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Monster Hunter World A Complete Guide Tips and Tricks

Monster Hunter World is the new and revolutionary installment of the Monster Hunter saga. We will become hunters and hunters and we will embark on great adventures and hunts to end the most fearsome monsters and discover why the dragons migrate to the New World. In this complete guide we will show you all the steps so that you do not get lost in your great adventure and no creature can resist you.

Monster Hunter World Complete Guide

We belong to the 5th fleet of hunters and a large number of missions await us in a great and exciting world. Despite looking like a game system too detailed and complicated for newcomers, thanks to this guide you can become hunter teachers.

A detail that we must discuss before you start the game is that we will need Playstation Plus to play, since it is an online game where the missions are real time (we can not pause during) and in which we can join friends hunters to help us Therefore, if we want to enjoy these options it will be necessary to be connected.

In this Guide we will update the content progressively and each important assignment will have its own section where we will explain the best tactics to end them. In addition, you have the sections Weapons, Controls, Armor, Comrade Felyne and Objects to have all the equipment gathered in detail.

Made the presentations so we only wish a happy hunt and invite you to follow our steps or consult any questions that arise in this guide through the exciting world of Monster Hunter World.

Welcome, welcome and prepare for the hunt!

Weapons of the Monster Hunter World

“The fourteen weapons of the hunter” , each one offers a different experience in combat.

The great swords strike with a devastating force, while the duo sword and shield enables rapid and mobile attacks. The heavy crossbow is difficult to handle, but it has great power. Then we will explain them in more detail.

You can visit the training zone after equipping a weapon talking to the Assistant in your home. There you can practice with the chosen weapon all you want. Each weapon contains an index of ” affinity “, which will increase as we use it and improve its management.

In addition, we must also monitor that they are sharp and we can increase their attack strength as we improve them and raise the level in the forge. As we advance in the adventure we will find and forge new weapons with different abilities and characteristics, such as fire attack, resistance to ice and others. Even so, we show you below the basic equipment that is in our trunk at the beginning so that you begin to familiarize yourself with it.

Shortly thereafter, the Bone variants of each type of weapon will be unlocked, these being slightly stronger in Attack and whose tree of improvement is wider. After defeating the Anjanath you will also unlock a weapon variant that will need its parts to be created in the forge. Even so, it seems that only the weapon option that we use most will be available, being in our case the insect Glaive and consequently the Flammenkaefer, with almost twice the attack as the original and the power of fire.

Later, when we overcome the mission “A colossal task”, having approximately RC 11, we will unlock the last fragment of the tree of improvements of weapons, of High Rank . For them we will have to fulfill missions of such category and to gather parts of monsters and materials with a “+” that indicates its high quality.

Something to keep in mind and that is the most useful when we want to craftear some weapon or armor is to fix it as “desired” with the triangle button. Thus, when we obtain that material that we need during a mission, it will mark it to us, just as if we obtain everything necessary to create it. After that we go to the forge and create it.

As there are so many possibilities of each of the 14 weapons, there are multiple variables of each improvement tree, it is best to study them within the game itself and concentrate on which weapon we prefer to improve, what materials we need and what skills each of us grants, besides the element that dominates (fire, water, ice, lightning or drake).

Then we leave the 14 weapons in its base version to help you choose at first what type of weapon you want to carry:

Great sword: Hunter sword I

Short range weapon with little mobility but powerful attacks.

Initial attack: 384

Easy for beginners: **

Long sword : Iron Katana I


Short range weapon that makes it easy to dodge and combine blows with fluency

Initial attack: 264

Ease for beginners: ***

Sword and shield : Knife of hunter I

Shield weapon set that allows you to maneuver and protect against attacks

Initial attack: 112

Ease for beginners: ***

Double Swords: Twin Slicers I

Short-range attack weapons that inflict a rapid rain of blows

Initial attack: 112

Ease for beginners: ***

Hammer : Iron Hammer I

Ideal heavy weapon to attack the monsters at close range and stun them

Initial attack: 416

Easy for beginners: **

Cleat : Metallic Bagpipe I

Special support weapon that is used to provide various improvements. This is somewhat complicated to use, since it is used as if it were an instrument, through which we can play different melodies and heal our companions, among other functions.

Initial attack: 326

Ease for beginners: *

Spear : Iron Throw I

Defensive weapon, useful against fleeing targets or unpredictable movements

Initial attack: 184

Ease for beginners: *

Throw pistol: Throw pistol gun I

Defensive weapon with a variety of firing attacks

Initial attack: 184

Easy for beginners: **

Sword ax: Protohacha Férrea I

Weapon that transforms into a large ax and a powerful sword

Initial attack: 280

Easy for beginners: **

Ax loaded: Protohacha Comitiva I

Weapon that stores energy in its sword form and takes advantage of it as an ax

Initial attack: 288

Easy for beginners: **

Glaive insect: Iron Rod I

Light weapon that allows to jump through the air and control kinetics

Initial attack: 248

Easy for beginners: **

Lightweight crossbow: Chain arrow I

Remote weapon that gives freedom of movement and uses different ammunition

Initial attack: 130

Ease for beginners: ***

Heavy crossbow: Iron Assault I

Remote weapon that sacrifices mobility in exchange for powerful attacks

Initial attack: 150

Easy for beginners: **

Arc : Ferrous Arc I

Weapon that allows to charge power and attack medium distance

Initial attack: 96

Easy for beginners: **

Culldrone and Chrysodron I

These “Kinsects” are a kind of Drones-insect that will help us in battle only if we have equipped a Glaive Insect. The Culldrone poisons enemies and has a cutting attack, while the Chrysodron heals and attacks us through impact.

Monster Hunter World Change Main Controls

Next we leave you some images where the specific controls of each type of weapon are detailed , the combos possible and more effective. We remind you that in order to try them out and become familiar with them, it is best to go to the training area.


Sword Combos


Ax Combos


Glaive Combos

Lightweight crossbow

Heavy crossbow


Arc Combos

Monster Hunter World Armor Sets

“Your five-piece protection,” each offers a number of defense and team skills to help you hunt. You can mix several sets to fit your playing style.

Use L2 / R2 to see the status of your team and skills. In addition, you can save a set of equipment to quickly change to your favorite combination.

In the beginning, we will only have basic leather and metal mesh equipment , being able to choose what we prefer, being leather more resistant to fire and mesh to water. As we move forward we will unlock armor pieces much more complex and useful against certain types of enemies.

When we complete a couple of missions we will be unlocked in the forge the equipment of Hunter, Bone, Kestodon and Jagras. As you can see, depending on the monsters we hunt – important also to obtain their remains to use as materials – we will have unlocked new armors of such beasts. We remember that each piece has certain characteristics, being stronger or weaker in front of different elements. Therefore, when we go to face a fire beast, for example, it will be ideal to equip ourselves accordingly. We can combine different pieces of armor of different sets, something ideal to compensate the attributes.

Later, when we finish with the monsters Kulu, Pukei-Pukei and Barroth, Jyura and Kadachi will unlock the armor with the same name . Also the Alloy , resistant but weak against some elements such as lightning and ice.

What we get through the remains of the fearsome Anjanath can be forged under the name of Anja and are considered Rarity 3 , with great protection against fire. Still, we will need many parts of the big monster, so we will have to hunt it several times if we want to dress with the full set of the beast.

Later, when we overcome the mission “A colossal task”, having approximately RC 11, we will unlock the best armor, of High Rank . For them we will have to fulfill missions of such category and to gather parts of monsters and materials with a “+” that indicates its high quality.

Something to keep in mind and that is the most useful when we want to craftear some armor is to  fix it as “desired” with the triangle button.  Thus, when we obtain that material that we need during a mission, it will mark it to us, just as if we obtain everything necessary to create it. After that we go to the forge and create it.

Having so many possibilities of each type of armor, having multiple combinations of each type it is best to study them within the game itself and focus on  what armor we prefer to obtain, what materials we need and what skills each one gives us, in addition to the element that dominates (fire , water, ice, lightning or drake).

The best High Range armors can not be improved anymore , since they already have the best performance. Examples are the Odogaron, rarity 6 and that gives us 54 of defense per piece, in addition to skills such as anti-bleeding, sharpening speed, evasion, affinity and fast desenfunde, being aesthetically very impressive when playing with dark red and black colors and giving similar appearance to a ninja.

Comrade Felyne Monster Hunter World

Our cat friend also has its own characteristics and personalized equipment , which we will have to choose as hunters.

Start with a health of 100, an attack of 27 and a defense of 64. The equipment will be simple leather and, just like our own, we will be able to improve and update as we go.

It will also have some support objects that will help us, such as the ” Aerosol melífera vitae “, a tool made with rich honey melífera vitae that recovers our health.

