news, such as sabotaging vehicles or launching in free fall when making quick trips, which add to the lifelong. But the way to obtain the points to unlock them has changed completely.

Now we have a series of challenges, also divided into different aspects such as combat or hunting, which reward us with the coveted talent points. Finish ten enemies using melee eliminations, hunt and skin three skunks, catch a specific type of fish … They are quite varied and entertaining challenges, since they force us to leave our comfort zone to improve, and get the rhythm to which we progress is much better carried (we have finished the story and we have not unlocked all the skills yet, so you can get an idea). We also get points through exploration, collecting magazines that we find in the preparer’s hideouts (more on this below).

More things that have changed: the melee system has been extended, or rather, implemented, because what was before was nothing more than the typical FPS hit. In Far Cry 5 we can equip and use different weapons, as well as our fists, in the same way that we use firearms. There are sticks, oars, pipes, shovels … The truth is that you miss the classic combat knife of previous Far Cry (or the kukri), but it has all the sense of the world that the star of the film in Far Cry 5 be something as overwhelmingly American as the baseball bat.

Normal and loaded attacks can be made, and with fists it is possible to dodge or block. It’s not that it’s too useful, given that the vast majority of enemies attack with firearms, and even those who are charged with sticks is faster to shoot them down … But it is still another option (which joins the already considerable mountain) that will please especially those who like to take things in an intimate and personal way. Although there is a certain homeopathy that makes getting involved with punching a lot of sense … And it’s tremendously fun.

Homeopathies come to be the * ahem * products that we make using natural resources, and that by consuming them they give us certain benefits, such as running faster, hitting harder or locating all enemies. Here is another important change, which is that in Far Cry 5 it is not possible to manufacture first aid kits: just buy them or find them, so forget about chasing green herbs as if there were no tomorrow.

In this sense, the “crafting” component has been slightly expanded , and now there are more resources that we can collect to produce throwing objects on the fly, although in the end this remains a mere curiosity … for good and for bad. And speaking of curiosities, from the wheel of homeopathies it is also possible to create alcohol, as well as a certain narcotic manufactured with “” “” “oregano” “” “”. We have no idea what they are for, beyond the visual effects produced by their consumption (we have not tested them, a friend told us).

And to end with the small changes that make life easier: animations have disappeared when skinning animals and looting enemies. At first you can crash, but we assure you that, after a couple of hours, you will not miss them. Rather the complete opposite.

One of the most notable additions of Far Cry 5 are hired gunmen, characters controlled by AI that we can hire to get us a cable (at first only one, but acquiring the corresponding talent can accompany us a second). They can be given a couple of orders, such as “go to this point” or “attack this objective”, and despite their simplicity, they comply without too many problems. Throughout Hope we will find these characters, who have classes like soldier or sniper, which indicate their specialties. When they reach a certain number of casualties with us, they get new talents.

But the really interesting ones are the specialists. They are unique hired guns, with associated missions (in many cases, the main story) and unique talents. There are nine in total (three for each area) and the truth is that they are one of the most pleasant surprises of Far Cry 5. To begin, because their skills are very well differentiated, allowing combinations of the most varied: the Boomer dog, For example, you can mark nearby enemies (remembering MGSV’s D-Dog quite a bit), while Grace Armstrong is a veteran sniper from Iraq.

But there is also Nick Rye, a pilot flying over the skies giving air support, or Hurk (who you already know from other Far Cry ), who with his rocket launcher can explode vehicles while being propelled by the explosion. Pumas Peaches, the pyromaniac Sharky, the bear Cheeseburger … All the specialists enjoy great charisma and have very well defined personalities, something that they demonstrate with their constant comments. Adelaide Drubman, Hurk’s mother, will make you choke at discovering the open way in which she embraces her sexuality. And give Jess Black a spin-off already.

But this is not limited only to our character: they also talk among themselves. Lines of dialogue have been written for any combination of specialists that comes to mind from among the nine available, and seeing them converse is something amazing and, in many cases, truncating (especially if Hurk or Sharky are in the group). This has been taken to the extreme, because the specialists also react to the environment or the situation: it is surprising to hear their comments when visiting locations that are not related to history, but also their compliments when we make head shots or their pots when they are under the effects of joy, a drug used by members of the sect.

Unfortunately, these comments and dynamic conversations present a very annoying problem, and that is that there are phrases of different characters that overlap (making it difficult to understand what they say), that repeat themselves incessantly that are cut off abruptly and start again many times. This is the only reason that can make you want to play alone. Because, if you wish, you can play Far Cry 5 without the help of hired guns … But even we, who are lone wolves, have ended up surrendering to their charms.

