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Where to find silver ingots in Far Cry 5

Where to find silver ingots in Far Cry 5. If you want to find silver bullion in Far Cry 5 to acquire new weapons, clothing or other objects, we tell you the location of the safes that hide them, so that you can get this premium coin of the game in a totally free way.

Far Cry 5 hides different treasures in his adventure, and many of them with very valuable booty. While the preparationist hideouts are indispensable to get talent points and get a lot of money, you can also try to find the so-called silver ingots. We are talking about a kind of premium currency of Far Cry 5 that will allow you to acquire unique clothes and prestigious weapons, and that can also be purchased with real money.

But luckily we can get free silver bullion in Far Cry 5 since many are hidden in certain safes scattered by the mapping. Simply access the locations that we give you below, find the safe and open it, although you will need certain skills to be able to take what is inside them.

Where to find silver ingots in Far Cry 5

Here is the location of all silver bullion in Far Cry 5, divided by zones:

John’s Region

Falls End Garage – is next to the church next to Redler Creak. It is a small building through which you must enter where you will find the safe behind the soda machine that lies next to the right of the door.

Seed Ranch Hangar – For you to locate, it is one of the outposts of the goal of entering Nick’s plane. What you must do is enter the stairs, investigate the left area of the plane and jump over the box with the arrow. You will find the safe behind it, on the left.

Jacob’s Region

Whitetail Park Forest Center – It’s a location located southeast of FANG and you’ll see the safe at the information desk.

Pin-Ko Station: you must locate a small white building in the western area of this region. The safe is located in a room with windows and bars.

FANG Center – you have the box in the reception building, specifically in the bottom corner to the left of the room.

Faith Region

Nolan bait shop – It is a place located in the western zone of this region. Locate a warehouse, enter your office through the back door. You will see the safe next to the table.

This is the location of all the silver bullion safes in Far Cry 5, and it is up to you to have the necessary skills to open them.

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