Free Xbox One, 360 Games With Gold For November 2017 Are Out Now

Free Xbox One, 360 games With Gold for November 2017 .November is already on the run and we know that you have been desperately waiting for free Xbox One, 360 games with gold for November 2017 titles. In this month there will be total of 4 games available on the both platforms along with the one from the previous month.

For the Xbox One owners there is TrackMania turbo racing game along with the stuck game from the last month known as the Turing test.  Both of these games will be available for the Xbox One owners till the mid of November. For the Xbox 360 lovers Night into Dreams will rock the floors with a price nearly to be free for the whole month of November 2017.

Starting this month on 16th November, Tales from the Borderlands will hit free on Xbox One while on the same time you might get Deadfall Adventures for Absolutely $0. Yes Deadfall Adventures will be free to get on the same day for Xbox One lovers. Xbox360 game can be played on the Xbox One platform with backward compatibility settings.

Not a bad deal for Free Xbox One,360 games with Gold for November 2017 out there as some people might not find these game tasteful but somehow Tales from the Borderlands was our favourite game from the 360’s time. Besides the Borderlands, Deadfall Adventures is sick combinations most of you guys will surely give a try. But November is not the end we might see some more hits on the Christmas 2017 for sure.

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