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Four New Tricks For The Fortnite 2018

It is important to use pro techniques in Fortnite to win each one of our confrontations, and for that we must be up to date with each of them that are working, since others have fallen into disuse.

In addition to being informed of each of the updates that arrive at Fortnite , it is also necessary to be aware of all the pro techniques that are currently working to take advantage of them. And you have more or less time to look for them, we are here to help you telling you that pro techniques are now sticking strong in Fortnite.

With the passing of the weeks the best players are finding a series of tricks that give them advantages in battle. That is why we master the pro techniques in Fortnite It is essential to win these confrontations and reach the final circle.

Four new tricks and Pro techniques that will be useful in Fortnite

These are the new pro techniques at Fortnite that have been discovered in recent days:

Combine spearheads with a launch pad

You already know that thanks to the spear throwers you can move quickly through the scenarios of the game, which gives you many advantages both to surprise a rival and also to escape. However now professional players are making use of different launch platforms to propel themselves, and then use a spear thrower. This allows them to go much farther thanks to the impulse, and to move in an exaggerated way throughout the map, either to reach another one opposite or to move at great speed. In addition you will not receive damages for fall to have the gravity of the launch pad.

Using the pyramid as a roof to build a large structure

It is a new structure that pro players are using, and that allows us to build a structure with a pyramid roof so that no opponent can attack us. So build the typical four walls, and a pyramid on the top and bottom. Now you must edit the floor pyramid and turn it into a ramp and position walls around the top pyramid.

In this way, if you place a pyramid on top of you instead of the ground, what you do is to have the possibility of putting walls around the pyramid without exposing yourself. Once you have put the walls around, edit the pyramid and turn it into a ramp to continue building.

Edit to surprise your rival

When you are facing another opponent building structures to the sky to gain height, what you can do is to surprise him by editing some of your floor structures and falling to the floor below. In this way you can attack the opponent from behind without being given practically account. That will allow you, while doing a higher ramp, edit one of them to fall on the enemy and attack him in a surprising way.

Go through the windows using a pyramid

When you are outside or inside a building if you want to enter through one of the windows, you will know that the character does not fit. Well, if you place a pyramid roof at the height of the window, and you crouch with the character, you can go through the window. This will allow you to escape from buildings where you have been ambushed, or enter through some areas of the building without anyone noticing and surprise your rivals (for example, in Chopped Floors).

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