When we complete a couple of missions and access the forge we will see how we can improve their equipment, based on weapon, helmet and height. In addition to the basic set of leather that we have in the beginning, we will unlock Bone, Jag and Alloy , each with their personal characteristics and which can be forged by points (not money as in our team). Remember that in addition to buying, forging and equipping in the forge itself we can also change the equipment of our felyne in our home, when talking with him.

As in the case of our Armor, our friend’s equipment will be unlocked in the forge as we defeat major monsters. After arriving at the Waste of the Needles and finishing the first mission, we will have available Kulu, Pukei and Barroth.

When we have our upgrades of High Rank available the same will happen with our comrade Felyne, which will have at your disposal an infinity of armors and weapons of the best quality, in addition to granting abilities, affinity and elements such as fire (in variants such as Zorah Magdaros or Anjanath). It will be in our hands to equip it with one or the other set, depending on our needs or preferences.

Monster Hunter World Objects

Being hunters and if we want to become experts, we must use and understand all the objects that we have our disposition, either from the beginning of the missions or with the possibility of creating them through different materials that we collect in the scenarios. Here we detail all of them, divided into categories and with their basic description:

Healing / support

Potion : slightly restore the level of health.

Megapoción : Restores the level of health moderately.

Medication + : Restore a little health.

Antidote : Cure for poison.

Herbal medicine : Effectively cures poison and slightly restores health.

Nutrients : Increase very slightly the maximum level of health.

Meganutrients : Increase slightly the maximum level of health.

Catalyst : Mixed with materials to improve the effect. It can not be used alone.

Immunization : Medicine that increases the natural capacity for recovery.

Powder of life : Creates a healing mist in the area around the user.

Herbal powder: Exotic dust that creates a mist around the area of ​​use, restores health and eliminates the poison.

Energy drink : Drink approved by the guild that increases your resistance. It also helps to get rid of sleep!

Cold drink : Drink that gives temporary resistance to extreme heat.

Demonic drug : Increases the attack by granting the out of a demon to the one that takes it.

Demon dust: Exotic dust that creates a mist around the area of ​​use and temporarily breaks the attacks.

Armor skin : Increases the defense by hardening the skin like a stone armor.

Shell dust: Exotic dust that creates a mist around the area of ​​use and temporarily reinforces the defense.

Conveyor Ball : Call a dracoalado with which to travel to the nearest camp. Can be used in the middle of combat.

Ration : Food that restores some resistance.

Raw meat : Meat obtained by the removal of a monster. It has different uses.

Empty jar: An old empty normal jar. Nothing more and nothing less.

Traps / offensive

Gunpowder : Dangerous substance that explodes when hit or heated.

Barrel pump : A small time bomb.

Bounce pump : It rises when activated. To use this modified pump you have to be a skillful person.

Large barrel pump: Powerful pump that is activated with extreme physical impact.

Smoke ball : Creates a large cloud of smoke in the area where it falls.

Poisonous smoke ball : Releases a toxic cloud. It is often used as an insecticide.

Flash capsule: Sling ammunition that shines with force when impacting. If it hits a monster’s nose, you’ll blind it.

Shrieking Capsule : Sling ammunition that emits a harsh high-frequency sound and stops sensitive monsters.

Capsule boñiga : Ammunition of sling that upon impact emits a penetrating odor. It repels certain types of monsters.

Poisoned meat : Raw meat that poisons who eats it. It is a good bait for traps.

Toxic meat : Raw meat that paralyzes who eats it. It is a good bait for traps.

Somniferous meat : It will sleep to whoever eats it. Good bait for traps.

Network : Powerful network capable of supporting a considerable weight. Perfect for pitfall traps.

Rock trap: Trap to hunt certain big monsters. It is operated with a great weight.

Electric trap : trap that immobilizes the target. Use it to capture monsters.

Calming ball : To dominate and capture monsters that have fallen into traps. Throw it against the ground.

Calming knife : Razor with tranquilizer that you can shoot with the sling.

Toxic knife : Poison knife that can be fired with the sling.

Sedative knife: Razor with sedative that you can shoot with the sling.

Paralyzing knife: Razor with paralyzer that you can shoot with the sling.

Ammunition / Vials

Normal D

D perforating: with multiple impact on certain monsters.

D fan: Large coverage ammunition. Causes many short-range impacts.

Explosive D: Powerful ammunition that attaches to the target and explodes, stunning it.

D group: Ammunition that breaks into three when it hits. Beware of enemy fire!

D poison: Poisoned ammunition. Some objectives need several shots.

D cutting: Ammunition that takes sharp leaves on impact. You can cut tails.

D wyvern: Ammunition created after years of wyvern fire study.

D fire: Ammunition with extra effect on monsters vulnerable to fire.

D water: Ammunition with extra effect on monsters vulnerable to water.

D ray: Ammunition with extra effect on monsters vulnerable to lightning.

D ice: Ammunition with extra effect on monsters vulnerable to ice.

D draco: Ammunition imbued with the seal of elders, useful against monsters weak to draco.

D fatigue: Ammunition that weakens the resistance of the target.

D armor: Ammunition that hardens the skin of the target like a stone.

Power Vial: Coating for arrows that increases the attack when firing.

Poison vial: Coating that applies poison to equipped arrows

Paralyzing vial: Coating that applies paralyzing effect to the arrows.

Sleep vial : Coating that applies somnolent effect to the arrows.

Nitro Vial: Coating that applies nitro explosive to the arrows.

Gunpowder : Flammable. Combine with level 1 ammo to increase your level.

Monster Hunter World – How to Capture a Monster

When we start a capture mission for the first time they will explain the bases. Even so, we leave you here in case you want to refresh your memory.

The first thing we need is to equip ourselves with traps (electric for example), of which we can only carry one at a time, and tranquilizing balls (pink aspect), we can take a few. They can be created in the trunk of objects or bought already made.

When starting the determined mission we must continue and find the monster that we want to capture, weaken it and when we see that it flees to its lair (a clue will be a sign) and is already weak will be the time to catch it.

First we immobilized him with the electric trap. We can wait for him to fall asleep to do it, place it in the middle of the road or between him and us, so that when he comes to attack us he will be trapped.

Once electrified we must hurry to throw tranquilizing balls (normally it works with 2-3) until our prey falls asleep, at which point we will have finally completed the mission.

Other details to keep in mind is that normally, when starting a capture mission, in the trunk of initial objects we will see the traps that we need. Another is that when attacking the monster we must watch to not cause him so much damage as to kill him, since that would make the mission fail.

That’s it, all that remains is to wish you good hunting!

Monster Hunter World Multiplayer Missions

In multiplayer you can enjoy missions and expeditions in teams of up to 4 players out of the maximum of 16 present in the online session. Players who are in the same online session can communicate by chat, regardless of their location.

There are many quests that you can access on average and the expeditions will be unlocked as you progress through the game. Keep in mind that the expeditions necessary to advance the story can not be played in multiplayer.

When you choose a mission, select a new mission, and then just to the options:

  • Players: number of players you want to participate in the mission. If you want to play alone select 1.
  • Choose password: choose four numbers with which to restrict entry to the mission

Select to access a mission to participate in an expedition mission initiated by another player. This will send a request to the leader of the mission to accept. Access requests are automatically accepted by default. To change this, see the mission access options in the options menu and change to manual.

Expeditions do not appear in the mission post unless a relief flare has been used. If there are no interesting missions in the online session, select online sessions to change sessions and try again.

You can access many expedition missions even if they have started. However, if you agree to a mission that started too long ago, you will not receive credit at the end and you will not get mission rewards. Keep this in mind when joining missions.

The objects obtained from the monsters and collected during the mission if they will be preserved. Rewards for breaking monster parts or capturing monsters will also be obtained, as long as the requirements are met.

Monster Hunter World Trophies Guide

Here we show you and detail the 50 trophies that Monster Hunter World poses. We already warn you that they are quite complicated and do with platinum will involve investing hundreds of hours, but is not that the case when more excitement to receive it?

 Monster Hunter World – Bronze trophies

 Welcome to the New World : Win the right to accept two-star missions.

Nothing stops this commission: Win the right to accept three-star missions.

Astera Defender: Win the right to accept four-star missions.

In the depths: Win the right to accept five-star missions.

Death begets life: Manage Zorah Magdaros successfully.

The Empress of the Highlands: Win the right to take on seven-star missions.

One will stop, one will fall: Win the right to accept eight-star missions.

The life of the hunter for me: Complete 50 optional missions.

An inquisitive mind: Complete your first investigation.

The franchise hunter: Complete 50 investigations.

Enter the Arena: Complete your first arena mission.

No place to go: Complete 50 sand missions.

Settler of the New World : Establish five camps.

The art of camouflage: Escape the jagras claws by hiding in some bushes.

Fishing for a bite: Fishing your first fish.

Mmm, how tasty !: Cook a well done steak.

The bigger they are …: Mount your first monster.

Assigned work: Obtain 100,000 research points.

Burgeois Hunter: Holds 1,000,000 zenny.

Impenetrable defense: Obtain five very rare armor.

