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Far Cry 5 Start Guide with Tips and Tricks to Start Playing

Far Cry 5 Start Guide With Tips And Tricks to Start Playing. Before starting to play Far Cry 5, you need to know what’s ahead of you so as not to fall for the plans of The Gate of Eden, so this Far Cry 5 guide with tips and tricks for beginners is your best antidote to fight against the bad influences.

Far Cry 5 is one of the great releases of the year, a product of Ubisoft Montreal that puts us in the shoes of a rookie cop who is transferred to the fictional County of Hope in Montana, to deal with a military sect known as La Puerta del Edén. The experience of Far Cry 5 will turn into different colors and elements to offer us a story with a broad background and a gameplay not suitable for the weak.

With this guide for beginners of Far Cry 5 you will know what you should and should not do in those first hours of play where you tend to make many more mistakes. We will give you tips to start strong with your character and thus prepare for the most complicated moments that will come soon after. So if you want to play Far Cry 5 with guarantees of doing things right, follow the following guide to the letter.


The 7 tips and tricks you should know before you start playing Far Cry 5.


Talk to each character in the game

Although it seems obvious sometimes we do not, and in Far Cry 5 it is very important. It is, however, one of the ways to unlock all types of missions, both main and secondary. Not only that, but Ubisoft has well measured that this facet of the experience is rich in details, so we will never meet characters who tell us things without meaning and all information we receive will be very valuable.

Unlock your animal companions from the beginning

Yes, that bear you’ve seen in Far Cry 5 videos can be unlocked, and best of all, you can get it at the beginning of the game. You can do it in the liberation mission of the FANG Center of the members of the La Puerta del Edén sect. You will see that you will have it as a reward, so do not overlook it and try to get to this mission in your first hours of play.


Choose your colleagues well, but also do not hesitate to change them

Throughout the game you can count on animals and people who will be able to fight by your side. Even if a character or animal you like a lot, it is not always suitable for the type of mission. Do not hesitate to exchange them to get more out of your possibilities, because this way they will help you to complete the missions better.

Realize that Grace is a sniper that suits you to eliminate opponents remotely; while Sharkey has an ideal flamethrower for the short distance and above it is resistant to explosions. Then there are other characters with rocket launchers and even others for stealth. So study well the type of mission you have and use the right partners, not the ones you like the most.


Maximize your resistance points

The things you do in the game will give you points of resistance, and when you fill the meter you can face the boss of the area. Everything gives you points, but certain things give you a greater number of them, so a good trick of Far Cry 5 is to consult the data of missions and actions in the game’s diary.

For example, freeing an outpost gives you 400 points, while rescuing a hostage gives you 50. While releasing hostages does not seem very good, yes at the beginning of the game you can release up to nine hostages at a time, and that is already a point.

Other ways to get points is to kill members of the VIP sect that you can find on the map, as well as the looting of certain trucks.


Complete challenges to win and unlock perks

If you want to make your character unique you need perks, and to get them you have to overcome many challenges. Some of them, and that we recommend, are those that allow you to improve weapons or get gadgets of profit. You should check your progress log to know if you are getting good perks points and do not forget to claim the rewards.


Do not leave booty scattered on the map

Throughout the world you will find piles of booty waiting to be picked up. The bad thing is that you cannot take it directly and you must solve a puzzle first. In general they are usually those puzzles that activate a series of doors and you have to look for them. If you can solve it, you can get enough equipment and money.


Go for the Clutch Nixon challenges!

They are a type of challenges that will make you earn a lot of money and unlock vehicles. And the vehicles are important in Far Cry 5, and you can get them by completing these challenges, but also buying cars of all kinds with money. In addition, overcoming stunt and racing tests will also allow you to win new cars. Look for the memorials of Clutch Nixon to surpass their record and unlock new vehicles.

With this guide of Far Cry 5 with tips and tricks to start playing you will fear the sect of the Puerta del Edén from the start.

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