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Where to find all the optional Final Fantasy XV dungeons

Where to find all the optional Final Fantasy XV dungeons. Discover where to find all the optional Final Fantasy XV dungeons with this new chapter from our guide to the acclaimed Swuare Enix title.

By now you will have realized that Final Fantasy XV is a huge title with thousands of things to do. His vast world has many options and many of the tasks we can perform are optional. Among those optional tasks include completing some dungeons and to help you overcome them more easily, we decided to create this new chapter of our Final Fantasy XV guide in which we tell you where to find the optional dungeons, with what level it is advisable to enter and what rewards can be obtained in them.

How to Find Final Fantasy XV dungeons.

Channels of Crestholm

This dungeon is accessible from Chapter 8 of Final Fantasy XV. In it you can get the Ragnar Ancestral Weapon . To get to the tomb you have to walk close to the wall on the right behind the nest of the large esplanade. Of course, do not jump through the bottom hole until you do not want to leave the dungeon.


This dungeon can be found in any chapter, however, it is advisable to enter at least level 28. In there is neither a final boss nor a grave, but 4,000 experience points can be obtained by overcoming it. Also, just before leaving you can get a Beetle Muda and the Demolishing weapon .

Fauces of the Ravatogh

The Ravatogh Maw Dungeon is accessible in Chapter 8 of Final Fantasy XV . The reward for completing it is 4,000 EX and you can get the Ragnar Ancestral Weapon in the Mausoleum of the Bárbaro at the end of the dungeon. Most of the enemies that you will find will be weak to fire, so you know what to do.

Fronds of Myrl

At the beginning of Chapter 7 of Final Fantasy XV you can access the optional dungeon of the Fronds of Myrl , but you can also do it when Gladiolus returns to the group. Completing this dungeon will give you 3,000 experience points and in the Mausoleum of the Absent at the end you will be able to obtain the Fukuryu Special Weapon .


In order to access the Pitioss dungeon it is necessary to complete the order Lost Memories of the Bandidos beforehand. Once completed, you have to wait for the night to fall and pass between the bars to descend an elevator. This dungeon has no enemies, but it is quite dark and there is no map, so orienting is enough complication. Of course, throughout the Pitioss dungeon you will find numerous useful items, among which the Black Hood (at the end of the whole) stands out, which allows you to automatically block attacks.

Soto of Malmalam

This dungeon is accessible from Chapter 6 of FFXV , during the journey to Caem of the main mission A Lighthouse of Hope, although it is advisable to go later to overcome it more easily. To defeat the final boss we recommend using spears, artifacts and elemental ray attacks. If you defeat him, you will get 3,000 EX and in the Devotee’s Mausoleum of the Soto del Malmalam dungeon you can get the Special Baptist Weapon .

Costlemark Tower

The Costlemark Tower dungeon is accessible at any time, but it is advisable to enter it with a level higher than 55. Inside you will find numerous enemies, but overcoming it will provide nothing more and nothing less than 15,000 experience points and the Weapon ancestral Goliath . The best thing to defeat the final boss is to use Spears and Ascension to focus on his head and thus cause breakdown.

Balouve field

The dungeon of the Final Fantasy XV Balouve Reservoir is accessible from Chapter 1, but it is better that you go to it once you have reached level 50. Inside you will get 10,000 experience points and the Vaiu Ancestral Weapon in the Mausoleum of the Right Hand. To defeat the final boss, the only really complicated enemy in this dungeon, stay tuned for blockades and counterattacks and use swords and the Ign is Ascent skill.

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