Fun Games to Play with Friends Online

We gamers like an elaborate game with great graphics, innovative mechanics, complex and challenging. But when it comes to having fun with friends often who do not play much complicating does not help. How about uncomplicated? Well here are my suggestions of games “shabby” in the best sense: in 10 seconds everyone understood how they work and the rest is just fun!

Fun Games to Play with Friends Online

Starwhal – Just the tip

You are a narwhal, an animal that many people do not even know exists, and aims to touch only the tip in the hearts of other players to score. The lack of precision in the controls and the difficulty of “piloting” the narwals ensures that even the person who is playing for the first time has as many chances as the experienced player (!?) Of Starwhal.

High chance to get some laughs from English people, because of sexually suggestive jokes, or who do not understand, when they see a group of fish crowding and trying to poking each other with bullet time in the most critical evasions .

Mount Your Friends

Mount Your Friends is a clumsy and tacky show you need to show only to your “open-minded” friends. With a soundtrack that has nothing to do with what happens on the screen, this physics game consists of trying to move as efficiently as possible, even though it is horrible to command your doll. The challenges range from running, picking up objects, climbing, and the classic mode that gives the game its name, piling up and seeing that it is above the others.

Monaco – What’s Yours is Mine

Monaco is a good game for those who own a set of controls and preferably a large TV, as a lot here is in particular. Each player controls a thug with a special ability, and must commit a series of crimes trying not to get caught by guards and security guards along the map. The game oscillates between its team acting tactically in the best stealth mode, usually following of everybody running because someone has triggered an alarm.

Thief Town

This one is for the Atari nostalgists. With a look worthy of the early days of home video games, Thief Town challenges players to discover “who’s who” on the screen. Mixed in the middle of several NPCs, only four of them are the players, who need the most discreet way possible to kill each other. Simple like that, and enough to have lots of fun!

An interesting point of Thief Town is that it dispenses controls. Android devices can connect via the local network, and each smartphone becomes a control. Just have a license of the game and a computer being the server on the local network for the gameplay to happen.


You are an octopus passing through a human being. I do not know if I need to explain much more of the plot, I think this must have convinced most of the readers already. If in Mount Your Friends the difficulty was to coordinate the four controllable members (one moves on its own), in Octodad each player will control a member of the sea creature and, as far as possible, will try to go through the challenges of everyday life of an average man with two children (!?) and woman to care for. All without giving a flag that you are, in fact, an octopus.

Towerfall Ascension

Enough games with clunky controls. Towerfall Ascension is a game that calls for lynx reflexes to dodge and counterattack your opponents, and most of the disputes are defined in detail. Despite the frenetic pace and fierce fighting, the game features only three main buttons and a quick mechanic to learn. It serves both for a local cooperative (limited to two players) and for matches played in teams or in the good old “every man for himself”.

Any Worms

With Worms there is no mistake. The game of sympathetic belligerent worms is a classic known to many, but can easily be introduced to new players. Although not so easy to understand right from the start, because of the myriad of weapons available, learning is enjoyable as many of the players’ mistakes result in explosions and, well, explosions are always cool.

Dugeon Defenders

Dungeon Defenders is a game with a simple goal. Monsters leave the doors and want to break a crystal. You and your friends want to munch these monsters so they do not snag the crystal. That’s it, in the infallible tower defense style .

The gameplay can vary from player to player, so you can play the strategist and set up a complex set of traps to prevent monsters from attacking, or simply jump off the hill with your sword and land by beating everything that moves. It delights from the most meticulous players to those who just want to hit something.

Castle Crashers

Castle Crashers is one of the games that best maintains the simplicity of beat ’em up 2D games, in which there are only buttons to hit, jump and another to hit but stronger. With a side-scrolling style, it’s no mystery to master the controls. Even the low slang humor of the game reaches all ages.


Imagine that the satirical air of the movie “The Mercenaries” and the frenetic gameplay of Contra were a game. This is BroForce, a game full of “Bros” descending the baton into enemies in the cliché nothing Vietnam. You and your friends will have the chance to play Rambo, Robocop (RoBrocop), Machete (which in its Bro version did not look that good … manly, flips the Brochete) and even McGyver (MacBrover).

In addition to blasting everything in Vietnam, the game also brings some competitive ways, so you can kill your friends without the weight in the conscience of  friendly fire .


If Thief Town was not enough, we went back to another game where pixels are a scarce resource. Nidhogg is an agile sword-fighting game that wins whoever manages to reach the other end of the screen – of course, poking his opponent with a sword to clear the way. Whoever wins is received by a public in ecstasy and is immediately swallowed by Níðhöggr, a monster that has two objectives: 1) to make you research on what the hell this is on Wikipedia and; 2) show that developers do not know a correct way to end a frame .

Of course I did not exhaust the possibilities, I just added some games that I’ve tested and I’ve seen that they work with multiple audiences, from my friends gamers to the relatives that I needed to show how to turn on the controller. Suggestions in the comments will be welcome, be it for other visitors and, of course, for me too.

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