Power is everything: Get five very rare weapons.

Movin ‘On Up: Move to an improved room.

First friends: Get your first Tailraider.

Bosom Buddies: Become an expert with any Palico accessory.

Temper Temper: Hunt your first tempered monster.

Crown in Miniature: Record your first miniature crown in the search log.

Giant Crown: Record your first giant crown in the hunting register.

Novata Capture: Capture your first monster.

Elderslayer Kill: Capture 50 older dragons.

Monster Slayer: Capture 100 big monsters.

HELP !: Shoot an SOS flare for the first time.

I am the reinforcement: Respond to an SOS flare and help complete 10 quests.

United Hunters: Complete a mission through multiplayer.

Hunters United forever: Complete 100 missions using multiplayer

Spread the Word : Collect more than 50 Guild Cards.

Set Hunted r: Reach hunter 100 range.

 Monster Hunter World – Silver trophies

 Monster Hunter: Capture 500 large monsters.

Capture Pro: Capture 50 monsters.

Giant Crown Collector: Get a giant crown for 10 or more monsters in your hunting log.

Miniature Crown Collector: Get a miniature crown for 10 or more monsters in your search log.

Monster Ph.D .: Research all of almost all the monsters.

Pigs for all: Capture a stiff and bristling creature.

Rainbow Bright : Capture a creature that shines like a rainbow.

A living fossil: Catch a fish known as “the living fossil”.

Snuggles for all : Capture a fluffy and tight creature.

The Sapphire Star: Solve the mystery of Elder Crossing.

Indomitable: Hunting 50 tempered monsters.

Monster Hunter World – Golden Trophies

Master of the Crowns in Miniature: Get a miniature crown for almost all the monsters in your hunting log.

Master of the Giant Crowns : Get a giant crown for almost all the monsters in your hunting record.

Monster Hunter World – Platinum Trophy

 Conqueror of the New World: Unlock all Monster Hunter trophies: World

Monster Hunter World First Steps and Astera

After seeing the initial kinematics that welcomes us to Monster Hunter World , we must create our hunter or hunter, through a complete customization menu where we can detail edit your face, hairstyle, voice and initial attire.

After that, another cinematic will follow and immediately give us control. Surrounded by chaos, we must learn the basic movement controls and follow the person in chargewho will call us, after the boat accident. We advance to the wall, which we will climb with the help of our hook, and we continue following the woman, dodging the rocks that fall down the slope that we have to climb until we both can escape from that infernal place.

After a pleasant flight we will arrive at the Primitive Forest , where we will continue with a subtle and entertaining tutorial with the mission of: “Go to the base of the commission of investigation” . Following the person in charge and their indications, we will meet the first beasts, the Aptonoth, which fortunately are docile if we do not alter them.

Later we must hide from new enemies, these are hostile and called Jagras , because until we have a weapon we can not fight against them. After dissuading them, we will follow our first trace of a monster with the help of the lafarillos (fireflies that guide us) and we will regret to find it, since it is a very big beast compared to what we have seen so far.

The leader of the field team will save us and make us rush to enter the base of the hunters, Astera.

When entering the great city of hunters we will feel a bit overwhelmed, since it is a great space with many possibilities and full of life. Even so, we will be introduced little by little and we will get used to our new home.

“The heart of the commission” is the small mission that we have, consisting of following the team leader through Astora and some of its most emblematic points to climb the summit and reach the meeting of the commission. During the walk we will pass by the store of provisions (to buy and sell supplies), the forge (to make weapons and armor in it) and the canteen (where we can eat delicacies prepared by the felyne that will give us different improvements).

After meeting with the council we will receive the great mission around which will revolve the history of the game: “Discover why old dragons migrate to the New World”. These dragons have accompanied us since time immemorial and alter the ecosystem, transform the world and sow chaos in its path. Therefore, hunters want to find out the reason for their migration to the New World.

They also tell us about Zorah Magdaros, the last monster that has seen the migration of the elderly. It’s huge and has a mountain of fire on its back, does that sound?

After that, they will send us our first order, based on “a problem with the jagras:investigate the habitat of the Jagras, find out their customs and then we will see what we do”. First mission that we will explain in detail next.

Before that, we will have to follow the team leader, who will take us to our new home , where we will have to collect the gun from the trunk, which contains basic equipment based on a weapon of each of the 14 types and leather armor and metal mesh.

After equipping ourselves with the weapon and armor that we want in our new home, we will have to leave and go to the canteen to talk to the person in charge.

Before this we can take to explore Astera at will, although some options are still not available and the team leader and the manager will be in Navi mode (from the Legend of Zelda saga) to shout “Hey!” Every little while , calling our attention.

Monster Hunter World Ancient Forest Campsites

To begin our first assignment we will have to go up to the canteen and talk to the person in charge, accepting the mission and going to the Primitive Forest. Once there, he will remind us of the basic concepts of the missions, such as that we must fulfill the objective to be fulfilled. On this occasion we will have to finish with a certain number of Jagras, 7 in particular , and the attendant will show us the approximate area where they are on the map.

After stocking with supplies we follow the leader, who will guide us through the forest. We can collect useful materials and plants along the way and, if we want, engage in a battle, although it is recommended that for this first we focus on our objectives.

When we get to the indicated area we will have to face four Jagras using our weapons and skill. Even so, when we finish with two the rest will flee, so we will have to follow them. Before that you can collect the materials that the monster has left , useful for the forge.

We continue towards the bottom on the right, where there is a natural tunnel, and at the end we will find a kind of cave with a large group of Jagras. We attack and dodge and if required we cure ourselves with potions or sharpen our weapon in case it loses a lot of resistance.

When we finish with a total of 7 jagras the countdown of a minute will begin and we will be able to take advantage of that time until the end of the mission to finish with some more and / or collect their remains.

Upon returning to Astera we will have all the options available and we can embark on new adventures with our friends online or use the forge to improve our objects or create new ones thanks to the obtained materials. A world of possibilities has just opened. Now, yes: Welcome to Monster Hunter World!

A mess Kestodon and The Great Jagras Monster Hunter World

The second mission will take us back to the Primitive Forest, where they will propose to hunt a group of 3 males 5 females of Kestodon . After equipping ourselves with our favorite weapon (for now there is none especially outstanding compared to the others, if not we can guide you by our preferences) and the necessary objects of the trunk, we can start the hunt.

We go to the well-known clearing of the Forest, where we will easily find the first group of kestodon. They are recognized by having a slightly orange color and a fairly hard skull protection , which will attack us and which we must avoid (remember, using L and X).

When we finish with this group and thanks to the help of the lafarillos we can find the rest, who are down a slope next to a watery area.

The ideal thing is to attack them from behind, since they will be protected from the front with the hardened antlers they have and with which they will produce attacks. After finishing with this new group, of two males and three females, the team leader will call us, since he has found something.

The Great Jagras

Upon arrival we will discover that a large Jagras is roaming the area. We’ll have to finish him off, but if you do not want to do it now, you can go back to the base and accept the mission later. You can call your friends with the flares to start a multiplayer phase and other like-minded hunters join to chase the big monster.

When we are ready we will have to look for tracks that the great Jagras has left behind , to fill a bar with clues and provide enough information for the Lafarillos to guide us.

When we find him, in the middle of a closed forest area, he will start a four-phase combat . In the first one we will be alone with the big monster and we will have to attack him and dodge his powerful attacks until he is hurt enough to flee. Where more damage we do is in the head and side, indicating the amount of damage produced with orange numbers.

In the second phase we will have to follow it through the forest, something that should not be difficult but if it is we can avail ourselves of the help of the lafarillos. We will find it in the area where we face the other smaller jagras in the previous mission. Without wasting time with these, we concentrate on attacking the big one and if it hurts too much we will have to get away and heal us with a potion or megapoción in case of emergency.

Before following it, or along the way, we will sharpen our weapon with one of the infinite sharpening stones that we have.

Following the lafarillos and when we find, back in the first clearing and zapándose another monster that grazes peacefully in the area, will begin the third phase where the Great Jagras will inflate and their attacks will become a little slower but also more powerful . Apart from the attacks and the attack biting and scratching, will roll on the floor with his newly acquired big belly. We attack him until he flee.

We follow him to his lair, in the closed cave where we finish the mission of the jagras to start the fourth and final phase. He will wait for us weakened and sleeping and his attacks will be slow and inaccurate. Even so, the little space of the environment and the other small jagras that defend the big one can make things difficult for us.

As soon as we manage to shoot him down, which should not cost much, we will have completed the mission completely. Do not forget to plunder the corpse of the great Jagras several times before the time runs out to obtain all the hunting materials exclusive to this great beast.

Rebuild the Forest Camp Monster Hunter World

After the uncontrolled attacks of the monsters in the Forest we will have to talk with the Resource Manager to help them through a submission to rebuild the damaged camp.

