Free Games of the Month Xbox One-Free Games With Gold

Free Games of the Month Xbox One. Xbox is the world of games with millions of subscribers. There are many benefits for being a member of Xbox. One of these benefits is access to large number of free games. These free games are offered in every month with specific pattern. Both Xbox one and Xbox 360 users can enjoy these offers from Xbox. Though these are promotional techniques to supersede Sony`s games zone but whatever it is, it is great for game lovers. These free games are good to try because getting these for free, you can check whether any of the newly offered games will be of your interest so that you can pursue them for future.Using membership of Xbox Live you can access free games for both Xbox 360 and Xbox one.

Good News for Xbox One Subscribers

If you are owner of Xbox One you can enjoy backward compatibility which means that you are eligible for titles granted to Xbox 360.Free games of the month Xbox one are a way of trying games that you would otherwise ignore as these games otherwise cost money. Even if you are out of memory level in your console or time for sparing right now, it is a worth claiming opportunity that comes every month for Xbox One users. The duration of having these free trial games extends to longer till you are an active user of your account at Xbox live. Do not forget to give a try to the following free games of month Xbox one.

Xbox One Free Games

These include 2 games namely Slime rancher and Trials Fusion.

Slime rancher free at Xbox One

This game is the first of free games of month Xbox one will be available for trial free of cost from first of august to 31st. otherwise this would cost you to spend $19.99 that makes 15.99 in UK otherwise it costs AU $26.95.This game is based on story of a rancher named Beatrix Le Beau who goes far away from earth for living on Far range area. At that place she is required to learn techniques for wrangling slimes as compared to traditional cattle wrangling. It is not easy and a quite challenging thing to leave earth. While wrangling slimes, she will also learn vac pacs & jetpacks use. These are her tools here.

Trials Fusion free at Xbox One

Second free game on Xbox one is Trials Fusion that will be available for free from 16th of August to 15th of September. If you do not avail this benefit you will be required to pay $19.99 or £15.99 or Au $29.95 as its purchase price. This one from free games of month Xbox one is the game for bike lovers where players ride motorcycles with controls that are physics based. There are multiple tracks as well courses with different obstacles. Riders learn stunts and tricks on the go. There are 2 modes available including play online or career mode. In online play mode you can challenge your friends and enjoy this challenging game.

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