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Games Download For Android Mobile Touch Screen

Android games are topping the list every year, people are obsessed with these games and want to download every new game daily. If playing games is your hobby too, here are some games to download for android mobile touch screen:

Games Download For Android Mobile Touch Screen

FZ9:Time Shift – Legacy of Cold War Free Download for Android

This free game is incredible with good design, mind blowing and amazing features, graphics are really good and music is intense which switches during some levels. This is super slow motion game everything moves in slow motion until player decides to move the character. This cool game has variety of weapons and skills, weapons switch is easy, grenades are for taking down enemies in seconds and there is no reload option so you have to pick weapons dropped by the enemy when your gun runs out. Controls are easy to use there are missions and challenges like jumping between vehicles, protection from fast laser grids. It has multiple modes: story modes, PVP modes, weekly challenge. There are 8 chapters each chapter has 5 to 6 missions.

Asphalt 8:Airbone Free Download for Android

Those who are racing fans Asphlat 8: Airbone is highly recommended as it is the most famous and successful game. It is pure arcade fun with easy control option you will have good control of vehicle and will feel sensation of speed. Maps are well designed and sound track is great. Graphics are awesome with variety of environments each city has its own events. It has many modes like: elimination mode, knockdown mode, infected mode, versus mode.

Critical Ops Free Download for Android

If you like shooting games Critical Ops is one of the best shooting games it is free, multiplayer shooting game, you can buy weapons but make sure you don’t make serious mistakes as the game is intense. There are terrorists and death match you have to defuse the bomb.

Pokemon Go Free Download for Android

Pokemon Go is the most popular game released in 2016 and was developed by Niantic, game is successful and very easy to play. Everybody enjoy playing this fantastic game. Pokemon in this game are actually living cartoon creatures. You can play this game on smartphones, android and iPhone after downloading game signup and choose a nickname for yourself then you will be given some items with which you will capture and take care of Pokemon. These Pokemons are used for battling them against your opponents.

Clash of Clans Free Download for Android

You need to collect resources for constructing your own civilization or village with secure structures and buildings for the defense of citizens. Learn strategies and game’s mechanics as this game is similar to chess so you need to use your mind. This game has interesting things to do like stealing looting or raid other villages. The objective of this game is to be the person with most trophies. You earn trophies by attacking villages or by defending your village from attackers.

These games topped the list and still people love to play these games for hours.

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