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Guide Of God Of War (2018): All Collectibles Of The Wild Forest

God of War is now available! The time has come to get, once again, in the skin of Kratos to live a new chapter of its history. If you have already started playing and you want to collect all the collectibles, in this guide we are going to tell you where to find the collectibles of the first area of ​​God of War.

Recently, we’ve told you 7 things you should know before you start playing God of War, the new Kratos adventure developed by Santa Monica Studio for PS4. Once started, you may be interested to know how to get EXP, silver, gold and other materials, but, if yours is collecting, this time we will tell you where you can find the collectibles of the first area of ​​God of War.

Where to find the collectibles in the first area of ​​God of War

Guide Of God Of War (2018): All Collectibles Of The Wild Forest

The collectibles of the Wild Forest are a kind of toys called Lost Objects. In total there are four and they are in the following locations.

First lost object

Once you have seen the first introductory scenes, Kratos will take hunting to Atreus and you can start looking for the objects. To find the first, you must not go through the door. Turn right and go to the front yard. There, you will find the first lost Object. Very close to there, you will find a chest. You just have to continue under the bridge and, while Atreus sees the deer for the first time, keep right to find it.

Second lost object

The next collectable is on the bridge that we just explained. To find it, you have to reach it and turn left. Once you have done it, look for the second lost object.

Third lost object

To find the third lost object, follow Atreus to the ruins. There, you will want to go to the left following the deer. At that moment, turn right and follow the path where you will find a chest. When you reach the waterfall, climb the shelves, continue and go down the chain that you will see. After fighting with two wolves at the bottom, you will find the collectible right next to the chain.

Fourth lost object

The last collectible of the Wild Forest is in a temple. To locate it, you have to follow Atreus and go through some blue doors. Once inside, you must fight with a few draugr. When you can, turn around and find some doors behind you. It will take you to a frozen pond next to the bridge. Once again, you will have to fight, this time against a draugr and several wolves. After doing so, sweep the area to find the fourth lost object. With it, you will finish the collection.

Where to find Odin’s first crow

The rest of collectibles in this first area is quite simple to find, such as the one belonging to “More than a myth” (the furniture that is part of the story) or the secret cameras, which for the moment you cannot access. The only thing you can lose sight of without wanting is Odin’s first raven.

These creatures are green birds, and they can be hidden anywhere on the stage. The first one is in the zone of the secret chamber, look for it by the branches of the trees and release it by throwing the ax Leviathan.

Now you know where to find the collectibles in the first area of ​​God of War.

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