When we want to go back to the Primitive Forest, to start this expedition, we can go through the door that the leader tells us or use the map of the world. We will land in the southwest camp and inform us that expeditions , unlike missions, have no time limit, we can not fail nor are there conditions to complete them or final rewards. Even so, they are ideal for collecting materials and training against any monster that occurs to us or from which we need to obtain remains. When we want to finish our time in these lands, we just have to talk again with the person in charge, choose Astera on the world map or “finish mission” on the menu.

We recommend talking to those who have an exclamation point on their heads scattered around the map of the Forest, as they will give us useful advice on activities that we probably have not yet practiced and we can take advantage of this expedition to do them, such as fishing.

Also, if we want to hunt down some great monster, a Great Jagras and an Anjanath – although this one is still too powerful for us – they roam the area. We can follow their tracks and make use of the lafarillos to find them and hunt them, taking advantage of the no time limit.

On the beach where we ended up with the Kestodon, there will once again be a group that we can finish and take advantage of to collect small bones (essential for forging bone equipment) and a sea full of fish to fish.

The mission that is proposed to us, that of establishing a new camp, is very simple. We just have to look for the team leader, located at the top edge of quadrant 11, playing with 8 (marked by a red mark) and climbing up the vine on his left. We will meet a monster, Kulu-Ya-Ku, to which we must hunt to protect the future camp . It is a wyvern bird that uses its front extremities to attack with all kinds of resources.

To find the first trace we return to lower the vines that we have just climbed and we will find it on the ground. We follow the lafarillos until we find it (in our case it was through quadrant 6, further north) . It is a fast beast that will attack us with its beak and claws in addition to a special attack based on throwing a large rock that will be held in our hands. Just like other big monsters, after a while it will flee to other points on the map and we will have to follow it. Things will get complicated if a Great Jagras or even the fearsome Anjanath appear on the scene, as they will not allow us to concentrate exclusively on our objective.

If we lose sight of it and have collected enough traces and traces , its icon will appear on the map and the route it has planned, so it will be easy to locate. When finally we finish with him, completing the submission, we can return to Astera or stay a while longer wandering through the forest.

Urgent: the Pukei-Pukei Hunt Monster Hunter World

After clearing the camp we will have to undertake a new mission based on ending the dangerous monster called Pukei-Pukei that wanders through the forest and threatens all who pass by. We are going to talk with the commander to the operations table and later to the person in charge in the canteen.

Once we arrive at the Original Forest, either in one camp or in another, we will have to look for his remains. We can be guided by a toxic mucous on the walls or by old footprints and feathers that the Pukei-Pukei has left behind. It is a fierce monster that mixes poison in its organs with plants and then spit on its targets.

That is his main weapon: poison. When we find it, normally flying over zone 6 north, we must dodge its clouds of toxic smoke and spit. If it still reaches us, we must move a little away from its scope to use an antidote and that our life stops falling.

When we escape, we must make sure we have enough clues to be able to fix it on the map and use the lafarillos to take us back to it, since the flying creature will move around the map very quickly. Therefore, it is also advisable to have a long-range or semi-weapon, as in the case of the Glaide, since Pukei-Pukei will often rise in the air and we will have to lower it.

It is a hard battle mainly because of the danger of the poison, but when we get it we can return to Astera and continue with our next missions.

The Best Type of Mission Monster Hunter World

After defeating the Yukei-Yukei and clearing the area for the scholars to study, we will have a new commission available for the commander. A new track of the great Zorah Magdaros will take us to a new area: the Waste of Needles. In it we will find beasts such as the well-known Kestodon, as well as Gajau, Noios and Apceros. For this mission it will be advisable to equip ourselves with water resistant armor, such as the Pukei set, Jagras or even Czador y Malla.

When we are ready we go there and we meet with the 5th division team. We will have to protect the chariot of the scholars as we move through the wilderness of the Wasteland. We advance with them until a roar in front of us makes us go to investigate while the car waits.

It is a Rathian , a kind of dragon with gray scales and very hard. Now we will not have to finish him, just distract him until the car goes unnoticed. As soon as he does, we leave the Rathian alone and continue with the scholars.

As soon as we reach the pile of waste that the scholars had as objective, we will find a dangerous surprise. A Barroth will appear and we will have to finish him while the Keeper protects the scholars. It is a monster with skin like rock and whose main attack is water and mud.

We must avoid being hit and slowed down when we throw mud through the holes in our heads. Through the attack of ” Water Plague” will reduce our resistance, so we will have to avoid it. It is advisable to carry a good assortment of potions and sharpen the weapon frequently , since having skin so hard our weapon will weaken before.

When fleeing, the Barroth will not be difficult to track, as it moves slowly and often goes to the swampy areas to stir and load their mud stocks. We must be careful especially in such places, since water will slow down our movements.

With patience and through a large and powerful weapon preferably, we will finally get to the big rock. After that, we collect the materials released and a kinematics will start where we will meet an enigmatic character.

Shadows in the Swamp Monster Hunter World

After meeting the mysterious researcher and returning to Astera to tell the Commander, he will immediately return us to the Waste of Needles to look for him. It is advisable to have the armor equipped with protection against water, this time with even more reason.

Once in the Wasteland we go down to the marsh area with lavender and we will find the first traces and a mysterious ancient trail that will make the lafarillos react. We get to zone 10, the swamp , and we’ll see someone in distress next to something that looks like a Barroth. Luckily he will be dead but unfortunately soon the cause of that corpse will appear, the Jyuratodus.

It is a big fish-shaped monster that will use the environment to surprise us. It will submerge in the shallow waters and come out of them, hitting everything on the surface.

Remember that you can send a flare to any player who receives it to help you to end the monster. Whether it is with other players or if it is solo, you should be alert when the Jyuratodus emerges to attack him, being his most vulnerable part his head.

In this case the weapon will not be weakened so much, so the sharpening stone will not be as necessary as the sling and other accessories with which to attack from a distance and shoot the giant monster-fish.

In spite of being aquatic, it will also flee by land, but always towards another swampy area, being at all times very easy to follow and track. It is not extremely complicated, although you have to be patient because of its resistance and its ability to hide underwater. When we finish with him we collect his remains and automatically return to Astora, where a meeting with the council awaits us.

Sparks fly: Tobi-Kadachi Monster Hunter World

In this new mission they already give us clues from the beginning about what monster we have to hunt. As seen in the title, “sparks”, the Tobi-Kadachi will have the power of lightning, so our attire and that of our cat companion have to go accordingly. The Barroth and Bone armor are the most resistant, we currently have, against lightning.

Before we begin, they will give us an interesting new tool that we will take with us when we go out on adventures: the cloak of camouflage , which will allow us to hide from the eyes of enemies if we do not have any element in the environment that provides such coverage.

We traced as in other occasions some old tracks and we are guided by the lafarillos until arriving at the raised zone 14, where the fearsome Tobi-Kadachi will wait for us. It is a wyvern of large fangs that is able to use in its favor the static electricity that accumulates when rubbing with trees while moving.

At the beginning it will not be extremely difficult, but towards the middle of the battle the enemy monster will attack with more precision and if its powerful electrical attacks reach us they will be able to take us almost all our lives.

In this mission it is advisable to release a flare and wait for a fellow hunter to come, because if the enemy has more targets to reach it will not always go for us and we can attack him without electrifying us.

Such electric attack will be paralyzing at times, so we will be exposed to other subsequent attacks and we will have to quickly move the L button to get rid of such a state. The wyvern will also climb the trees to be charged with energy, after which it will be launched by us, so it is an indicator that we must be prepared to dodge.

The weak point of the Tobi-Kadachi is its tail, which usually attacks in turn, so directing our attacks there will be the best option. When it escapes it will do so quickly, so we will have to have it tracked and controlled to locate it more easily. It usually moves through the trees and in the interior areas of the forest, in addition to the tree crown (zone 14) mentioned above.

When we get to end it and resist its electrical attacks we will return to Astera and the head of botany will reward us. In addition, the garden tree will be released so we can grow some ingredients such as honey, herbs and more.

When we get to end it and resist its electrical attacks we will return to Astera and the head of botany will reward us. In addition, the garden tree will be released so we can grow some ingredients such as honey, herbs and more.

The invading Anjanath

Do you know that big monster in the shape of T-rex that walks through the woods and threatens us every time we go hunting around? Well now it will be our turn to face him, since we must ensure Astera as much as possible if we want to capture the great Zorah Magdaros. It goes without saying that we will need our best protection and weapon to defeat it.

Since the Anjanath uses fire attacks (in addition to the crushing bites and tail blows) we must use armor to protect us against such an element if we want to avoid finishing scorched. The ideal of the current options are those of Bone and Hunter improved , since the base have little defense. It is also very necessary to be equipped with all possible megapoons , as well as others such as “maximum potion” that increase the totality of our health bar. After visiting the forge and equipping ourselves with everything necessary, we will talk to the person in charge and we can start.

