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The Mobile Sims Tips and Tricks to Start Playing

Now you can play life with The Sims Mobile for iOS and Android devices . If you still do not know how to start developing your universe in the EA game for mobile, we have prepared a guide with some tricks and tips from The Sims Mobile. Oh, and it’s free, you do not have to pay anything to download the game.

The Sims Mobile is not very different from what we are used to in consoles and PC, but it never hurts to have a little hand to know how to level up or improve your house. We recommend the best professions, such as overcoming missions, hobbies and Play life!

The Mobile Sims Tips and Tricks to Start Playing

As soon as you start playing, you will have to create your character and family . From your hair color, eyes, personality, ambitions, desires, body type .There are many options for our Sim to be unique and personal, although if you prefer, there are also some predefined sims.

Missions and daily tasks

Like many games for mobile devices, The Sims Mobile revolves around fulfilling missions. The first ones guide you and help you discover where you have to focus your activities or the best rewards. In addition, there are some special events that will give us access to new sets of furniture or hobbies.

Of course, one of our goals is to get simoleons (the game currency) to improve our residence. But it will not be easy, although when completing missions you will get money to speed up the process a bit and create the house of your dreams.

In addition to the missions that we must complete in The Sims Mobile , we will also find daily tasks that invite you to return to the game. These tasks will give us rewards in the form of experience. In many cases, it has to do with improving the relationships of our Sims, starting a new professional career or having a hobby.

Careers and hobbies

As in other versions of The Sims, the works are very important for our Sim since it is the main method to earn money and a good way to improve our skills. We will start with limited jobs, but as we increase in level, new districts will be unblocked where we can find new careers.

Once our Sim has a job, we will be assigned several tasks. The ones that are going to report the most are those that involve the most risk. For example, if you choose the Cooking career, you can show off how well you know how to flambé food in a pan. If you get it, you’ll get extra experience, although you can also fail and set the kitchen on fire from top to bottom.

Improve your house

If you are a fan of The Sims, surely you know you can improve your home with furniture, pictures .In The Sims mobile, every time you put a piece of furniture at home, you will help raise the comfort level and value of your home. As you update it, it will expand and you will be able to obtain more types of furniture. We will start with the basic ones and little by little new ones will be unlocked, many of them are achieved at the end of an event or task.

Improve your social relationships

Friendships, loves and social relationships are very important in The Sims. Talk to everyone, visit coffee shops, parks and meet new sims. Engaging relationships will positively affect the happiness of our Sim and will help you improve your level in The Sims mobile for iOS and Android.


As in other mobile games, we will have to take into account our energy when carrying out the tasks we have to complete. Every action you take on The Sims mobile will consume energy. To recover it, you can take a nap or disconnect a few minutes of the game.

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