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Where to find the main resources in Conan Exiles

If you want to survive you need to find the main resources in Conan Exiles to be able to build strengths, create weapons and equipment and, in short, be able to be someone important and thrive in this open world adventure.

Where to find the main resources in Conan Exiles

Where to find the main resources in Conan Exiles

Conan Exiles is the new Fun com offering an open-world adventure set in the license of Conan the Barbarian. During our pilgrimage through Conan Exiles we will have to fight, but above all, amass resources to manage them and use them to carry out a multitude of actions. The task is complicated in a world as dangerous as this one, but we give you the solution.

If you are interested in obtaining resources in Conan Exiles, take a look at the guide that we offer below, since you will have the description and location of what you really need, and we also accompany you with a complete map so you can go directly to for them.


You have it in the mountainous areas and they are bright rocks, gray and silver. Later, if you have an oven, you can turn it into an iron ingot.


You also have it in the mountainous areas of the center of the map, but this time they are black rocks. This fuel is indispensable to feed, among other things, the furnace, the bonfire or the cauldron.


You have it in the desert areas, although we already tell you that it is not very large so you will have difficulty finding it in large quantities. In the east and west of the map you have a greater concentration of this resource, so take advantage of it.


It is available in very few areas of the map as in certain caves, although it is not a resource that is required in most buildings.


You find them in the frozen peaks of the north, and you need it, above all, for the theme of drinks.

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Well, now that you know the location of the main resources in Conan Exiles you can obtain them simply by moving to the indicated areas of the map.

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