Soon we will find his fingerprints and if we already have it registered beforehand it will be very easy to detect. The best thing to do is go out in the north-west camp and look for the north area. As soon as we see the kinematics, we can summon other hunters through the flares, something advisable given the dangerousness of the monster that we face, in addition to diversifying its objectives so that it does not focus all the attacks on our person.

Whether help arrives or not, when we start the hunt we must avoid hitting us as much as possible, because despite the armor one of his accurate shots will be devastating. It will attack us with powerful thrusts, with bites, claws and tail.

When we spend a while attacking him he will take out all his artillery. You will get a kind of fins and use your firepower to throw flames that will singe us if they hit us right. If that happens, we must roll on the ground immediately to turn off (L + X).

Its weakest parts are the head and said fins that come out from time to time. We must take advantage of these moments to attack him, even if he increases the danger due to his fire attacks. Healing us at all times and making sure that we are far enough away to do so without being caught in the middle of the potion swallow and sharpening the weapons when required.

When it begins to limp it will be the indication that the battle is near its end. We follow him to what appears to be his lair, in an elevated area of ​​trees and enjoy the convenient intervention that will help us to end the life of the fearsome Anjanath. Do not forget to collect their parts, as they will be very useful to create Anja armor of rarity 3, great protection and fire resistance.

One to Make History in Monster Hunter World

“When dawn arrives, we will try what nobody dared to try: Capture an old dragon! Get ready and go there and let the Blue Star guide us all. ” That’s right, the time has come for all the hunters to wait: to capture that great mountain of fire that destroyed the ship at the beginning of the adventure and from which we escaped by the hair.

When we are ready we go up to the canteen to talk to the person in charge and after equipping ourselves with megapoques, leaving us the armor with resistance to fire and other tools that we think can be used, we started this impressive mission. Let’s go for Zorah Magdaros!

When appearing in the Desfiladero we will leave a kinematics in which they explain the plan to us, beginning at dawn. After that, we will have to take action. There are a series of ballistans and canyons scattered around the cliffs. To obtain the arrows and balls of ammunition we will have to look at our backs, they are distributed in several boxes. The ballista is more useful as it has more mobility and ease of recharging, but you can use any.

After a while of attacking it to weaken it, being the point where we most damage the head, the captain will indicate that we should look for and use the ciñebalistas, located on top of the cliff in which we are. We can go for them or let our colleagues do it. Several Barnos will roam the area, so we can kill them if we want them to stop bothering or get their dragonborn remains.

When the Zorah destroys the 1st barrier we must move, so we will have to climb up to the dracoalado hitch post , located in the upper left part of the rocky area where we are, to engage a dracoalado and fly to Magdaros itself.

Once there, we must look for magma cores in the shell of Zorah, since it deals with the weak points to exhaust the beast. The first one we find is the central one, distinguished by having a triangular shape and with glowing fire. We must attack it and dodge the moments when it releases magma. If you reach us we will have to shoot to shut ourselves off and heal us in case of need.

In total there are 3 cores, this mentioned from the center, another in the lower part that we can reach by going down to the point and entering a kind of cavity and a third in the top. Even so, when we finish with a couple of them we will skip a kinematics in which we will automatically climb with a dracoalado to the carapace of the great dragon.

Our mission up there will be to repel a dragon monster with spikes: Nergigante. We should not end it, just attack it with caution and avoid its powerful attacks until enough time passes for our companions to come to our aid. After a while of enduring battle a hunter of the 1st will come to help, thus jumping a kinematics and finishing the mission. We still do not have Zorah Magdaros, but it has undoubtedly been an epic and interesting mission.

Expedition in the Coral Highlands Monster Hunter World

After speaking with the manager, we have to return to the Great Gorge to make an expedition in the great crater left by the old dragon. Once there we follow our companion in the ascent to the top, in search of a better location. We will find a beautiful valley, but soon a flying monster will make us fall and we will lose consciousness.

When we recover it, we will appear in a mysterious base and we will soon discover that this is where the third fleet that has disappeared until now is located. After telling them about our mission they decide to help and we gain control again to move freely through this new base.

Our new mission will be an expedition through this new territory: Coral Plains , to establish a camp and to end the beast that prowls and threatens the area. When we reach the southern camp of the Coral Plains, we advance to the edge and let ourselves fall.

Once down we move on the right side and follow the trail of old tracks. As soon as we find a group of Shamos on top and climb the plateau to reach them we will find our prey, the Tzitzi-Ya-Ku . It is a kind of violet velociraptor whose main attack is to throw flashes that will blind us and disable us for a few moments . Even so, this attack has a loading time and as soon as we see him open the fins on both sides of his head we will know that it is time to stand behind him or attack him so that he does not reach us. As is logical, his most vulnerable part and where more damage we will do when hitting is the head.

It will also attack us with its strong legs and bites, but if we go with a good suit of armor it will not do us too much damage. We dodge and attack until he fled to a nearby area, on the road we came. We follow him and continue without giving him a break until we start to see him tired and limping back to his lair, protected by some Shamos . There we take advantage to finally finish him.

After that (or perhaps during the fight) the Warden will tell us that he has advanced in the expedition and is looking for a place to set up camp. We will be marked on the map, in the north zone, labeled as ” northeast camp “. On the way there and guiding us by the lafarillos if we lose the trail, take the opportunity to collect all possible materials, since in this new area there will be many exclusive coral bones or pearls.

As soon as we find the place to place the new camp , crawling through an opening in the coral wall to access it, the Warden will inform us that we can return to the research base. We can return by the quick trip of the map to the south camp where she is to automatically return to the base and give the expedition finished. 

Paolumu Monster Hunter World

To continue with the story we must return to the Coraline Highlands and finish with that flying monster that we may have already crossed in our previous expeditions. With its materials we will help the aerial engineer of the base. When we are ready we go to the indicated area, in either of the two camps.

The person in charge will give us the advice that Paolumu apparently feeds on the eggs of monsters near the great coral (that central area with pink corals, in area 5 ). We go there and inspect the tracks and old feathers that are on the ground to gather enough clues to find our target or advance to the center of the coral zone so that we skip the battle kinematics.

Being an aerial monster, the ideal is to have a weapon with such characteristics . Whether it is the glaive insect or some crossbow or bow, it will always be recommended to one that only has ground handling and short range.

The Paolumu will attack us through the air that accumulates in his body . At the beginning it will not inflate, but it will snort and with that it will daze us or cause us to fallif we were carrying out an air attack. It will take advantage of that moment in which we are on the ground to hit us with its strong tail or give us a bit. Therefore, we must get up quickly as soon as we lie down.

Later it will inflate the part of its head and with it it will move quickly and will attack us . We must be faster and dodge it, still attacking him. Its weakest point is the face, although it will also be advisable to go for its tail to get cut and that can not attack us with it.

When he flee he will do it by air and we will not be able to follow his path, but it is easy to see where he lands and if we get lost we will always have the map to follow the trail. As we attack him we will see how his apparently smooth fur is peeling, while his wings begin to have holes.

In the last phase he will fly to his lair , at which time we should not lower our guard because although he is tired he will also attack with fierceness. As soon as we finish with him and collect his materials we will return to the base and we will have everything ready to build the airplane and continue with the main mission.

Go to the Rotten Valley on a flying ship Monster Hunter

When we are ready to descend to the mysterious Rotten Valley we must speak with the Master of the 3rd Fleet at the base. At the beginning and after the cinematic in which we learn that “if life gives you lemons, fire them!”, We will have the camp assembled and we can go out and explore the area.

Our mission will be to investigate the area of ​​the Rotten Valley and detect the monster that until a few moments ago was blocking our space: the Great Girros . Only when descending we will find a trail of strange furrows and if we continue to the right a cinematic jump in which we will be surprised by a fearsome monster called Radobaan.

It is a brutal wyvern covered with a bone armor. Despite this aspect so resistant, yes it is we do not deny it, we will have to go attacking the different horns and parts of the shell to break them and expose the body of the monster . Therefore, initially we will not inflict practically every damage, although we will see that much more often than in other monsters the indicative that “we have taken a part” will be released. With this they refer to those pieces of bone that will give us a free way to access their softer parts.

The Radobaan will attack us by kicking and rolling until hitting us in the form of a ball . Therefore, we can center our attacks on the tail to cut it and thus avoid part of its attacks. We will have to dodge when it becomes a ball and watch in the moments when it shouts or releases a kind of vapor around it, since it will stun us.

When he fled he will go to his lair, a pit of bones and death where he will go underground and when he leaves, he will have completely recovered his bone armor. We must have patience and repeat the process of eliminating it in parts until it reaches its softest flesh.

Also, since his armor is very hard and resistant, our weapon will suffer and we will sharpen it very often . Beware of doing so, because even if you are in the other part of the area you can get to us rolling at high speed.

As soon as we finish with him we will be ready to continue with the mission, based now on seeing the Great Girros – as if we had not had enough with a great monster.

