The Best Free Xbox One Games For 2018

The Best Free Xbox One Games For 2018.Everyone likes free games , those titles that let us enter their worlds without first asking us for a few euros from our pocket and that are very useful when we are short of capital. 

They are free-to-play games, and although the vast majority is committed to micro payments as a business model, they present an opportunity to invest hours of leisure in exchange for nothing. Join us on this tour of the best free games available on Xbox One and remember that we will periodically update this report with all the free-to-play news that can come out on the Microsoft console.

Best Free Action Games for Xbox One 2018


First-person team action games have been one of the great fashions of recent years. Paladins comes to us from Hi Rez Studios , ready to catch the attention of fans of this genre. Its aesthetic and its playable structure make it a very interesting title to take a few games and enter your competitive community directly from Xbox One.

Raiders of the Broken Planet

From Spain and up to Xbox Live comes Raiders of the Broken Planet , an online third-person action game that you can download on Xbox One to play your Eternal Soldier campaign for free. Mercurysteam has created an attractive experience to play in a team if what you like is direct action, with strategy and a level of difficulty for the most advanced.

Fortnite: Battle Royale

Epic Games wants to get rid of Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds and for that, it is betting on Fortnite Battle Royale, a free game mode that all players have access to on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, and that faces us 99 more users in a battle to the death. Use everything in your power to survive this confrontation without dying in the attempt.

World of Tanks

World of Tanks has been a classic of the battles between tanks in world conflicts for years and the Xbox One version is not for less. The game of War gaming is accessible from the Microsoft console for all its community with games that look spectacular in the front to which it moves us, with several game modes and a large number of options. It is one of the most successful action and simulation titles on the market both in consoles and PC.


If what you want are robot battles, battles between wicks , the best option you’ll find on Xbox Live is Hawken , a solid, varied and very complete title in terms of competitive games. It is a fresh proposal, which has been around for several years, which shows that the community has remained active despite the passage of time. A highly recommended work by Reloaded Games.


If you are not a robot and prefer to stick with cybernetic ninjas with improvements in their bodies, the option that we recommend is Warframe , a third person action game with a lot of personalization options that can be tremendously addictive. The title is nourished by Unreal Engine 4, is the work of Digital Extremes and is among the most coveted in the free-to-play genre.

Best free MOBA for Xbox One


The developer Hi Rez has shown that MOBA can also succeed in consoles with the release of Smite , whose version for Xbox One is strong enough that you do not need to walk using the keyboard and mouse. If you like the genre, it is a mandatory game for everything it offers, but especially for its third person focus that makes it very attractive for consoles.

Air Mech Arena

If what you’re looking for is combats between machines , one of the best options you’ll find in Xbox One is Air Mech Arena , a bet that mixes action and strategy to put us at the head of a futuristic army that we can control alone or cooperatively. . Its aesthetic is very attractive to the eye, as it moves away from the usual realistic cliché we see in the genre.


If we consider what is to come for the future, one of the most attractive options is Gigantic , which is already available on Xbox Live in a trial version and has a very colorful character and scenario design. It is not a MOBA to use, it is a different experience with much to contribute within this genre. The title of Motiga has the potential to capture the attention of fans of this type of video game.

Best Free Sports Games for Xbox One

Powerstar Golf

If what you like is golf, Powerstar Golf is available on Xbox One since its launch and is part of the free to play games of the console. It is a title created by Zoe Mode available for free for the machine and with a friendly local game mode for four players that makes it an option to consider when we have a home visit and we do not want frights with other more dynamic games.

NBA 2K18 Prelude

2K Sports gives us the opportunity to take a few games to one of the new features of NBA 2K18 , El Barrio, where we can take the first steps with our avatar before throwing ourselves to stardom in the North American basketball competition. A great opportunity to anticipate what the full game on the Microsoft console offers us.

Best Free Role-Playing Games for Xbox One


Although it is still in early access, GWENT: The Witcher Card Game is still one of the most attractive proposals within its genre. The Xbox One version is accessible from Xbox Live and takes us to the whole universe of the saga in card version in the best possible way. One hundred percent recommended for all followers of the saga of Geralt de Rivia .

Dungeon Defenders II

Defend the position and enter combats in cooperative while you are assaulted by waves of enemies in Dungeon Defenders II, which has reached Xbox One in free to play format. You can play it alone, with up to four friends online and even pantall game with another player in a second command. It is an interesting proposal, with original ideas and tremendously fun to play if you have the right company.

Star Trek Online

The role genre also has great exponents in the world of free-to-play for Xbox One. One of them is Star Trek Online , which is available in the Microsoft console to play this rolero universe for free to explore the galaxy together to five more colleagues. It is a direct title, which is intended for fans of the galactic saga of the world of cinema.

