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How to make a boat in Minecraft

The boat or boat in Minecraft serves to move quickly and comfortably through water areas, such as rivers, seas and oceans.

How to make a boat in Minecraft

As of version 1.9 of Minecraft the boat or ship received an improvement in its design, adding oars to the boats. In this update was also added the ability to transport two characters in a single ship, as well as a character and an animal.

Recipe to make (craftear) a boat

To make a ship in Minecraft we will only need five blocks of wood. If we place these blocks in the same position that we see in the image above, we will obtain a boat of the same color as the wood used.

There are six color variants that we can create for boats or boats, depending on the type of wood we use during its manufacture, as with the doors . The only thing that changes when using one type of wood or another, is the color of the boat or boat.

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