We advance to the center of the map and descend to find an area 6 “underground” – or at least below the rest of the map – in which there will be strange vapors that will affect us and diminish the totality of our life bar . To heal ourselves we must stop breathing them for a while or consume a curibaya . They are only found in some sections, so we have to move fast if we do not want the negative effects to affect us.

Here we will find several Girros – a species of large lizards – and some Raphino (the fliers) and if we advance further we will find our main prey: the Great Girros . It is a mixture of lizard, snake and panther (for the sounds it produces and its dark color). Our current mission is not to end it, just to see it and return to the camp, but we can do it to obtain their corresponding materials and experience.

Since we are in a dangerous area because of the vapors that often occur, we must be careful not to be in the most affected areas for a long time, although normally the enemy will attack us in a zone where gas is not directly available.

The Great Girros will be launched against us and will roll on the ground to hit us with the whole body . We dodge it and attack it preferably in the head, where more damage will be received. It is a very fast monster and will also throw us some electric balls that will paralyze us and we will stay a few instants without being able to move.

When we do enough damage and flee to the area where we have passed a few moments ago, also full of gas and surrounded by other minor girros. We attack him and dodge his electric attacks and blows until he fled to a higher area, where he will try to rest and it will be our chance to finish him off.

As soon as we do and collect their materials we can return to the camp, talk to the person in charge and give the expedition finished, after which there will be a kinematics in which we will meet a friend.

Legiana, the Elegant Hunter Monster

When we want to continue with the main mission we will have to speak with the teacher of the 3rd fleet, who will indicate us that we will try to find the trace of Zorah Magdaros from the air.

When you get there, a kinematics will start and we’ll see how Legiana, an ice dragon that roams the Coraline Highlands , will make things difficult for us and will not let us descend to the depths of the Rotten Valley. Therefore, we will have to eliminate it.

We return to the base and start the new mission: Legiana, the elegant hunter. When you get back to the Coraline Highlands do not forget to take an important trunk object from the camp: flash capsule, which we will shoot with the sling and it will serve to stun the dragon and make it fall.

To find it we have to reach area 12, located on the east of the map, climbing some vines on the high wall in the wide area that is there. When climbing, we will see a little higher and in front of the beautiful Legiana, a dragon who will use her ice power to freeze us and make our adrenaline bar rise much more slowly.

In spite of being a flying being, it will remain for a good part of the time on land, so we can use any type of weapon to hunt it. A good idea if we see that it seems too powerful for us is to call a friend who has different abilities than ours, combining, for example, a large hammer with a glaive insect or a crossbow that attacks from the air or at a distance. If not, we can also use the blinding flash capsules and shoot them with the sling to make it fall.

We must watch with their frozen attacks, their bites and tail blows, because if they reach us they will hurt us a lot. We focus on attacking the area of ​​the head, because in addition to doing more damage we can break the two long horns that has. It will also release scales if we hit the body and it will weaken if we go for the wings.

As soon as it runs away it will normally go down, the area we climbed up. There you will have more room to maneuver but we also have to dodge. In the last phase of the battle it will rise to the top, where it has its nest, and we will have to follow it to finish with the queen of the Coraline Highlands.

Fly to the bottom of the Rotten Valley Monster Hunter World

When finishing with Legiana and therefore with the impediment that did not allow us to descend to the depths of the Valley , the path will be free to try again. As soon as we’re ready, we just have to talk to the teacher of the third fleet.

We will descend to the deepest of the rotten Valley and we will have as mission to find the trail of Zorah Magdaros . We go down until we find a small mound of rock with lava that belongs to the great old dragon. We track it and continue down the road until the Warden joins us. What look like pretty lakes of water are actually puddles of acid, so be careful to touch them. We advance until we find a larger lava mountain, in which a kinematics will emerge and a monster will attack us.

We will return to the camp, so we can eat something to reinforce our stats, obtain new objects and, in general, prepare ourselves. When we are ready, we advance to the place from which we have just fled, to which the lafarillos will guide us, in area 13 of the map.

When the Odogaron arrives, he will flee, but we will be able to put an indicator to follow him or wait until he returns, since that is his lair. It is a very fast monster that will attack us with powerful bites and claws. If you reach us fully you can leave us in a state of bleeding, in which we must stop fighting and bend down (button X) to be able to recover before continuing the fight.

Its most vulnerable part is the head again, but we can also center our attacks on the tail to cut it off. We can use the environment for our benefit, like the paralysae that will paralyze the Odogaron if they reach it with their gas cloud and will give us an opportunity while the monster is still to attack it.

When he flee he will do so through the caverns to which we can not access, but he will leave through another nearby area or he will return to the one we are in. If you go to zone 8, we should be careful, since it is full of that gas that will weaken the stamina bar if we breathe it for a long time.

When the Odogaron is more weakened, it will begin to release steam over the head, at which point we should avoid direct contact, as it will do more damage than usual. In the last phase he will return to his lair and take advantage of the walls to climb and launch himself against us . We dodge it and keep attacking until finally ending with him.

Find a First wyverian and Fiery Throne over the Forest

To continue with the Orders of history we must return to the Original Forest and try to find one of those beings that we have probably already crossed in our adventure: a first wyverian .

To find his trail we will have to climb up to the trees of area 16, where we will cross with the person in charge and will accompany us to continue tracing the traces of our objective. When we get to the center of this area a kinematics will jump and the king of the area will appear: a Rathalos.

We will fall through the forest and below we will find who we were looking for: a first wyverian. This will inform us that before going for Zorah Magdaros we must finish with the Rathalos that walks through the area and with a Devil of the Wasteland. We start with the fire dragon of the forest. We can do it now or return to the base and prepare if, for example, we do not wear armor too resistant to the main attack of this monster fire.

When we are ready we will have to follow the trail until we find it, normally it is located at the top of the trees, although now that we have crossed paths with it we can simply mark it on the map and let ourselves be guided by the lafarillos. If we find it in the raised area 16 we can use a trick based on breaking the wall that contains the waterfall and letting the torrent of water hit and drag the fire dragon , causing much damage and throwing it down.

We follow him to the bottom, in the middle of the forest and we start the fight. The Rathalos is a very dangerous dragon, because in addition to the puffs of fire that exhale will also poison us, so we must go well assorted antidotes. If instead it sets us on fire, we will have to roll on the ground to shut ourselves off and prevent it from continuing to harm us.

In addition, you can throw us to the ground by flapping your wings and biting or scratching, so that together is a very powerful enemy. If we see that we can not with him we can launch flares of SOS and if not continue to persevere until cut off the tail, damage the head and wings or give off scales and horns.

When he is wounded he will flee through the forest and it will be a bit labyrinthine to find him. Even so, when he is really dying he will go to his nest in the top of the tree and there, when he is asleep, we can take advantage of the opportunity to plant an electric trap or a bomb to cause him great harm. When finally ending with him we must return to Astera to continue with the next mission.

Tirano Horned under the sand in Monster Hunter World

Now we must return to the Waste of Needles to end the great monster that dominates the area: the Devils, as the first wyverian has sent us so if we want to follow the trail of Zorah Magdaros and be prepared for it.

We will find the Devils in zone 8 to the northeast of quicksand , starting the battle as soon as we get there after a kinematics in which we will fall to the lower cave. We must wear a very strong armor , since the blows of the sand dragon will reduce our life very severely.

Their attacks are based on powerful attacks with the horns that crown the head and lashes with the tail of rock that will make us fly through the air. In addition, those blows can stun us, moment that the Devils will take advantage of to attack again against us.

Its star attack is based on getting under the sand of the ground and reaching our position very quickly, emerging and damaging everything on the surface. We will have to dodge it at all costs and watch if at that moment we are curing or sharpening the weapon – which will often wear out due to the harshness of the enemy.

Most of the battle will take place in the underground cave, the most dangerous place because it has less room for maneuver. Later it will surface and there we will have more space to attack and dodge, although we warn you that in spite of the unevenness the Devils will have access to a high or low area if it is underground.

We can break his horns and tail to weaken him, until his attacks become more clumsy and flee back to his underground lair , an indication that he has little life left and we can finish him off.

As soon as we get it we will complete the two missions that the first wyverian sent us and we will be able to return with him to give us vital information about the whereabouts of the ancient dragon Zorah Magdaros.

A Colossal Task Monster Hunter World

An important point in the plot arrives, trying to direct to the sea the great old dragon Zorah Magdaros . The operation will begin in the Eternal Torrent and we will have to force it to go towards the ocean to avoid that its death and giant explosion ends with the whole area.

Do you remember the first capture mission of Zorah Magdaros? Basically it is the same process but inverted. At first we will appear flying with the help of a dracoalado that will leave us in the shell of the Magdaros. There we will have to destroy their nuclei once more, watching in the moments in which the lava explodes and rolling on the ground in case of being burned.

