New Games With Gold August 2017 and Free Games For Xbox One Users

New Games With Gold August 2017.There are many advantages for subscribers of Xbox live. One of these is access to free games each month across both Xbox 360 and Xbox one platforms. Xbox one owners enjoy games for Xbox 360 under backwards compatibility option.For enjoying new games with Gold August 2017 here is the detail of your interest. This is the greatest way in which you can enjoy and try games that you might not play otherwise and that you might not even think of trying and that are still worth trying. They are indie titles which slip under radar of subscribers or just because these are costly and not everyone is interested in spending for a trial each month. Even when there is not enough console memory and even if spare time is not available to you, it is still a worth using option that you can enjoy each month. Free access for games is a crazy thing that saves money and can be accessed by having Live Xbox account that is active. This is however a monthly event and we have created a 1 stop place where you can find the latest free games. You can also scroll to games available in the back times to check games featured during previous months.

Following are the games to be offered free by Microsoft during August, 2017.

Free Games For Xbox One Users

These new games with Gold August 2017 include Slime Rancher and trials Fusion.

Slime rancher will be offered from 1st of August to 31st of August. This game tells story of the Beatrix Le Beau who is a rancher going to live in a fat range. She will learn wrangling slimes as compared to cattle. It is a challenge to leave the earth but she she needs to do this and learns use of vac pacs & jet packs.

Trials Fusion will be announced from 16th of August to 15th of September. This is for bike lovers and is based on the previous games. This is the 5th installment where players are the motorcyclists where they will be experiencing physical controls. There are multiple tracks & courses to ride on with varying obstacles where tricks will be important along with need for stunts as game progresses.It can be played with playing online or career mode.

Free Games For Xbox 360 Users

New games with Gold August 2017 are also for Xbox 360 users. These include Bayonetta and red faction.

Bayonetta will be available from August 1st till August 15th. It is classified as a hack & slash game that has much more to offer. Delightfully this stylish game is top chart and characterizes role of eponymous witch. The witch uses magic with many other insane weapons to arrange defeat for her enemies. It is a critically acclaimed game that is a good playing choice.

Armageddon or red Faction will be available from 16th to 31st August. This game is about 3rd person shooting tasks for saving of Mars from the destruction caused after duration of 50 years. It can be enjoyed in single player mode you can coordinate with your online friends for saving Mars with a destructive fun enjoyment.

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