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The best weapons of Far Cry 5 and in what situations to use them

The best weapons of Far Cry 5 and in what situations to use them. We tell you what the best weapons of Far Cry 5 are and what to use for each of the key situations that you face during the adventure, in order to get more out of each of them.

A dilemma that you will always have in Far Cry 5 is the issue of weapons, because due to its great variety there will be times when you do not know very well which one to use for each of the moments. Although in many confrontations in Far Cry 5you can use several of them obtaining the same result, yes there are specific moments that are ideal for each of the weapons.

That is why through our guide of the best weapons of Far Cry 5 you will know for sure what weapon to use in those situations where you should think little and you must act fast, so you already have a great advantage.

The best weapons of Far Cry 5 and in what situations to use them

Best weapon for moments of stealth: 1911

A weapon that never fails and that most common enemies carry. You will use it when you have no other option or when the main ammunition is dying. What you must do is to get it with a silencer and use it to eliminate the opposites and thus avoid making noise.

Best non-earthly weapon: The Magnopulso

Yes, it is an extraterrestrial weapon and is capable of throwing enemies in the distance with its strange operation. There is no other weapon like this in the game and, as you will understand, it is hidden. You must find Larry and do all his missions, so spend time as soon as you have the chance. Visit Falls End in the John Region, travel west to Parker Labs and rescue Larry. Then do all your missions.

Best weapon to shoot inside a vehicle: Skorpion

The best choice to shoot lies moves in a vehicle. The good that only requires two levels of resistance to be used, with what you can acquire at the beginning of the adventure. If you are not convinced you can use the SMG-11 or the A-99 that also work well for these cases.

Better weapon if you want to load everything: M249

With it you can eliminate all enemies and even armored cars. The good thing is that it is faster than a rocket launcher and has more ammunition, which is above armor piercing for the most protected soldiers. You must unlock talents such as Heavy Weapon Domain and Vehicle Destroyer before you can use it.

Best weapon for closed places: SBS

It will happen to you more than once that you fall in an ambush or that you alert the enemies, and the worst of all is that you will be locked up. But do not worry, you can use the SBS, a double-barreled shotgun that is capable of finishing quickly with any enemy that boasts and above with a long range.

Best weapon to knock down style PUBG: AR-CL

If what you want is to kill enemies from a distance and nobody knows, the weapon chosen is the AR-CL. It also counts as a mid-range assault weapon if everything gets ugly. You can switch between individual shots or bursts. Although there are better rifles, this is usually easy and you will not miss bullets.

Best weapon for the melee: bronze knuckles

Ideal for those melee situations where there is no other choice. You can use it for moments of stealth or to show off with an opponent, but do not overdo it or you could have an answer in the form of a shot in the head.

Best weapon that is worthless for almost nothing: the slingshot

You do not know very well what it is worth, but everyone has ever used it. Perhaps to alert a guard (although they do not usually flinch) to make an animal move (not that it is not very effective either) or to play a joke on a friend (which is what works best).

These are the best weapons of Far Cry 5 for each of the situations that we find in the game.

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