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Monster Hunter World Wyverns Swimmers and Flyers

We continue with the monster hunting guide of Monster Hunter World after the previous one focused on the largest group of all, the terrestrial Wyverns. On this occasion we bring you the swimmers / aquatics and the fliers. Let’s keep hunting together!

Monster Hunter World Wyverns Swimmers and Flyers

Monster Hunter World Wyverns Swimmers and Flyers

Wyverns swimmers in Monster Hunter World

The Wyverns swimmers are an exception within the game. They are aquatic and one of them, the Lavasioth, does not even live in the water. However, because of its shape and ancestor, we have placed it here.


The first Wyvern swimmer on the list, if not the only one. Hopefully we put some more through DLC. Its habitat is the swamps of the Waste of Needles, and it uses mud to capture its prey. If we get into the mud, our character will be reduced mobility. He often seeks a fight with the Barroth, and it can be problematic to confront him within his element.

Like the Barroth, this monster presents two states, covered in mud and normal. In its muddy state it will not be affected by fire, but by water. The lightning element will be very effective in its normal state, and it is advisable to face it. It is very weak against stunning. It is not a monster too complicated, but it will hit hard in the early stages of the game.


The Lavasioth is the cousin of the New World of Plesioth, an old acquaintance of the saga. It works just like a relative, but with a very hard shell and fire type attacks. It is not aquatic proper, since its habitat is lava from the volcano of the Lecho de los Ancianos. It will attack with everything, and we will not only have to worry about it, but also about the terrain itself. At the beginning, use cold drink to counteract the heat, but a resistance to fire is key against it: both its blows and the volcano itself will hurt us with fire. It is a constant headache. In addition, it usually joins the local fauna, such as Dodogama or Uragaan, even with the Celestial Rathalos.

As happened with monsters like the Barroth, the Lavasioth has two forms: the normal and the “hardened”. In both forms the water element is weak, although it is true that in the second it does not affect it as much. The fire is totally discarded, although in its hard form it will do some damage. The poison affects him very much, and the paralysis and the nitro will serve against him. The biggest problem is its high resistance, great movement and use of the environment. Be prepared.

Flying Wyverns in Monster Hunter World

Flying type wyverns are a group not as numerous as terrestrial ones, but with a large number of members. There are some fearsome and others more affordable, but they all have something in common: they will torment us from heaven.


A chameleonic bird that can give us more of a problem due to its toxins. It is usually moved through the Primordial Forest, although in high rank it appears in the Waste of Needles. It is not too complicated a prey. Its tail can easily break and is especially weak to lightning, besides being greatly affected by paralysis and sleep. As we say, it is a fairly simple prey.

Rathian and Rathian Rosa

A classic among classics. If you have played more installments of the saga, you will know them first-hand. They usually move through the Primitive Forest and the Waste of Needles. They are the females of the Rathalos, and their biggest obstacle is the poisonous attack with the tail, which can be cut to eliminate this effect. One recommendation is to take flash capsule for the sling, being able to throw the wyvern when it is flying, as well as, of course, antidotes. The variety “pink” is somewhat harder than the normal Rathian, so the weapon will bounce on numerous occasions, especially in the hindquarters of the animal.

It is very weak before draco element and stunning. As for weapons you can use the one you like the most, but a katana will make the path much easier since it facilitates cutting the tail of the animal.


This wyvern moves through the Coraline Highlands. It looks a lot like a bat and usually has its territorial wars with the Legian or the Tzitzi-Ya-Ku. The biggest problem this creature can cause is its constant flights, something that can be solved with flash capsules of the sling. For the rest, it’s a pretty simple monster to face. At certain times the Paolumu will swell. Hit your airbags to leave it at the mercy of your attacks for a moment.

It is very weak to fire, and the water will not affect it. As for the altered states all have nicked, especially stun and nitro. It will not cost you too much.


As for the Legian, we are talking about a complicated dragon that moves through the Coraline Highlands. It is fast, it is strong and its attacks with ice are devastating. Like all flying monster, the flash capsules will be of great help. We recommend a weapon that gives you mobility, get food with the elemental resistance and the use of curibayas to face the freezing state. The Legian can be a real headache, especially in the high range, and if we are frozen, it will wreak havoc.

He is very weak to lightning and fire also affects him, besides being easily poisoned. The other altered states are also effective. The primordial against this creature is the mobility of the hunter.

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Rathalos and Rathalos Celeste

The male of the Rathian is an old acquaintance of the saga (I love it specifically) and usually moves through the Primal Forest, although we can find it in other areas according to the occasion. In this installment the Rathalos moves much more and tends to fly a lot, being a truly tedious monster to kill if we do not carry weapons at a distance or use flash capsule. In addition to his attacks with fire, he can poison us, and his poisonous attack is not eliminated by cutting off his tail, as happened with Rathian. As for the use of weapons, anyone works correctly.

He is especially weak to draco and the ray also affects him. We do not have any altered state to which he is especially vulnerable, but we can stun him. It is a complicated monster in the first confrontations against him and the variety Celeste will always be a point of complication.

Devils and Black Devils

Other old acquaintances. Both move through the Waste of needles, and take advantage of any opportunity to attack from below. In high rank they are usually found together, and we do not recommend under any circumstances to face them in pairs. Throw a dung bomb to one to go and hunt them separately. A good point in favor are the great crags in the area: if we take the devils to hit them, the horns will get stuck, giving us a few seconds of perfect daze to hit them. Another strategy is the use of squeaky capsule. When they are underground they will be taken out of it and we will be able to hit them easily. Take special care with the Black Devils, who is really a very aggressive female. Their blows are devastating.

The tail of the devils can be cut very easily and all the weapons useful in their hunting, their choice depends on the hunter. It is easy to paralyze him and the ice element is especially weak, but fire does not affect him.


The Bazelgeuse is a real tank that moves around the map in high rank, from the Primitive Forest to the Bed of the Elders. It is totally armored, it flies, it resists a lot of damage and it attacks with devastating blows. In addition, it presents the attack “bomber”, where it flies over the area and drops its “bulbs”, which function as a bomb. As always, as a good flying monster, the flash capsules will be a great resource against him. As for the weapons used, you can use the one you like the most, but keep this in mind: during its “rabid” form, the bombs it releases explode very quickly. If you do not have an armor that can withstand the damage well, it can kill you with great ease. The recommendation is to hunt it from a distance or with a weapon that allows you to dodge fast, like the dual ones.

It is very weak to lightning, and altered states such as poison or paralysis will make a dent, but not too much. It will be an intense and long fight, but with patience and potions will not resist.

And so far this part of the guide. In the following one we will finish with all the fauna of Monster Hunter World: we have left for the end the strong plate, the powerful Elder Dragons. We hope that it will help you to hunt your prey and, of course, to remind you that you can ask us what you want in the comments and we will try to solve your doubts.

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