Put your hand in the hand of the one who tells you come

Far Cry 5 also has a cooperative mode for two players, much improved compared to that seen in Far Cry 4. You can play doubles from start to finish (saving a small area that acts as a tutorial), either to make the goat by the world or complete any type of mission (also those of history). The only limitation is that both players must remain relatively close to each other, and that the guest will not progress in the missions that are completed during the session.

But it’s amazing how absurdly funny Far Cry can be in company. Having been designed with the cooperative in mind from the beginning, we will find maneuvers designed to get the most out of it, such as aircraft that have two cabins (the pilot’s and the machine guns) or the possibility of using the hook to hang us from a helicopter … And cause chaos. The only downside is that there is no matchmaking, so if you want to play with someone, you will have to belong to your friends list.

It is not the only online mode, and Far Cry 5 also includes the one named Far Cry Arcade. It is an independent mode, which is accessed from the main menu or from the recreational that we find throughout Hope, and where the level editor and competitive multiplayer modes are grouped.

On this occasion Ubisoft has turned to the editor, becoming the most complete to date. Not only because of the number of options, but also because it includes assets of games like Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, Assassin’s Creed Unity, Watch Dogs or all the previous Far Cry . It is possible to create levels for both a player / coop. as PVP. There is a limit of memory in terms of the number of objects that can be included, of course, but quite decent things can be created.

We have created a competitive level of aerial battles (unfortunately, we have not discovered any option for the planes to reappear, so it’s a bit lame). But we go, that even so the PVP is quite improvable, since it only counts on two ways: everything against all or by equipment.

But there is no doubt that the possibilities presented by Far Cry Arcade are immense, especially if we take into account that they have already announced that they will launch new packs of assets in the future. To give you an idea, there is a map inspired by The Last of Us and another that could well be an adaptation of Water world (with a flooded city and a modifier to be able to breathe underwater). We really want to see what the community surprises us with.

Let’s talk now about the most feared and sounded section in the current times: micro payments. In Far Cry 5 we have two types of currency: dollars, which are obtained as in any other game, and silver bullion, which can be found very rarely in safes or paying real money. Everything, we repeat: ALL that is for sale in Far Cry 5 stores (weapons, vehicles, clothing, consumables …) can be purchased with dollars

In fact, those that we could consider as “main elements” can only be bought with dollars, nothing with ingots. However, within each category there is also a series of elements that bear the label “prestige”. These cost a lot more than the rest, and are those that also include the option of making the payment with bullion. We have finished the game, and with the obtained in the course, has given us to buy all the main weapons (as well as enough personalization objects), a few vehicles and several rags.

Perhaps the clothing is the section that can cause eyebrows to be raised, since the vast majority of garments are prestigious. But we do not need to tell you that Far Cry 5 is a first-person game, so … It’s not something that bothers you too much. And at no time have we felt limited by the ingots. Moreover, the objects that are purchased with them are, in general, versions of the weapons and main vehicles whose only difference is their exclusive appearance. Come on, they’re just to show off.

And since we are talking about weapons … Do not expect too much news in this regard. They have included new things, but saving a small surprise, none too remarkable (the vast majority are new models within each category). Although, being fair, it is difficult to include news when you already have guns, shotguns, sub-rifles, rifles, sniper rifles, bows, flame throwers.

U, ESE, A! U, ESE, A!

Another one of those aspects that perhaps at first sight is not so evident is the improvement of the graphic section. Far Cry 5 continues to use the Dunia engine that they have been using previous deliveries, but in a fairly expanded version. The best unemployed have been the facial animations and lighting, the latter especially achieved, with effects such as the sun filtering in real time through the leaves of trees or windows in buildings.Analysis of Far Cry 5 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PCThe drawn distance has also seen a considerable improvement, which becomes evident as soon as we put ourselves at the controls of any aerial vehicle (especially if we compare it with the fog that formed in Kyrat as soon as we got on the gyrocopter). It’s nice to travel the skies while we contemplate the landscape. Physics have also improved theirs, and now there are many more objects that react to explosions and blows, and in a more realistic way. The level of destruction of the scenario has also increased.

Surprisingly, and even with all these changes, Far Cry 5 endures the type as a champion, without slowdowns or in the most chaotic situations (yes, at 30fps). We played on a current and grinding PS4, which makes this even more remarkable. And if you have a HDR monitor or television, we strongly recommend that you activate it: this is one of the games that makes the best use of the effect. In fact, if you notice that the colors of the images that accompany our analysis of Far Cry 5 are strange, it is because they are captured with this mode activated; we assure you that it looks absolutely magnificent.

