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How to Make Fortnite Run Better On Mac

How to Make Fortnite Run Better On Mac.Fortnite is the online video game that is developed by the pic games in 2017. It is available in three different game modes that are Fortnite save the world, cooperative shooting survival game and free to play Fortnite royale battle game. The first two modes got popularity but the fame of the Fortnite royal is at extreme success among the players. People love to download and enjoy playing the game. This has become one of best game among youngsters.

How To Make Fortnite Run Better On Macbook Air

It is an interesting thrilling game that is compatible with Windows, Xbox, and PlayStation. Now the question is can you play Fortnite on mac? Yes, it is possible to play in your MacBook if you fulfill some system requirement as well as apply some tips and tricks to get the question of answer that how to make Fortnite run better on mac.

How to Make Fortnite Run Better On Macbook Air
How to Make Fortnite Run Better On Macbook Air

If you are mac user, then you can play this extreme thrilling and entertaining game. In order to run Fortnite on MacBook Air or other mac versions, you have to follow the following tips and requirements.

Fulfill the System requirements

For any game, software or program it is important to fulfill system requirements. Your system must have all the essential requirements like space, memory, graphics card, and compatible OS in order to run Fortnite on MacBook Pro. The key system requirements include

  • GPU must be Intel HD 4000
  • CPU must be a core i3 2.4 GHz
  • 4 GB DDR3 or DDR4 RAM
  • Mac OS sierra or above.

If your system fulfills this requirement, then you can install the game smoothly without any hindrance and get answer that can you play Fortnite on mac. It is important to check the graphics card that has the ability to run the 3D games without any hassle.

These are the minimum requirements if you use the high level like more space, memory and latest operating system than it will be easy to get updates. Even the game start updating automatically when the new version or any new feature is available.

Switch off all other programs.

When you are going to play with concentration you don’t need any browser or program to use. Why not close all the programs, running apps and browser before starting your game. In this way, there will be no program running that uses the GPU at that time. All the memory will remain free and you will get answer that how to get Fortnite to run better on mac. This is the best tip to follow not only to run the Fortnite but also other heavy 3D games as well.

Full-screen mode for better results

Never try to use the windowed mode while playing games like Fortnite. It reduces the FPS rate and you may find a lagging issue while playing the game. For this purpose, to avoid Fortnite lagging on a mac try to use the full-screen mode. If you don’t know about the procedure to convert your screen in full mode. Check the procedure below, once you apply the full-screen mode it will be easy to run the game smoothly on your mac. Follow the procedure to apply full screen mode settings.

In the top left corner in the menu app, you will find the full-screen option.

Click on it to focus on your game and slide other apps.

If you want to save your time you can use the short key that is control+commad+F key. Press these keys to enter full-screen mode.

Navigation of full-screen mode is also simple. In order to get access to the menu, take your cursor towards the top of the screen.

In order to exit from the full-screen mode, you have to click on the menu and click to exist to full screen. Or you can use the same short keys for existing. The keys are Control+command+F.

Add boot camp in your mac

The Fortnite game is basically made for windows, its versions are not compatible with the mac. If you want that you have a better FPS rate for your game and you get the high score then it’s good to add boot camp. That’s mean you have to add the windows in your Mac system. Apple has the feature to run the Mac OS and Windows OS both at the same time. Apple provides a feature of the Boot camp feature.  Now you are thinking about how boot camp is feasible and help you to get the answer that how to make Fortnite run better on mac? Boot camp is the utility that allows you to run the windows in your mac book. You simply have to download the compatible windows in your mac. For example, Fortnite is a compatible window 7 install through boot camp. Switch your Macos OS in windows then try to run your game in it.

Remember once you install windows you have to restart your computer

Point to ponder

It is important that when you start using the boot camp or windows installation your system must fulfill the following requirements

Free disk space of about 64 GB

16 GB or larger blank USB drive. The USB drive is not required for following mac book models

MacBook Pro (2015 and later)*

MacBook Air (2015 and later)*

MacBook (2015 and later)

iMac (2015 and later)

iMac Pro

Mac Pro (Late 2013)

Also, check the compatibility that your Mac the particular version of windows or not

Use the full version of windows if you are installing first. This is because the upgrade version will not work

You also need a disk image of windows that come for mac. It is essential to work with the boot camp

Once you install the windows you have to switch between two OS. The procedure is given below

In order to switch from Macos to Windows, you have to click on the startup disk preference pane and select the boot camp. After that restart your computer. Once your system gets started you get the option Macos and windows. Click on Windows to run your Fortnite game.

