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Best Tricks and Tips for Season 3 of Fortnite Battle Royale

Fortnite Battle Royale  continues to gain popularity and Season 3 is very close to boot. For this reason, we share with you the best tips and tricks to overcome this new phase of the free to play game. Epic Games has explained that in the third season of Fortnite will be added 30 new levels, dozens of new objects and a Season Pass loaded with cosmetic items. In addition, special challenges will be unlocked every week to offer more variety in the Battle Royale.

Best Tricks and Tips for Season 3 of Fortnite Battle Royale

Alert by Boom

The new Hand Cannon, handgun, has a powerful impact on rivals, but also lets out an annoying sound. If you are going to use this weapon, be prepared to alert the enemies that are nearby. And, if you’re the rival, it sharpens the hatred to locate the other players.

Plan your route

The latest Fortnite update allows players to see the full route of the bus. Use the waiting time in the lobby, before starting the game, to place a marker in the area you want to go to. Keep in mind that once you’re on the bus, the yellow route will disappear.

Construction “turbo”

Now it is possible to build at the same time you run and rotate the camera. In this way, with just pressing the action button, you can take a ramp up the sleeve to climb a mountain without raising a finger. Is someone attacking you? Surround yourself with walls to avoid shooting.

Construction through objects

With the latest update, no object can be on your way to stop your construction. Now you can build directly through trees, poles and other objects. In addition, you can use them as additional protection or to remain hidden. Of course, you should keep in mind that smaller objects will break and make a lot of noise that will alert the enemies.

Self-propelled impulse grenade

Normally, grenades are for use with enemies, but you can also use them to propel you forward. If the storm lurks, throw a grenade in front of you and run by the time it is detonated. You can also use them to jump from one roof to another roof.

Be aggressive!

You can try to go stealthily, but in the end you will have to take action. It is already said that the best defense is a good attack, so try to hit first. This way, you will get an advantage and you will win the fight. By attacking first, you will not only gain experience, you will also have an enemy or squad less to worry about at Fortnite.

Height advantage

Take the opportunity to build in height and catch your enemies unprepared. Build up to the roof and access buildings without realizing it. This strategy can also be applied to hills and mountains. Although, building a base will attract enemies, it will give you a better chance to attack your opponents.

Improve your accuracy

If you are willing to take a greater risk, crouch down and aim with your weapon. In this way, you will improve your accuracy and offer you a constant vision of your moving target.

Practice the shot

The best way to learn is to fail and practice. When you have a chance, try to find some object or point of interest that you can shoot while you move and jump. It can be a sign, tire, window … and it will help you improve your crosshairs.

How much time do you need to escape?

In Fortnite: Battle Royale you will have to escape from the storm. There is a trick to calculate the time you need to escape. Each map quadrant intersects in about 45 seconds, as long as you’re running in a straight line. That is, if you are two quadrants away, you need a minute and a half to escape the storm.

Storm speed

Have you noticed that sometimes you can overcome the storm and other times it happens right next to you? Take note of the location of the new circle since, the closer you are, the slower it will move. While, if you are away from the storm, it will move much faster.

Predict the next circle

As the storm approaches, you will hear a sound indicating the fall of supplies. Finding the place where you will fall will help you predict the location of the next circle.

Exit inventory

You are watching your inventory and a fight breaks out. Move your character to return to the game and you will immediately exit the inventory.

Avoid being detected

Noise is the biggest indicator that there are enemies nearby. If you hear someone nearby, crouch and run to minimize the damage. Eye, a sprint also leaves traces of dust that indicate that there is life nearby. If you are approaching an unsuspecting enemy, crouch down and move slowly to be silent.

Let the enemies do the work

If you see that there are two teams fighting, do not enter the rag, attack after they have suffered a few casualties.

Thief of materials

You can spend a lot of time collecting materials, but there is a quicker way to stock up. When you finish with an enemy, check that you have in your inventory. Sometimes it is not much, but sometimes you will find great treasures.

Avoid collecting materials to gain surprise effect

In Fortnite: Battle Royale it is important to gather materials: trees, stones … The problem is that as we collect them, other users will realize that we have passed through there. For example, trees leave several leaves. As we progress through the game, it is better to remain hidden and avoid collecting all the materials together.

Do not extract until the last stone

If you want to avoid being detected by what you have collected, you can consider not harvesting the maximum resource of a tree or a stone. To before the object disappears.

Customize your controls

If you play on a computer, avoid using the mouse wheel. Use the default keys for weapons and construction, although you can configure the combination of keys you want. If your mouse has additional buttons such as a side button or center button, you can use it to improve the mechanics of Fortnite.

Order your weapons and items

Open your inventory and order it to better suit your style of play. A good rule is to place the short weapons in the first positions and then go down depending on whether they are of shorter or longer range. Lastly, you can place health objects.

The fastest way to land

Our parachute will be deployed automatically whenever we reach a certain height. If you land on the top of a mountain, you will slide much higher than someone who does it in the valley or near the river. Therefore, avoid going through hills, houses, trees and high points that could cause your parachute to open automatically.

Communicate with numbers

It is not strictly necessary to communicate with the rest of our team, but if you need it, a good way is to use the numeric address of the compass that appears at the top of the HUD.

Mounts rockets

Building rockets is a very difficult skill to learn, but they are a good technique to overcome a great valley or climb to the top of a mountain. Rockets are the slowest mobile projectiles in the game, but very useful for certain moments.

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