But despite all these technical benefits, the main culprit that Far Cry 5 looks so good is the setting. Ubisoft has shown that there is no one who wins when it comes to recreating times and locations, with masterful examples like the San Francisco of Watch Dogs 2 or the Egypt of Assassin’s Creed Origins. And now, Hope County joins that select club.

The three areas in which the map is divided have very different terrains: to the southwest we have the Holland Valley, characterized by its fields and plains, it is the most rural location; to the north are the Whitetail Mountains, an area full of forests and whose design offers more verticality; Finally, to the southeast, there is the region of the Henbane River, which, as its name indicates, is crossed by large rivers. This last one is the most unusual, because there the joy runs free and provokes all kinds of hallucinations, from enemies that rise from the dead to animals that are not what they seem.

Farms, harvest fields, huge forests where you cannot see the end, hunting cabins, roadside bars … The recreation of Montana has been careful to the smallest detail, making Far Cry 5 one of those games in the It’s nice to explore and get lost. This also contributes to the fact that the vast majority of locations that we can visit (which are not few) convey the feeling of being genuinely unique, inviting us to visit every corner of the map to discover new places.

But let’s not forget that we are talking about a deep America that has been taken by a sect of deranged, which means that there is also room for all kinds of grotesque scenes, always featuring corpses savagely murdered by the devotees of the Father (if you like True Detective, you’re going to find some other similar in terms of crime scene design).

And being set in the land of opportunity, I could not miss a good portion of “Americanism”, in the form of soldiers cheering around the flag of the United States, practice shooting in the middle of the field, a guitar song by the fire of a bonfire … And antinuclear shelters.

Because one of the novelties that we liked most about Far Cry 5 are the hideouts of the preparationist. These are silos that are scattered all over the world, and inside which are found caches of valuable objects: talent points, mountains of green bills, weapons … To access them you have to overcome a small puzzle, which includes a mini-story and that almost always revolves around finding a key, but that is always different.

And there are some very original and funny, like a kind of parody of Maximum Risk (the best movie of Stallone, whatever they say), a haunted house, an abandoned mine, having to find a key among canine excrements … By the way, we are convinced that in Far Cry 5 there is a bigfoot (apart from the tracks, because the FC4 yeti model is in arcade mode … Suspicious). Let’s see how long the rumors take, GTA San Andreas.

Secondary missions are not far behind, to the point that the main ones pale by their side. There are real follies, like having to get testicles in three different ways for a festival, run over animals for a cook with speech problems, help a crazy alien conspiracies … And if, like us, you loved Blood Dragon, get ready for a surprise.

There are also several different types of collectibles, some as curious as a series of vinyl’s that serve to open a new radio station in Whitetail. As in the rest of the sections, the soundtrack of Far Cry 5 stands out above the rest of the installments, and with quite a difference. There is a selection of licensed songs very complete, ranging from country to rock (no shortages of Credence, go), and they sound both on the radio and during some missions.

But the original soundtrack takes the cake: the main theme of Far Cry 5 , which sounds on the map screen, is simply fantastic, and could easily become the official anthem of the saga (something like happened with the Ezo’s Family of Assassin’s Creed 2). But it is also composed church songs that talk about Joseph, his brothers and the sect. You will be surprised how catchy they are … A small detail that we have loved, is that in the camps you can hear the enemies following the lyrics of those songs. It almost hurts to break your neck.

And what of the villain, or, rather, villains? Because each of the Seed has its share of prominence, and although somewhat predictable, their stories leave us very surprising moments (especially Jacob and Faith). We did not like that all are built in the same way (on a tragic past), and in that aspect we missed a little more variety.

On the other hand, to be divided into four the development of characters is affected, especially in Joseph’s jaso, which in the end does not stop being the star of the film. It is difficult to say if it is up to Vaas or if it will be remembered in the same way, but charisma is not lacking and has several monologues capable of freezing blood. But the most interesting story is the criticism that Far Cry 5 dedicates to the current American society: starting with its pro-weapons laws and ending, of course, with its new leader. A criticism that at times scares, because what is represented through the parody is not far from reality.

Perhaps, for that reason, the best thing that the history of Far Cry 5 has is its end. An absolutely crazy ending and hard to forget. Do everything you can to play without knowing how it ends, because we assure you that it will not leave you indifferent.

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