Using the mac with low settings.

Another best way to get the question of your answer that how to make Fortnite run faster on mac is that adjust the visual settings. We all know the brightness, colors, sharpness require memory therefore, if you adjust your mac settings to low then it will be comfortable for you to play Fortnite. You will find no hindrance and the game will not be struck. Don’t worry at low resolution you will able to see the screen perfectly.

In order to apply these settings low down following video effects

3 D resolution – near

Shadows and antialiasing off

Texture, effects, and post-processing low

Off the Vsync, motion blur an f FPS also

The main benefits associated with lowering down the visual effects is that it takes less CPU space and memory in this way is unable to run the game fastly without interruptions.

Keep your computer audio level at low

Wondering how low audio effect the FPS rate? Yes, it happens, as it is also taking memory so it causes effect in slowing down fps. If you want that your game runs smoothly then do focus on audio level also.

Although it has very minimum effect as compared to other factors when it is mixed with other factors it shows a positive effect.

Use headphones if you want to enjoy additional sound but try to switch of surround sound and keep volume low o enjoy game loading with smoothness.

Check performance settings

If you want to enjoy your game with smoothness and without hurdles. Another tip you must focus is to turn on the performance settings. Use mac.shipping. Fornite .exe file along with the turn of following settings to free the RAM space.

Disable some windows effects

Switch off the animated desktop theme as it take much space and won’t able you to run the game smoothly

Skip or switch off the iTunes visuals if they are running in your system

Close all the not in use desktop dash widgets because they consume both real and virtual memory that cause the loss of running of the games. In order to switch off the dashboard follow the procedure given below

  • Open the dashboard
  • Press and hold the option key
  • Move the mouse pointer to the widget that you want to close.
  • By repeating this process you can close three to four widgets.

Disable or unable unnecessary fonts

You have to checklist the performance settings each time in order to switch off any widget or setting that switch on by default.

Optimization of discord

If you are using the discord in your mac book, then try to avoid using it. Discord is basically the VOIP feature that you use in your provide the text, image, and video communication while playing games. In order to have a fast fps rate and to get answer that how to play Fortnite on a mac then you have to uncheck all discord settings. Follow the procedure given below to switch off this setting

  • Open the discord and click on the user settings.
  • In this menu, you will find hardware acceleration
  • Click on it and uncheck.
  • Clean all temporary files while starting the game

In order to get that how to make Fortnite run better on mac this step is very important. Rather you have to apply this tip first when you just start your computer before playing the game. Many temporary files, caches, and junk consume much computer space. These may cause the computer to struck. If much memory is consumed by these files, then it is good to clear all memory. There is a variety of software available you must have in your mac book to remove all such junk files. When you start your system first remove all such annoying factors from your system. This is the best way to boost the fps rate of your game and your Fortnite will definitely run faster.

  • You can also remove all your temporary files by opening the temp folder.
  • Use the short key to control plus A to select all such data.
  • Delete these files
  • Open recycle bin to kick out all such stuff permanently from your hard disk.
  • Disable windows update delivery optimization

Another important factor you can consider to check why Fortnite is so laggy on mac is that windows update delivery optimization is on.  If you are using windows follow the procedure below

  • Open the settings menu and click on windows update optimization
  • Open the advanced option
  • Here you get delivery optimization feature
  • Click on it
  • Click on allow the downloads from other Pc is off.
  • In this way when you will be playing your game you will not get any update notification along with no update will start automatically that does not create hurdles while playing your game.

Once you apply all these settings and consider all the tips then there is a guarantee that you will able to run the Fortnite Royale or other versions fluently on your mac system. There is nothing difficult for running this game in your Macos system.

If you are interested in playing this game on your mac then download the compatible widows on your mac, disable all the windows, visual and discover settings and then check out. You will find a positive change. There will be no hindrance, or your game will not be struck while playing this best game running these days.

Now you have learned the tips about to run the Fortnite better in your desktop you can also get the answer that how to make Fortnite run better on a laptop. The same tips you can apply on your laptop.  For desktops use the special monitors that have better fps rate and compatible with CPU. Along with trying to have the original Fortnite game don’t use crack software that may be troubleshooting. It will provide no benefits even you fulfill all the requirements you need to play Fortnite. Follow all instructions carefully and then check the fluency of your game.

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