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How to get EXP, silver, gold and other materials in God of War

With this guide, we are going to tell you how to get more EXP in God of War for PS4, and not only that: also how to get more silver and gold in GoW, the great exclusive of the moment for PS4. For now, there is no trick, trap, bug or “exploit” to allow you to farm large quantities of these elements, but there are a few tips and formulas that will help you get more.

The key, as in the rest of the adventure, often means getting away from the main mission, exploring each scenario to the fullest … and follow all the guidelines and tips to win more EXP, silver and gold in God of War that we are going to tell next. Warning: we will not tell you anything of the main story, but if you do not want to know even the smallest detail of the game, do not keep reading.

How to earn more EXP or experience points in God of War

How to get EXP, silver, gold and other materials in God of War

Experience points or EXP are not associated with the Kratos level. They are, to put it in a quick way, a “currency” with which we can buy the skills that we are unlocking as we go up in level (improving our equipment and armor).

The basic way to gain EXP in God of War is by fighting and defeating enemies. To gain more EXP in God of War, the key is to face stronger enemies. As a general rule, we will know that they are stronger because their life bar is purple.

The more difficult they are, the more EXP they will leave us. So, with the help of the canoe, explore whenever you can the mapping without following the main mission. When you go down in new areas you will find new enemies and variations of those that you have already seen, as well as new optional missions and a lot of tasks to do. Some will report large amounts of EXP if you complete them.

So, for example, in the lake of nine, the first large open area that we can explore with the canoe, you will find some buildings that look like temples. Well, near the entrance of some of them it is possible to find the so-called “breaches of the kingdom”, a kind of floating spots that, when touched, release some powerful enemies.

Defeating them involves a lot of dodging, often throwing the ax, blocking at the right moment to stun them and use everything you have at your disposal to defeat them (go into Anger mode, use the runic attacks …). Defeat them, and you’ll earn good EXP sums. Of course, if you see that someone chokes you and kills you more than necessary, leave it for later.

Exploring will also allow you to get in touch, for example, with spirits or ghosts, who will ask you for some “favors” like, for example, finding the bones of your beloved or knocking down a statue of Thor. To complete this type of tasks, also usually leave good sums of EXP, so do not hesitate to “waste” the time to do them. The main plot can wait.

Once discovered, all these tasks are collected in the main menu (by pressing Options), in the “Goals” tab. There, for example, you will find missions of various types, such as murder (in which you must kill X creatures of one type, all with several levels, and EXP rewards according to the level), find (find sets of objects, such as abandoned masks or toys).

There are also other less “action” goals, which invite us to simply find small cabinets that explain legends or stories from Nordic mythology or treasure maps, with vague indications, that take us to some places with a treasure hidden.

As we say, all these tasks will allow you to earn more EXP in God of War, so do not hesitate, and whenever you can, get away from the main road to explore Midgar and other realms: the reward will deserve the time invested.

Finally, sometimes, while you explore the scenarios, you will find crystals similar to those that drop enemies when they die, but larger ones. If you notice, these crystals change color: from green to red, from red to white, and from white back to green. Green and red give health and anger (respectively), whereas if you pick them up when they are white, you will get a small amount of experience. In addition, they are a tribute to the chests that changed color from previous God of War.

How to win more silver, gold and other materials in God of War

The silver, the gold of Aegir, the steel of Svartalfheim … in God of War you will need many materials and resources to improve your equipment or buy new pieces. Like the EXP, there is no miraculous recipe (at least for now), to accumulate large quantities in a short time. But there are guidelines to win more silver and gold in God of War.

The first and most basic rule is … defeat all your enemies, optional included! Many of them will drop small brown bags with silver inside. Look also at the many corpses that populate the stages. Some have silver, other collectibles.

The second and no less basic is … destroy everything you see! Vessels, tables, pulleys, corpses hanging from trees, small mounds of rock (sometimes with the help of explosive cylinders). Bust everything you see that can explode, because many times, it hides money.

Clearing the road by removing these obstacles, and exploring the cleared area, will sometimes lead us to special coffers and sarcophagi. Inside you can find, among many other things silver or steel, amen of new pieces of armor. Until you open it, you will not know what has touched you … but there are hundreds of these chests, and some require specific skills of Kratos or Atreus.

Another way to get these metals is by selling the objects that are part of the sets of findings (yes, those that in the previous point gave us experience), such as the aforementioned boat masks, the lost toys and many others that there are, such as masks or horns.

It does not matter if you have completed the set and you have all its elements or not: at any time you can sell them, even if you do not have the complete set. To do this, you only have to go to the dwarfs’ shops, and enter the sale option to earn more money.

You can also get more silver and gold from Aegir in God of War without getting out of the canoe. If you look, in some areas of the water you will see that some areas have striking golden highlights: if you approach and explore the water, you will collect gold. Silver, on the other hand, you will pick it up if you “run over” with the canoe the barrels that you see in the water (some floating bodies also give vile metal).

Luckily, in large areas such as the aforementioned Lake of the nine, barrels with silver and gold “regenerate” if we go to a remote area and return, so you can always return to refill the bank if you need to earn more gold and silver in God of War.

Last, but not least, a tip that will allow you to get more exp and silver (yes, of both): among all the statistics of Kratos in the new God of War, you will see that there is a so-called “luck” ” The higher it is, the greater will be the obtaining of silver and experience (in addition to increasing the probability of activating advantages). So if you want to get silver and exp quickly, equip objects that increase this statistic.

And with this we have finished our guide to win more silver, Aegir gold and EXP in God of War of PS4. If we find some “trap” to farm gold, silver or EXP in the game, or some system to win more quantity faster, we will update our guide.

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