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Far Cry 5 Points: How to Get Many Quickly

Far Cry 5 Points: How to Get Many Quickly. If you want to thrive fast and be strong against opponents, it is essential that you worry about getting talent points in Far Cry 5. They will be worth to improve skills and weapons and we tell you how to get them, easy and fast.

Far Cry 5 is one of the great releases of the year, and among the variety of tasks you must do to thrive in the adventure are obtaining reputation points. These are points that you must manage well in Far Cry 5 to distribute in advantages for weapons or in advantages for your character, and they can be obtained in different ways.

In general, the best way to get talent points in Far Cry 5 is doing tasks to obtain it, luckily for us, they are the same ones that serve us for other tasks. In this way, you can naturally advance through history while getting many of these points. Here is a list of tips and tricks to get talent points in Far Cry 5.

How to get many talent points in Far Cry 5

By way of summary, you could say that if you find many hideouts of preparationist, complete challenges that you are finding, gather talented magazines and enjoy the Arcade mode, you will already have many wins.

Preparing Hideouts

These hiding places require that you solve a previous puzzle to open it, and you will gain access to a room or zone full of loot. Among the booty that you can find in the hideouts of the preparationist are tabloids that will give you many points to then invest in improving the character’s weapons and skills. There are dozens of these hideouts scattered throughout the game, and you have them by the Holland Valley, by the Henbane River or by the Whitetail Mountain.

Completing challenges

Many of these challenges are not overly complicated and can be completed in a very short time. According to the difficulty and its type we will be rewarded from 1 to 4 points and we can find types like:

  • Challenges where the use of different weapons is required where we must kill a wave of enemies with a specific weapon.
  • Challenges that require the use of different objects, where we are only allowed to transport a limited number of objects such as grenades or dynamite to attack enemies.
  • Hunting challenges, you have one of them for each type of wild animal.
  • Shooting to the head or silent eliminations
  • Challenge of rescue of civilians
  • Challenges of specialists, where each of the 9 specialists has a prepared challenge

Just make a couple of them every day, and you’ll get skill points very easy and fast.

Other ways to get talent points.

You can also get points:

  • Getting talent magazines scattered across the map
  • Playing Arcade mode

This is the best way to get many talent points in Far Cry 5 enjoying the game in a natural and varied way.

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