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How to Get the Megaman Set for the Comrades in Monster Hunter World

Now you can get the Megaman set in Monster Hunter World so you can have the iconic Capcom character next to you in the most complicated hunts in the game, and on top of that with good music.

The arrival of Megaman to Monster Hunter World has been very special for the followers of this character who will have a small role in the game in the form of a set composed of armor and weapons, and that we can achieve without much effort. It is, without a doubt, an addition that helps take the playable Monster Hunter World experience further.

To get Megaman in Monster Hunter World, or in particular your set of weapons and armor, you must meet a series of requirements and also perform a specific event. It can take you a full afternoon and requires that you have a level of hunter, although with the time that the title already takes on the street, it is likely that you are already at a level more than enough.

How to get the Megaman set for the comrades in Monster Hunter World

If you wonder how to get Megaman in Monster Hunter World you have it very easy if you follow the following guide to the letter. Of course, we warn you that it is a temporary event that will be enabled until April 27, so do not get lost.As it happened with the sets of Aloy and Ryu, now you can get the good of Megaman, and this is the way:

You must go to the mission’s board and select a new mission. Then you must enter “Events” and look for the mission “Good dog, bad dog”.

Note that the mission requires a level of 7, so it is necessary to have an RC of 13 or higher.

The mission is to defeat two Odogarons in less than 50 minutes.

When you get over the mission you will receive a “Megaman’s Voucher”. To unlock the armor you need three vouchers and for the two-voucher weapon. That is, you must replay the mission to unlock the entire set. Once with all the vouchers, go to the Forge and talk to the Smith. Now you can choose the Megaman set option when building a team.

This is the best way to get the Megaman set in Monster Hunter World to have this iconic character by your side.

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