APB Reloaded

If what you are looking for are more realistic and contemporary shots , you should take a look at APB Reloaded , a game that will sound a lot to the players but that is also available in the Microsoft console. It is one of the few competitions that GTA Online has in the market, and although it does not reach the level of excellence that Rockstar video games usually have, it offers lighthearted games and a rebellious visual touch for its characters.


And from the present to the purest role with Neverwinter , an old-style RPG experience set in the Dungeon and Dragons universe and ideal for getting lost in your fantastic universe without spending a single euro. It is a complete experience, with a lot of challenges to pursue and a lot of options to customize our hero.

DC Universe Online

The free online role also has a good experience with DC Universe Online , a title that changes the medieval worlds of DC superheroes and has a very dynamic combat system specially designed with the command in mind. It started as an online title highlighted on PlayStation and PC, but it has ended up opening an interesting gap in the genre on Xbox One.


If what you are looking for is something that has a different color, the best option is Trove . The role-playing and exploration video game of Trion Worlds is going to turn us into addicts of object looting while we explore the world of voxels presented and personalized by our hero. The best way to define it is to put Minecraft and World of Wacraft in the same bag, and although it is not as deep, it’s fun to play.

Magic Duels

From the most traditional role, we stop at one of its variants, card games, to recommend Magic Duels , the classic Magic card game from Wizards of the Coast that is available on Xbox One as a free download for you to compete and collections more than 1,300 cards that are available . Its business model, like that of the other titles of its kind, is based on micropayments.


Delve into a universe of fantasy and science fiction with Skyforge , a role-playing game and massive free to play that is available for download on Xbox Live, and where you can visit a world called Aelion where you face numerous challenges both in company and alone specializing in one of its 14 available classes, which can also be exchanged without limit.

Best Free Simulation and Arcade Games for Xbox One

Clicker Heroes

The clicker genre is usually present in mobiles, but the free-to-play current has made it end up making the leap into the world of consoles. Clicker Heroes is one of the samples of this trip between platforms. This title leads us to create our own army of heroes to conquer the battle against enemies at the command. We warn you that gold engages.

Gems of War

From the creators of Puzzle Quest comes Gems of War, a sure bet if what you are looking for is a puzzle game with touches of role and dyes of strategy that is set in a universe of sword and sorcery. It is available for free through Xbox Live for all players who want to enter an old-school arcade experience with current finishing.

Adventure Pop

Adventure Pop is a free proposal for lovers of classic shooting and puzzle games that puts us in the shoes of a group of adventurers with the pretext of looking for treasures. It has a careful and artistic visual section, full single player mode and interesting multiplayer games to compete in company.

Battle Islands: Commanders

Edited by 505 Games and developed by DR Studios, Battle Islands: Commanders is a free-to-play game with focus on the strategy that proposes to fortify an island in the South Pacific within the framework of the Second World War to defeat the enemies that haunt us and get out of the conflict. You can play alone, establishing alliances with other players or launching into battle to destroy the foundations of enemies.

Fallout Shelter

Do you need an experience that you have stuck for days? Well your best option is called Fallout Shelter and comes to Xbox One to mount a nuclear shelter following your own designs. We warn you that it is as demanding as it is addictive because the inhabitants of our refuge have to cover a great number of needs, so take the games in moderation .

Pinball FX2

If pinball is your thing, the best option you’ll find on Xbox One is Pinball FX2 , which can be downloaded from Xbox Live and offers a huge library of boards for fans of this arcade. It also has local multiplayer for four people, so it is ideal for parties where you receive a visit at home and need a proposal with arcade tints.

Frozen Free Fall

The youngest of the house are also entitled to receive free games on Xbox One. For them we want to recommend a free game on the Microsoft console. This is Froze Free Fall , the classic game of the balls set in the Disney saga that has triumphed so much in recent years in the mobile panorama and is ideal for dwarfs to have fun with the console without danger.

Best Free Fighting Games for Xbox one 2018

Killer Instinct

The star in the fight genre on Xbox One is undoubtedly Killer Instinct . The fighting game that follows a free-to-play business model rotates the available characters to select and catches us with its visual section and its direct and very arcade gameplay. Compulsory is its download, especially taking into account the large amount of content that has been incorporated thanks to its seasons since its launch in 2013.

Dead or Alive 5

When giving cakes, another recommended option on Xbox One is Dead or Alive 5 Last Round Core Fighters , version of the Team Ninja title that limits the number of characters available but lets us access virtually all modes, including games on-line. It is a good way to experience the gameplay of this saga, know its main characters and practice with their combos.

Best Platform Games for Xbox One 2018


Roblox is the ideal title for those who want to experiment with something new and have children at home. It is a very creative platform game, where we are with our avatars who design the levels and we play them in a community that has several tens of millions of players around the world. Creativity to power.

More free Xbox One games

The list of free games for Xbox One is more extensive, and as we say periodically we will expand our report with more recommendations. However, from the free-to-play section of Xbox Live you can consult the entire catalog of available titles. Do you know any that are not part of our list? Recommend it in the comments!

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