When we have destroyed one and go to the next, we will be warned that the fearsome Nergigante has returned. Again our task will be to repel him, not to finish him (yet). We can also flee and let our colleagues weaken it, it will not have repercussion in the mission to do one or another thing.

As soon as he leaves the Zorah will get back in position and the nuclei will be activated again, having to continue weakening them. After a while a dracoalado will pick us up automatically and take us to the barricade.

From there we will have to shoot as we did once the great old dragon by cannons and crossbows that we will have to load previously. Our Felyne and the other hunters will also load them, so we can wait for them to do it to activate them already loaded.

We have to continue firing until the commander warns us that the Dragon Slayer is ready. It is a large spear attached to the ship under the barricade. To go down we must go to the left end of the barricade and descend to the ship. There will be a lever that when activated will trigger the great weapon.

In the ship we can also launch a rope that catches and retains for a few moments the great dragon, besides having some cannons and crossbows. Even so, it will always be better to climb back to the barricade once the dragon slayer is fired.

We repeat the process until we weaken the Zorah Magdaros, moment that we will recognize by leaving a final cinematic. We will have fulfilled an important mission, but much remains to be done.

Invader of the Wasteland and Missions of high rank

After the great mission of Zorah Magdaros it will seem that at the base everything is peace and harmony. Even so, some strange readings denote that there has been a strange sighting in the Waste of Needles , so they send us to investigate the expedition.

If we go towards the wooded area (Area 2) towards the West, we will find and we will have to follow a trace of old toxic mucus. Does it sound? Indeed, it is a Pukei-Pukei,monster usual in the Ancient Forest.

If we continue looking for it we will finally find it in zone 3. We will have to hunt it and soon we will discover that it is stronger than normal, but nothing that we can not handle arrived at this point. We follow the same tactic as with other Pukeu-Pukei before and when we finish the Manager will make us return to the Astera base.

Then comes a crucial moment in the game, since we will unlock many new options based on the High Rank . From missions with 6 stars , distinguished by having an orange color instead of blue, to high rank armors, which are much better than normal ones.

Weapons will also have the top of the improvements tree unlocked and to get all the materials we need to forge the new team + we will have to embark on High Rank missions and go for monsters more powerful than their first versions.

With everything new offered, we will surely want to embark on new adventures as soon as possible and for that reason our mission will now be to look for the trace of a Strange Rathian in the different territories.

We recommend leaving expedition or doing optional missions in the Waste of Needles and in the Putrefacto Valley , for example, and look for scales and traces of our mysterious Rathian . A red bar (not yellow as usual) will fill up and when you go in half we will have to return to Astera to talk to the chief ecologist.

Keep in mind that to obtain new samples we must enter and leave the territory or update it to accept new missions, do not think you can find all the necessary clues of a single visit.

It is also possible that in our wanderings we find the fearsome Bazelgeuse , which we probably can not cope with yet. With that said and warned, when we get half the bar of tracks from the weird Rathian we will have to go to Astera to talk to the chief ecologist.

Happy Rose Monster Hunter World

As soon as we have gathered enough clues from the strange rathian and talked to the chief ecologist we can accept the “happy pink” mission, based on hunting down a fearsome High Rank Anjanath. We prepare ourselves conscientiously before we go there and when we are ready we accept the mission.

When arriving at the Wasteland the dracoalado that transports us will leave us halfway, in zone 3 . We will have a good reception, since our Anjanath is in that area. For that reason we will not have to trace it, but the task will not be simple, since immediately we will notice that the monster is much stronger than we remembered.

We can take advantage of the boils of the area to recover life and when the Anjanath flee and head to the desert it is very likely that other great monsters will appear with which to fight and weaken.

After a long fight we will get to finish with the Anjanath of High level and when obtaining its materials we look at that they take a “+”, indicating that they serve to create equipment of High Rank. Going back to Astera and talking to the chief ecologist will tell us that we need to gather more clues from the odd Rathian, so we’ll have to go back to any of the territories, be it expedition or optional mission, and keep gathering evidence until filling out the red investigation bar.

The old world in the New Monster Hunter World

When we have gathered enough evidence of the strange Rathian around the different territories and in different expeditions we can return to Astera to speak with the chief ecologist and later with the Commander and thereby activate this mission. As soon as we are ready for an important fight, we head to the Coraline Highlands, where the mysterious Rathian is supposed to be waiting for us.

We can not even land, since the Rathian Rosa will intercept us while we fly with the dracoalado, so it is important that we come with the previously enhanced attributes (through a good meal for example).

We started the battle and despite being a more powerful special subspecies their attacks will be the same as those of a conventional Rathian. Therefore, we must face in the same way, combining air attacks with land, going well assorted antidotes, megapociones and rations and any potion that helps us improve our basic attributes.

In addition, we can count on the help of the felines of the area that we have helped previously, such as the instrumental ones or let the Rathian face other monsters that walk through the Coraline Highlands to help us weaken our prey.

As soon as we finish with her we pick up her materials, Rathian Rosa + specials , and we return to Astera, where an interesting visit and a new adventure awaits us.

Go to the Eternal Stream and Expedition through the Bed of the Elders

After meeting the Admiral in Astera, we will go next to the Manager to a new area: the Eternal Torrent . We will discover that it is an area that Zorah Magdaros left open when she made a hole when she fled towards the sea.

It is a series of exciting caverns full of lava and precious crystals, also known as Lecho de los Ancianos. After some kinematics the Admiral will inform us that we must accumulate clues and follow the trail of the fearsome Nergigante that we already met in the mission of Zorah Magdaros. The way of proceeding is similar to that of the pink Rathian, gathering clues in this territory and making expeditions until the research bar is filled and we can go talk to the chief ecologist.

In addition to collecting clues from the Nergigante, we will have to see all the monsters in the Bed of the Elders (number 3). We leave the northern end of the camp until we find a trail where the lafarillos are blue. Soon after moving forward we will have a cinematic and we will find the first big monster: the Uragaan.

At the moment it will not be necessary to finish it, so we can flee and continue the exploration. If we descend to the caverns of area 9 we will find one more, the Dodogama . Again we can distract ourselves and try to finish it or keep exploring.

If we continue down to areas 12 and 11, full of lava and where it will be so hot that we will need a cold drink to stand it, we will find the Lavasioth , the last creature we had to track.

If you want to end one of the three the most “simple” is the Dodogama, the kind of fat fire salamander that will load nitro fire in your mouth, spit on us and we can attack you just when you take it to hurt you. He will also try to crush us and whip us with the tail, but if we avoid his fiery attacks it should not be a great challenge.

As soon as we have gathered enough evidence of Nergigante remember, we must enter and leave to be updated and this time they are only in the Bed of Elders – we can return to Astera and talk to the chief ecologist, the Commander and the In charge to start a mission based on hunting.

A Wound and a Craving

Nergigante has been avoiding us for a long time, but now we have a clue as to his whereabouts. We know that he is in the Bed of the Elders and if we finish him we will have important information about the motive of the migration of the old dragons.

We will appear in lava zone 7 and we will have to follow the trail of blue horses until area 9 further north , from where a cinematic will emerge and the battle will begin. We already warned you, it will not be easy, so you better go well prepared.

The Nergigante is a very powerful old dragon whose skin is covered with horns and spikes. Therefore, it has a powerful armor that will be difficult to damage. Even so, when we get it we must focus on that area, since it has an impressive capacity for recovery and will regenerate very easily. We can cut the tail and damage the horns and scales of the body, although it will not make it easy for us.

His attacks are very powerful and surprisingly fast, so we must avoid them at all costs and calculate well when we can attack without being hit. He will do it with his tail, lashing out, biting and clawing.

If we see that we can not face it alone, the best option is to launch a help flare for other hunters and hunters to join us and together the task will be easier.

When he fled he will make it to his temporary lair, located to the north, at which time we can take advantage to plant bombs around him and wake him up from a peaceful nap. As soon as we finish with him we will automatically create a kinematics and after that we will return to Astera with a new multiple mission ahead.

Investigate the three Traces of Ancient Dragons

After defeating the Nergigante, they will propose a great and multiple mission. We must find and investigate the three traces that have appeared in the different territories belonging to ancient dragons.

To begin we must go to talk with the three leaders, the field team (investigate the Primordial Forest), the master hunter (he will play the Waste of Needles) and the Master of the 3rd fleet (will be responsible for the Coral Plains). We can start with the first two, since they are in Astera next to the commander and then go to speak with the Mestra in the Air Base.

After talking to the three of us, we obtain clues from each of the territories and where to find the clues that we must find through expeditions or optional missions. If we go to the Forest we have as a clue that the trail is in a “wide area”. The Waste of Needles will present more evidence “on sand and rock” and we will find the remains of the third dragon in the bottom of the Rotten Valley.

