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How To Hook up Ps4 Controller To Pc

The PlayStation 4 gamepad, the DualShock 4, is one of the best controls available. If you play video games on PC you can also configure it on Windows to use it on all computer games. We are going to show you how to do it.

With more than 20,000 games on Steam, today it is possible to play almost any game on PC, except the exclusive console. In addition computers also have their exclusive games, especially indie.

How To Hook up Ps4 Controller To Pc

There are dozens of gamepads for PC , and even Xbox One and Xbox 360 are 100% compatible with all computer games, natively, and are two impressive gamepads.

But Spain is one of the countries with the highest percentage of PlayStation 4 users, so it is likely that you have one or two DualShock 4 at home and want to take advantage of them to play on Steam. Or, simply, you like Sony’s gamepad, and you want to buy one to use on your computer.

Whatever your case, we will show you how to use the PS4 command on your PC  to work with all the games, since by default it does not.

Basic installation

Windows recognizes the Dualshock 4 of PS4 as a generic gamepad, but only a few buttons work, and some games.

To work properly, before connecting the PS4 controller to the PC we must install certain software. It is possible that your computer already has it, but nothing happens if you reinstall it.

First of all, if you use Windows 7 you need to install the Xbox 360 driver , which you can download from  the Microsoft website . A moment … but we were not going to install the PS4 game pad? That’s right, but to make it compatible with 100% of PC games, with some of them we will have to use it as an X360 command.

Remember, the previous driver only have to install it if you use Windows 7. In Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8 and Windows 10 is already installed natively.

We can now connect the PS4 gamepad to the PC . If you are going to play by cable, use USB 2.0 better than 3.0 (although it is also compatible). When connecting via USB Windows should recognize the DualShock 4 with its own name, or a generic gamepad.

If you want to play wirelessly you need a Bluetooth 2.1 adapter   (if your PC does not have it). You can also use the official Sony wireless adapter . Unlike most Bluetooth adapters, it does not cost you to pair with the DualShock 4, but it is much more expensive:

Connect the Bluetooth adapter to the PC, press the pairing button (if you have one), and then in the game pad, press the Share buttons and the center circle with the PlayStation logo , both at the same time, for a couple of seconds. The DualShock light will begin to flash, and will be paired with the adapter, to be connected to the PC wirelessly. If it asks for a PIN, type 0000.


A little over a year ago, Steam added native support for the PS4 command . This means that if you play a game of Steam with the Steam interface activated, the game will recognize the DualShock 4.

To configure it correctly, connect the command to the PC before starting Steam. Then we go to Steam and go to the Steam menu . We enter Parameters and Command . Finally, click on General settings of the command . You will see this screen:

You have to check that you have detected the PS4 command , at the bottom. By checking the PS4 Configuration Support box  you can configure the buttons in different games. The P Customize your controller window will open and you can give the controller a name, adjust the vibration and even the colors of the game pad LED.

As of now, all Steam games will work with the Dualshock 4 . If someone does not use Steam in Big Picture mode , by touching the command icon in the upper right corner of the screen:

Maximum compatibility

When we play PC games outside of Steam (for example in GoG, Origin, Uplay, etc.) most do not have native support for the PS4 controller.

To use the PS4 game pad on your PC with 100% of the games , we will use an application called DS4 Windows . What it does is use the DualShock 4 as if it were an Xbox 360 controller, which is native to Windows. The only handicap is that in some games you will see the icons of the Xbox controller on the screen, but the PS4 game pad will work perfectly.

First of all you have to install the Microsoft NET Framework 4.5.2 library , necessary for the program to work. You can download it from the Microsoft website . Next we download  DS4Windows . On the same website, we enter the Languages section and download the Spanish language pack .

Unzip the ZIP file of DS4 Windows in a folder with a program like 7-Zip or similar. Unzip the ZIP file with the language in another folder, and put it inside the DS4 Windows folder. You will have something similar to this:

It only remains to double click on the DS4 Windows.exe file  . If everything went well, it will detect the PS4 controller and you will even see the battery level:

If it does not detect the command, try to close DS4 Windows and run it again, connect the controller before or after starting the application, or restart the computer.

In the Settings tab  , there are very important options. Be careful because you will have to stretch the window so that all the options appear:

If in some games it seems that there are two controllers at the same time (two cursors, for example), check the box Hide driver DS4 . If you want the application to start when the computer is turned on and you do not have to start it manually, check Run when starting Windows . It is also important that in the Use Xinput ports box, enter 1, so that there are no conflicts with old games.

At this time you will be able to how to hook up Ps4 Controller to Pc . But it’s worth to customize some things. Now go back to the Drivers tab , and in the Selected profile,click on the Edit button:

Here you will find a lot of customization options. For example you can use the touch pad of the PS4 game pad as a mouse. You can change the color of the control light, the dead zone, the sensitivity, the vibration level …

If you click on a button on the remote control that you see on the screen, you can reconfigure it, or assign it a key on the keyboard. Do not forget to click on Save profile to apply the changes.

As you have seen, using the PS4 controller on your PC is simple, although it requires installing an application. But it works well and allows us to enjoy some of the best game pads that exist on our computer. You are now ready to put Dragon Ball Fighter Z or Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition !

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