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The New Clash Royale Card Better Decks with Pillos

We have a new card in Clash Royale called the Pillos with a set of very unruly units that are going to make things very complicated to all the adversaries due to their mischief. We tell you everything you need to know about this new letter for Clash Royale.

Clash Royale continues to be renewed with new combat units from which you can take advantage to create new decks and also to end the strategies of all opponents. Now the Pillos are released in Clash Royale, a card that hides two units in the form of a tank and a double attack unit in medium and long distance, which will put the defenses of the rivals on their toes.

Better decks with Pillos, the new Clash Royale card

The New Clash Royale Card Better Decks with Pillos

The new card of the Pillo in Clash Royale comes to change the strategies of the players, and for this they must know their characteristics and also how to use it to take advantage. That is why through this guide we will not only talk about the statistics of the card, but also some decks that will come very well to put into practice.

What is the Pillos card?

It is a letter that hides two units that complement each other. On the one hand there is the boy who acts as a tank and who has a sword, ideal to clear the way and protect the units. And on the other hand, she has two girls behind her with a slingshot that throws gum, and who act as archers at medium distances.

What are the statistics of the Pillos card?

Although at first it was thought that it would cost 3 elixir, finally there are five:

  • Health of the boy at level 1 (755) and at level 13 (2332)
  • Damage of the boy at level 1 (52) and at level 13 (160)
  • Damage per second of the boy at level 1 (4) and at level 13 (at 123)
  • Health of girls at level 1 (102) and at level 47 (2332)
  • Damage to girls at level 1 (47) and level 13 (160)
  • Damage per second of girls at level 1 (47) and level 13 (145).

As you can see, we are talking about a letter that can provide us with cheap combos, so the idea is to take advantage of it to assemble some good guarantee bundles without wasting a lot. Although there are no other cards that can be assimilated to a large extent, yes, to give you an idea, you can go in the line of archers with golem or archers with knight.

Some decks to take advantage of the new card of the Pillos?

These would be the best decks with the letter of the rogues in Clash Royale:

  • Mazo A: PILLOS – Magician – Prince – Download – Arrows – Skeletons – Ice Spirit – Tesla Tower

It is not expensive: 3.2 of elixir. It is the classic prince and giant mallet but this time we remove the giant and put the Pillos. The rest of the cards are worth to attack reinforcement and the tower for defense.

  • Mazo B: Montapuerco – Ball of Fire – Spirit of Ice – Skeletons – Tornado – PILLOS- Arrows – Barrel of Elves

It is a very cheap deck with 3 elixir and by placing the Pillos in this way we can tank both the hoopoe and the goblin barrel.

  • Mazo C: PILLOS – Megaesbirro – Bats – Minipekka – Magician – Fireball – Arrows – Download

A little more expensive: 3.5 elixir. Created with a good balance between all the units and giving prominence to this card of the Pillos so that you see it well in operation.

With this guide of the new card of the Pillos in Clash Royale you already know its highlights and some decks for you to start to try it successfully.

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