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How to defeat the third boss of Bloodborne, the Bloodthirsty Beast

How to defeat the third boss of Bloodborne, the Bloodthirsty Beast. Defeating the bloodthirsty beast in Bloodborne is not easy, although at first you think it will be a path of roses. We are facing one of the most complicated final enemies of the game in the second phase of combat, and you will need more than luck to end your life.

You already know that Bloodborne is a very complicated title, and if you do not have enough patience you are likely to end up leaving the experience in half. And it is with the final bouts that you will start to have a very bad time, and from the third boss of Bloodborne you will know what we are referring to.

And it is that killing the blood thirsty beast in Bloodborne has a difficulty superior to everything you’ve seen in the game, like the Cleric Beast . So it’s good for you to know your strengths and weaknesses so that you can prepare yourself in time for combat, and thus avoid getting stuck with a boss who will demand you repeat the fight on several occasions.

How to defeat the third boss of Bloodborne, the Bloodthirsty Beast

If you follow our step by step to defeat the blood thirsty beast in Bloodborne you will not have problems.

Previous preparation

  • Before entering combat, equip yourself with all the antidotes and all the blood vials you can. Believe us you will need many antidotes because you will get poisoned on a few occasions.
  • We are before a creature weak in fire and strong to lightning and arcane, so keep that in mind.
  • Invite Alfred to enter the church, so you can count on his help in battle. If you go in order in the game you should have it already.
  • Try to wear something resistant to the poison

Strategy to kill the bloodthirsty beast

The best strategy to kill the Bloodthorn thirsty beast is to avoid being in front of it. Almost all your attacks go forward or diagonally forward, so if you grab them by the sides you can hit them more easily. The ideal position is right towards your right rear leg, a place where you can take some respite.

However, while the first part of the fight is simple, the second is not. From there you will see that it starts to dodge most of your attacks, but now it launches two attacks: a poisonous explosion that you end up swallowing several times (hence the antidotes that you carry) and another that takes momentum, grabs you and Bush. You can avoid the latter by not putting yourself in front of her.

Simply attack on their sides when the right time comes, and the rest of the time you dedicate yourself not to get in front of her and to use antidotes so that you do not die poisoned.

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