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Guide and Tips for the Horror Game of Granny for Android and Iphone

Below is the guide and tips for the game of Granny, a free horror title available for iOS and Android that is delighting the bravest and the nightmares of the scariest.

Granny is a tactile terror title where you see yourself immersed in a big house where an old woman chases you around the house, and you must escape from it. To do this you must solve puzzles in real time against the clock, and even hiding so they do not find you and kill you. That is why Granny demands speed when thinking, but also self-confidence to know how to get out of certain complicated situations.

Granny: guide and tricks to complete the horror game on iPhone and Android

Guide and Tips for the Horror Game of Granny for Android and Iphone

That is why we have created this guide and tips to complete Granny in the simplest way possible, telling you how to solve certain situations and giving you tips that will come very well for what you can find later, since we are facing a random adventure and does not follow fixed patterns.

What it is about in Granny is to escape from the house of the grandmother without being caught. For this you will go through areas where you will have to go to other areas as quickly as possible. You have up to five attempts to escape from your home until the game is restarted, so you have to be very fast.

These are the objects that you need to solve all the puzzles, with the use of each of them to make you fast:

  • Hammer to break the security of the doors.
  • Different keys, ranging from keys for padlocks, keys for particular doors and even the master key.
  • You also need safe keys to open safes and find more objects inside.

After the last update now many objects are hidden, there are even rooms and hidden rooms with secret items.

The bad thing that every time they kill you they change the objects of place, so it does not matter to you to memorize them, the key is that you know how to use each one of them.

What to do with the melon?

Once you have it, you should go to the backyard where you will see a guillotine. Approach there with the hand icon and aim to cut it. You will get a key that you will need later.

What to do with the hammer?

You can find it in the kitchen, in hidden rooms, above the shelves in drawers etc.

It is going to be worth, for example, to enter some of the rooms on the upper floor that are stuck and even to break the low security of some main doors.

What to do with the screwdriver?

The screwdriver is used to open the wall sockets, where keys can be found inside.

What to do with the pliers?

They are used to cut the cables and break the security of certain main doors. You can find it in hidden rooms, drawers, in the shelter, on the shelves or in the basement.

What to do with the sprockets?

You need them to solve a puzzle in the playhouse, in the backyard. When using these cogs in the puzzle you will find a key, security keys or other tools.

What is the crossbow worth?

It serves to charge the grandmother for 15 seconds, ideal if we have to pick up any object that remains in that room or to find another room to hide.

How to play the game?

This would be Granny’s step-by-step for Android and iOS, although the objects and certain rooms are random.

  • You start in a dark room, and there is a closet, different elements and a drawer. Look in the drawer and take if there is something inside. Approach the door and enter.
  • Go through the left area and enter the room. In that room there is a room hidden in one of the sides. Sometimes it appears hidden with boxes and sometimes not.
  • Now you will see some stairs, go to the next room by these stairs. Now on the right side there is a hidden room. You need a key to unlock it.
  • Already in this hidden room there are some paintings. Behind some boxes there is another hidden location. In addition to those two hidden rooms there are also some stairs. Do not forget to check the drawer of this area where there are items.
  • You can go down the stairs, where there is another room.
  • In this room there is a hidden route that takes us to the basement. On the right side of the stairs you can get a key or another tool. It is necessary to use the screwdriver to open the plug and get the key. In the right area you will see a hidden route to the basement.
  • In the basement there is another hidden area. Do not forget to explore to get all the objects that are in the area.
  • There is a hidden room in the basement, along with some wooden boxes. You must move them to the left to enter this hidden room.
  • Now you will be in the shelter, in the backyard. Once you get to the backyard you will find water, the melon cutting machine and a house to play with. Next to the house to play there is a window, go to it and touch the icon of the hand to enter the kitchen.
  • Now you are on the final route. Open the door in front of you, go to the left and then go directly to the front room to go to the top floor. You will see some rooms, in one of them you must use the hammer to break the door.
  • There is also a hidden route on the left side that you can use to hide from the old one. With this you already have the house unlocked, you can move faster and thus run away when you have found what is necessary.
  • If you see that your grandmother is about to enter the room where you are, look quickly to get under the bed or inside a closet and do not make any noise. Do not leave loose objects in the area either because you will know you are there and will look for you even if you are hiding.

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