Best free Android games of 2018
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Best free Android games of 2018

Best free Android games of 2018. Get to know the best free Android games of 2018 with this report in which we review the titles that can be downloaded and enjoyed on mobile phones and tablets with this operating system.

If you are one of those who like to spend their spare time playing with your mobile, you may be looking for good games to download without spending money. To help you get and find titles that allow you to make your trips in public transport and other heavy daily situations much more enjoyable, we have prepared this special report in which we collect the best free Android games of 2018. So you can download great titles with that to enjoy to the maximum of your mobiles and tablets.

Best and Free Android Games of 2018

Best free Android games of 2018

NOTE: In this report we collect the best free games for Android 2018. Only games that have been released during this year and until now for Android are included, so we will update the report as new free games for this operating system appear.

Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition

The acclaimed Final Fantasy XV of Square Enix has also launched in 2018 its version for Android mobile devices. It is an episodic game and its first chapter can now be downloaded for free from this link. The rest of its 10 chapters are paid, but at least we can play the first one without cost and decide if it’s worth going through the box to get the full version of FFXV Pocket Edition. If you download it, do not forget to consult our guide with tips and tricks to start playing Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition.

The Sims Mobile

The Sims Mobile offers players an authentic experience for fans of the franchise, where they can shape the lifestyle of their Sims by creating unique personalities, developing a wide variety of relationships and designing the world from the mobile phone or tablet. In short, we can now enjoy all the magic of The Sims for free on our smartphones thanks to The Sims Mobile for Android . If you want to download it, you can do it through this link . And do not forget to check our tips and tricks to start playing The Sims Mobile.

PUBG Mobile

The successful Player Unknown’s Battleground will also soon have a mobile version, although you can already play thanks to its early access to Android. For now, the advance access of PUBG Mobile is only available in Canada in the West, although it is expected that it will soon be launched for free in the rest of the territories so that we all enjoy their exciting battles of 100 players in which only one it can remain standing. If you are interested in this version of the game, you can download PUBG Mobile for Android for free through this link . if you want to know more, do not miss our analysis of Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds and our PUBG guide.

Street Fighter IV Champion Edition

If yours is the fight, Street IV Champion Edition is your Android game. This title, with optional micro-payments within the game, allows you to control 32 of the most popular characters in the Capcom saga and with very intuitive controls to perform all the combos and special movements characteristic of the saga with the smartphone screen. If you are interested, you can download free Street Fighter IV Champion Edition for Android by clicking on this link . And if you want to get an idea of what it can offer, take a look at our analysis of Ultra Street Fighter IV.

World of Warships Blitz

Developed with the company KingNet , World of Warships Blitz offers a list of 90 legendary ships from Japan, USA, Germany and USSR at its launch. Players have four different classes of ships to choose from (destroyers, cruisers, battleships and aircraft carriers) in their attempt to dominate the sea in their 7v7 team battles, although there are also missions for one player. If you are interested in what is undoubtedly one of the best Android strategy games of 2018 , download it for free from this link . And remember that you can check our guide with tips and tricks to start playing World of Warships Blitz.

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