The key to this task is patience , since we will find only about 2 or 3 traces for each visit to the territory , so we will have to enter and leave to recharge the clues. In the Primitive Forest we will find the mysterious traces ( blue horseshoe ) in Area 1 and also in the tree that goes up to the Rathalos nest in the 16th . We can identify some of them as “old, faded indentations”. In area 6 further north we will find a strange Pukei-Pukei mucosa, also marked with blue lafarillos.

When we finally manage to complete the bar we will have to talk again with the chief ecologist in Astera and we can go hunting for the first of the three legendary dragons. He will inform us that his name is Kushala Daora, “The Tempest of the Wind”, an acquaintance of the Old World. We will have to speak with the leader of the field team and inform us that our prey is in the Bed of the Elders.

As for the trail taken in the Waste of the Needles, we will mainly see old footprints and ” trace of old scorched hair “, being a reddish color and located by the large area of ​​open desert of area 8 . The chief ecologist will tell us that it is the old dragon Teostra and it is as violent as it seems. They call him Emperor of Fire and The Unmatched. After speaking with the master hunter the mission will appear and we can go for him to the Bed of the Elders.

The last one, in the Putrefacto Valley, we will find it mainly in the underground cavern of area 12 (with bright blue acid lakes). They will be recognized as traces of old contaminated meat , a dark red color. When talking to the chief ecologist he will inform us that the third and last old dragon is called Vaal Hazak and warns us that it controls the effluvia of the Valley. After that we will have to talk to the teacher of the 3rd fleet to get more details.

Kushala Daora, Steel Dragon Monster Hunter World

You must prepare yourselves conscientiously for this battle, since it will be one of the hardest ones that you will face. You should wear one of the best armor of the game (Nergigante for example) to resist their attacks without dying. When we are ready and well provisioned with megapociones and all those objects that maximize our capabilities , such as seeds, armor, power, maximum potions and others. We headed to the east camp of the Bed of the Elders.

The Kushala Daora is a very powerful old dragon that will use the wind as its main attack, so it will often make us literally fly through the air and it will be difficult to get close to it and avoid its powerful whirlwinds.

In this hunt yes we strongly recommend launching a relief flare once the kinematics finished or take friends with us, because if we are your only goal and having a level of 14 hunter (probably) it will be an almost impossible task to finish with him alone.

Another advice to stop their air strikes that often make movement impossible , healing and not to mention attacking him, is to take flash capsules , passive paralysis weapons and other gadgets that help us to bring down the Kushala Daora and to stay still for a moment.

Their wings are literally steel , so at that point we will not cause much damage. We must focus on the head and tail -which we can tear off. Their attacks are very fast and lethal , so we recommend to heal often even if we have only reached once, as it is possible that we get caught in a whirlwind and we can not move or heal, when the dragon will take advantage to attack us .

If we manage to hurt him enough he will climb to the top of the map, in a circular area very dangerous for the type of attacks he produces, since the whirlwinds will start to make a centrifugal effect and if we are in the circle it will be difficult to escape from the strong air currents .

With great patience, probably several attempts and the help of other hunters and hunters , we will finally get to kill the great old dragon Kushala Daora and we can continue investigating the other two.

The Infernal Teostra Monster Hunter World

The next elder dragon we must face is the fearsome Teostra, known to be The Emperor of Fire. Obviously to carry such a name we can automatically deduce that his main attack will be fire, so we should be prepared to survive their flames. One of the best armors of resistance to fire is that of Zorah Magdaros , also that of Rathalos and Anjanath.

As for the weapon, it would be preferable one with great power and or one with the effect of ice or other different and to be able to be opposed to fire. In addition, we should carry well-filled pockets of recovery objects such as megapoons, power berries and armor, cold drinks (to withstand the heat) and any complementary weapon that occurs to us as mega-barrels of barrel, flash capsules and others. Do not forget to stop by the canteen and eat a good steak to enhance our basic characteristics.

When arriving at the bed of the Elders we will have to advance until area 12 , the lava cave, where a new zone will have been opened and the fearsome Teostra will be waiting for us. It has the appearance of a great lion of fire with scales and wings of a dragon , something similar to an infernal chimera.

Their attacks will combine physically- claws, bites, lashes and thrusts-with the distance provided by their igneous power. It will throw flames and at a certain point its skin will be surrounded by fire, so if we do not wear adequate protection we will end up burning every time we approach. When this happens we will have to roll on the ground to turn off immediately.

The Teostra has an especially powerful attack that will charge for a few moments and explode around it , probably killing us if we are close to it. When we see that it stays still and charges energy we will have to move away to protect ourselves. We will also have to watch when we release masses of magma in the ground, which will burn us if we touch them and explode after a while.

It does not have a particularly hard skin, so we can damage both the wings and the tail and head , always careful to dodge their attacks. We remember once again that if we see that we can not against him alone we can ask for help with the flares to unknown players or call our hunter friends.

In the last phase he will flee to his lair in area 13 , where he will go to sleep and we can take advantage of the opportunity to plant a mega-barrel pump near his head. Little more except to wish you luck and congratulate you if you can kill this great old dragon. In doing so, we will be ready to finish with the third and (almost) last.

Vaal Hazak, Infernal Monster

After defeating the other two old dragons (or maybe we want to start with this), we must go to the Putrefacto Valley to find it. This dragon has the power to control the effluvium, that is, it will attack us with acid.

Therefore we must wear a very strong and important armor: Curibayas for when he reaches us with his power. In addition, carry all other recommended objects beforehand (megapoons, armor and power berries, maximum potions, megapumps, etc.) to ensure we can adequately protect ourselves. Do not forget to go to the canteen to eat to reinforce your attributes.

This ancient dragon could have come out perfectly from Resident Evil, because when we find it in the deepest area of ​​the putrefied vale, the acid caverns, a kinematics will emerge in which we will see it emerge from a mountain of corpses and its appearance will not be better than theirs It will be in the new area open for battle, the 16th, and shortly after attacking it it will go towards the rest of the caverns, although without moving much beyond the depths.

He will attack us mainly by vomiting acid, which is not difficult to avoid if we look at the moment he is going to do it, sweeping the area from one side to the other . If we are close to him we can also avoid him, although sometimes he will throw the jet upwards so that it will rain on us.

In case of being poisoned we must eat immediately a blue curibaya to recover the usual size of our life bar. It will also attack us with bites and thumps , although this Vaal Hazak in particular did not cost us as much as the other two (at least to us).

Even so, we remember once more the usefulness of the aid flares and the assistance of our hunter friends in case of need. Anyway, when you finish with this third dragon we will enter the last phase of the game.

Land of convergence Monster Hunter World

After defeating the three old dragons we will return to Astera and we will meet the Admiral and our beloved Charge. Both will congratulate us and the master hunter will propose a mysterious and dangerous mission in a place where the energy is concentrating. After preparing for the unknown by restoring the items we have spent and eating a special Menu of the Chef in the canteen, we can talk to the person in charge to start the mission.

Once in the place of the special mission, of 9 stars, we will meet the wyverian hunter, with whom we will have to speak to begin the task that according to the Admiral “has no turning back”.

After a cinematic in which we discover a great nucleus of energy, we will meet the most fearsome dragon of Monster Hunter World. Although we do not know his name and this one appears with “???”, what we know for sure is that it will not be a simple battle.

The old dragon will attack us with the power of the crystal, using jets of energy that will hurt us enough to reach us. It has different ways of attacking, one of them being the release of three or four jets covering the right and center left. This we can dodge if we are far enough to see it arrive or so close that it does not reach us. Another attack will be a powerful jet of straight energy , which, if it hits us, could kill us.

Being in the cave where we appear in the first phase of the combat we can break the stalactites that hang from the ceiling so that they fall on top of it as a “rock trap”. We also remember the possibility – and in this case quite a need – to ask for help by flares or invitations to hunting friends , since a crossbow with the paralyzing effect that attacks from a distance can come in handy.

We must also bear in mind that its most vulnerable parts are the illuminated, so we must focus our attacks there. We can cut the tail (be careful with its tail), destroy the wings and remove several scales from the back. In the head we will also cause him enough damage and when he gets on two legs he will leave the chest free , where his weakest point is presented.

When the battle advances we will see how it loads energy, moment in which we must flee, since it will make a sort of “ulti” in which the energy will explode around it and to trap us close will faint us instantly.

Another of his attacks is fire. It will throw magma plates on the ground that will burn us if we touch them. Something dangerous may be that we are burning and a slap makes us be in shock, so we can not move and take advantage to finish. At times when you use your igneous attack it is advisable to attack and approach very carefully.

Another type of attack will be when it starts to fly and from there it sends us energy attacks. At that time it will be difficult to reach, but it can mean the moment in which you travel to another level of the stage, which we will automatically follow with dracoalados.

Little more to add, unless you bring with you good weapons and protection and to be a good team of veteran hunters to help you. After defeating the magnificent old dragon we will return to Astera to see the final scenes and baptize who we have just defeated: Xeno’jiiva . After that the credits will come out and you can continue playing at will Monster Hunter: World. Congratulations for completing it!

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