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Far Cry 5 Quick Analysis for PS4

Far Cry 5 Quick Analysis for PS4. After a Far Cry 4 that was not what many expected and a Primal that happened without pain or glory, I have to admit that I really wanted to see if the promises of Ubisoft with this new delivery were to become reality. After a few hours sowing chaos for Montana and we can anticipate that we are facing one of the funniest titles of the year.

Far Cry 5 for PS4 Quick Review.

Far Cry 5 starts strong. So much that then you feel a small drop, logical considering that it is impossible to follow the rhythm of the beginning. The playable base of the title does not change from what we already know, an open-world shooter now clearly influenced by the last two jewels of the house: the excellent Assassins Creed Origins and that surprise that improves over time called Rainbow Six Siege.

The feeling of freedom is greater than ever and from the first minutes of the game we have before us three regions with more than 130 missions that we can address in the order we want. As we go forward we will go “pissing off” to each of the three sub-chiefs, we will be able to face them, while we are going to unravel the main plot.

The title is designed to generate a sense of constant gratification and almost anything we do has benefits in terms of unlocking new skills or improvements. It is also interesting the incorporation of allies, controlled by the machine and that work reasonably well in terms of AI and allow to give more variety to the resolution of the missions. The best are the nine specialists, with special mention for a dog and a bear that you will love as companions.

If Far Cry 5 is fun alone the sensations multiply in the cooperative mode; enjoy a campaign so varied and full of changing situations in the company of a friend is epic and absolutely recommended.

From a technical point of view, in PS4 Pro the game moves fantastic, although whoever wants the 60 FPS coveted will have to go to the PC. Ubisoft has improved the engine present in previous deliveries and it shows in the animations of the characters, the lighting (spectacular the first and last hours of the day) and, above all, the drawn distance. Now the scenarios can be destroyed to the extreme (without reaching DICE levels) and the physical ones are greatly improved, including a much more realistic gunplay.

Regarding the argument, personally I think it’s a pity that Far Cry does not take himself more seriously. The villain is overwhelming, there are spectacular secondary characters and some missions have a tremendous narrative load but always give the feeling of being excuses to give life to the sandbox. Going from a cinematic worthy of the best series of HBO to a collection mission does not just convince me, although I understand that it is the only way to maintain the commitment to the open world and that it is not a problem of this saga, but almost any title of the genre.

Finally, the Arcade mode seems to me an interesting addition: sandbox in pure state on the basis of a powerful editor that allows you to use materials from the saga and other titles of the house like Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag or Watch Dogs. The best thing is that the contents are shared among the community so, even if you do not want to create anything, you will have a huge amount of free content to extend the gaming experience to infinity, whether playing alone or with friends.


Far Cry 5 is just what any fan of the series expects. More of everything that has made the series great but also less risk than we expected. Ubisoft maintains its philosophy of maintaining freedom above history and, like any decision, this has its pros and cons. In any case a really fun title in which we can invest tens of hours and that moves us to an environment rarely seen in video games. Obligatory purchase for fans, highly recommended for the rest.

We like:

  • Fabulous atmosphere
  • Robust technically
  • Very fun and more in cooperative
  • The feeling of freedom
  • Again, a villain worth remembering
  • The best gunplay from Destiny

To improve:

  • AI is more erratic than we expected
  • Some charging times are eternal

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