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Where to find all Collectibles in Beyond Dos Almas

We help you get all the collectibles of Beyond Dos Almas to reach the platinum trophy so you do not leave anything of the narrative that has basted Quantic Dream for this title that returns to PS4.

Beyond Dos Almas is one of the free games of the month of May for users of PlayStation Plus, and the truth is that the work of the Parisians of Quantic Dream has aged very well. A few weeks after the arrival of Detroit: Become Human, you may be interested in entering, once again, the story of Beyond Dos Almas unraveling all its secrets, a task for which we will guide you.

Where to find all Collectibles in Beyond Dos Almas

Where to find all Collectibles in Beyond Dos Almas

And is that if you want to get the platinum trophy in Beyond Two Souls you need to find the 22 souls or collectibles scattered for each of the scenarios, something that will not be easy because sometimes they confuse very well with the environment. Next we give you the location of all the collectibles of Beyond Dos Almas to finish the whole adventure without leaving you anything along the way.

All collectibles of Beyond Dos Almas

In total we have 22 scattered for each of the chapters of the game.

The experiment

In this chapter, when taking control of Aiden, you should look for the room on the right at the moment where you are being monitored to see this blue dot under the desk, just behind the technician.

The Embassy

You find the soul in the main room where the guests are. You must locate a door in which there are two guards with a flag and a vase of flowers. When you approach that area you will see that there is a small corridor and on the right is the soul. The other one you have going up to the second floor and entering Sheik’s office. You must locate your desk and you have the collectible on the left.

First interview

At the moment that Jodie is scolding you and asking you to leave, change to Aiden to leave the room through the door in front of you and turn to your left to find the collectible.


When you arrive at the bridge where there are policemen, change to Aiden to go to the other side of the bridge and look through the bushes.

My imaginary friend

When Jodie’s mother sends you to play in the yard, you should go to the left of the house. You will find the collectible among the bushes.

The condenser

Take control of Jodie and enter the building to switch to Aiden. In the first room on the right you should go to the back of the room and turn left. When you are in the frozen hallway you must go through Aiden in the room on the left to see the soul on the back desk.


The first collectible is in the shelter and for this you must use Aiden to go to the exit. Upon reaching the door, turn left to locate a blue container and you will see the soul between the container and the shelter wall. The other collectable is at the time of when you go out with Stan to get money to eat. When it’s your turn to control Jodie you must walk forward until you find a corner with a restaurant. Enter the alley and continue to the bottom until you can turn left to see the collectible next to a cage.

First night

By the time Jodie is left alone in the room, she switches to Aiden to leave. You must go to the room from which you are monitoring and look at where Cole is and go to the bottom to see the light on the side of the shelf.

Like other girls

You must leave the center, and get to the bar. From there he uses Aiden to pass through the doors, then turns right. You will find the soul in the bathroom of men.


When Jay asks for your help, you must switch to Aiden to search near the tree where you have the soul. The other collectable is in the cemetery, and for this you must walk to the bottom but going to the left until you hit the light.


When Jodie and Ryan are in the armchair, switch to Aiden to go to Jodie’s room. Enter the bathroom and look to your right to find the collectible.

Night session

At the moment Nathan sends Jodie to find the story in the dark room, change to Aiden to explore and go to the left to find the light at the back of the room.

The mission

When Jodie is looking for the hotel, go out into the yard and look to the left. When you get to a door where you hear guards you must use Aiden to explore the roof of those buildings to find the collectible. The second soul you find in the house where the objective is. When you reach it, look on the second floor next to metal boxes.

Old friends

When Aiden takes control of the nurse and opens the door to the room of Jodie’s mother, look at the numbers on the doors. You must go to room 38 and using Aiden, move on until you see the patient and on your left you have the collectible.

The dragon’s hiding place

Next to the cabin you find another small cabin destroyed with a red symbol in a window where you have the collectible. You will receive the two remaining collectibles when completing the game.

This is the location of all the collectibles of Beyond Dos Almas so that you can finish the adventure completely and thus also get the platinum trophy.

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