God of War (2018): where to find all the legendary chests
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God of War (2018): where to find all the legendary chests

In this text you have the location of all the legendary chests in God of War (2018) to make valuable additions to your armor and weapons and thus make your character much stronger for the future of the adventure.

While we have already talked about the chests of the Norns in God of War (2018), which require a small puzzle to open them, in regard to the legendary chests is almost another story. These legendary chests in God of War (2018), do not require any puzzle to open them, and inside we will get a series of additions that will come in handy. The legendary chests in God of War (2018) can be identified by the golden light that comes out of its lid, so at a certain distance you can see them. So that you do not stay even one, we tell you the situation of each one of them divided by areas, so that you find it much easier.

Guide God of War (2018): location of all legendary chests

God of War (2018): where to find all the legendary chests

River passage

  • The first is on the right side of the road you take when leaving the house of Kratos. It has a rune gem.
  • You find it in the cave of the witch after jumping a few precipices and has a heavy gem runic attack.
  • After returning to the witches’ cave, Atreus can solve a puzzle that lowers a platform and allows access to this chest that includes a runic invocation.
  • To the left of the witches’ house there is a puzzle. When you solve it you will have access to the chest.
  • In the cave of the witch, is locked behind a door that requires a wind brought from the opposite side of the cave. It has a light rune attack.

Vollunder Mines

  • After defeating the soul-devourer during the mission for Brok, you have the chest in that same room. It contains a rune light attack gem.


  • You can reach this legendary chest by destroying the poison generator after climbing and defeating a pair of wolves. You must freeze the poison generator to reach the chest.
  • On the way just before one of Odin’s Hidden Chambers, he is locked behind a door that requires the wind of energy you can find along the path to the left. The roots must be burned.


  • On the shore of the lake, through the right tunnel. It contains a heavy runic attack gem.
  • Inside the room with the wheel that rotates in the sanctuary of the elves of light.
  • Once you finish the puzzle of the rune and you head down the lake, you have it in the room on the right. It grants a heavy attack gem.
  • Inside the lake of light, after fighting against several dark elves and an ancient one, it contains a rune light attack gem.
  • To leave the temple you have it ahead, and contains a gem of light rune attack.

Temple of Tyr

  • Inside the temple, and it opens after you recover the black rune.
  • In the lower part of the ring around the temple and which is blocked by roots that need to be burned. It contains a weird knob.


  • In the hall of the big claws, you must use the mine car and place it so that it reaches the rock. The chest is on the left and includes a runic invocation.
  • After leaving the Sindri store after the fight with the dragons, in the tunnel on the right, the chest includes a gem of light runic attack.

Advanced of the elves of light

  • At the top and includes a runic invocation.

Fafnir warehouse

  • Inside the warehouse, at the end on the right. Includes a gem of light rune attacks.

Isle of the Dead

  • You must climb to the top and then lower the rope from inside the boat. When it appears and opens it, it offers you a rare level grip.

Iron Cove

  • Behind the large door, it includes a heavy rune attack gem.

Stone Waterfalls

  • In the upper part where you fight in that area, and after a door that is now open.
  • In the lower part near a wheel that you must turn and after removing the vines.

Body of Thamur

  • In the room with the traveler. You must climb and then turn the wooden element hanging from the ceiling to reach the chest.


  • Just to the left of the first barricade that you must burn.
  • In the first door that goes down the stairs there is a tomb that you must open carrying the energy winds. It gives you access to the chest.
  • After removing the obstacle, use the elevator to go up one level and then look in that area to find the chest that includes a light rune gem.
  • Under the main bridge near Odin’s hidden chamber.

Raven of the Crows

  • Within the area of ​​the beach, you must move the wind of energy to unlock the chest.


  • In the area behind the door protected with runes, and after fighting the troll and unlock the door. This chest contains a light runic attack gem.

Fortress Northri

  • Next to the boat behind a door. You must destroy the branches on the right so that Atreus can enter and open the chest for Kratos.

Buri store

  • On the east side of the island you have the chest covered with roots that you must burn.
  • You find it inside a small grave on the western beach.


  • Next to a grassy ledge on your way near the fort.

This is the location of all the legendary chests in God of War (2018) so you can get great improvements both attack and defense for the adventure of Kratos and Atreus.

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