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List Of Backward Compatible Games For Xbox One. Gaming world was stunned when last year Microsoft announced backward compatibility of Xbox one for Xbox 360 games. This miracle is technological as it is related to technology. It considers architectural differences that occur between 2 systems. These however come with new features with fully rolled-out and there are more than hundred titles available that are compatible with respect to backward compatibility. We tested extensive features of many of the games that box claims to be coming with backward compatibility. These include games like war titles, Assassin`s creed, Halo reach etc. above all this these features are regularly updated with major titles getting the place of new games. Before talking about games specifications, it is good to note that Microsoft has actively integrated its efforts for making Xbox 360 games compatible for Xbox One.

Taking a start is not difficult but Xbox one is a supporter for both original discs of Xbox 360 as well as digital downloads. For this you must be running an updated dashboard. Digital games easily update the available games by listing down these under games & apps categories whereas disc may be popped-in which is then prepared for installing without any extra hassle. Whether your desired game if upon disc or it is available by digital means, each of the games needs to be downloaded from the Xbox live. The reason behind this is the fact that these downloads need specific package that is available with Xbox one and this package acts like wrapper that allows functioning within interface of Xbox One.


Experience of users differs with respect to different nature of games. All of titles of games receive some kind of baseline improvements like that of eliminating the screen tear for every title. There are mechanisms by which elevator load of the mass effect is reduced and fallout of the hitches also decline. When talking about the features, list of backward compatible games for Xbox one, Xbox 1 supports;

  • Disc based and digital games without any extra cost
  • Supporting existing saves, achievement progress and DLC as well as original dashboard
  • Multiple playing between players on Xbox one and Xbox 360
  • Selection of Xbox one features such as Game DVR, screenshots and Windows ten streaming

Many games of box 360 are available via subscription of Netflix style game pass service.

Following are some of the games that are compatible for playing at Xbox one. Have a look at the below list of backward compatible games for Xbox one;

  • Carcassonne
  • Cap com arcade cabinet
  • Cars-2 video game
  • Castle storm
  • Castle crashers
  • Dark siders
  • Daytona USA
  • Dark souls
  • Sega vintage
  • Tomb raider
  • Red faction
  • Gyruss

Tomb raider, Red faction and GYRUSS are recently added to this list of list of backward compatible games for Xbox one. Time is money and you can save money by choosing any of these free games. These are just a few mentioned in the upward list. This list is quite long and you are definite to get one of your choice.

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