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The best maps of the Far Cry 5 Arcade mode

Another way to enjoy is through Far Cry 5 Arcade mode in all those levels or maps that offer us a different playable experience. We offer you the six maps that we consider most worthwhile.

If you want to enjoy Far Cry 5 differently it is good that you make use of the Arcade maps that you have available, although some deserve more than others. These are levels of not much duration and that can give you a series of rewards if you complete them. So that you do not complicate your life much, we tell you the six that we liked the most to enjoy in Far Cry 5.

In the following list we are going to review what we consider the best maps of Far Cry 5 Arcade mode, although as usual with everything, they are only our opinions and you may end up liking others more. We have selected them for their level of challenge, given that we believe that the more complicated the experience will last.

The best maps of the Far Cry 5 Arcade mode

We have selected maps of terror, parkour and maps where a high user level is required to be a good challenge.

Hospital ver2

This is a map with dyes of terror, and one of the most difficult that you have at your disposal in Arcade mode. On this occasion we have to explore a hospital complex fighting against all types of zombies and only with melee weapons. Of course, in the last section of the game you will reach the armory where you can get all kinds of weapons, because the last part is quite complicated.

Lost City

This map does make more reference Far Cry 5, set in an ancient city guarded by a band of mercenaries. It is also a very complicated map where we will have to start from a position on the map and can choose up to three different game styles: assault, sniper or stealth.

Island Pass

Now we are going to a somewhat more classic map, where we will have at our disposal a great variety of weapons against all types of well-armed mercenaries. We have to fight and finish with each outpost of enemies. We’re going to run into snipers and even enemies with rocket launchers and armored vehicles.

Resident Evil 7 ep 2

This map refers to Resident Evil 7, specifically in the Baker residence. You will have to shoot everything that moves through this guest house, where we will have cultists with very bad milk this time.

Parkour Race

This map is more aimed at parkour lovers who offer us a set of 10 challenges to complete. Here you will face another user and win the one that first reaches the goal. It is not that you take any prize but at least you will have satisfaction. You will learn climbing tricks and you will be able to run at full speed while avoiding obstacles at great heights.

Get High Challenge

The last map we recommend is another one from Parkour, but this time to play alone. The objective in this map is to climb to the top without you falling, but it is something that is quite complicated by the amount of platforms you have to overcome. The bad thing is that there are no control points, so if you make a single mistake you will have to start again from the beginning.

These are the best maps to play Far Cry 5 Arcade mode.

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