Next Free Xbox 360 Game to Enjoy-Free Games With Gold

Next Free Xbox 360 Game to Enjoy. Xbox has decided to offer themed games that are free for both Xbox one and Xbox 360 users. Every month more than one games are announced by Xbox for its subscribers. Games cost money and these free games are best way for avoiding payment of any sum to try new games. If you see the back record of Xbox, they have been offering free games during June, May and previous months as well. If you want to avoid payment of any sum and are interested in enjoying free versions of these games, be an active member of Xbox. With each passing month, games offered are also getting advanced. Current month includes games like Red faction and Bayonetta that are all ready to get you set for new adventures.These games are free only if you have membership of Xbox Live.

Games for Xbox Subscribers With Live Gold Active Membership

Games for downloading during their offer period remain available for longer duration even after end of the offer period. This means that you can access next free Xbox 360 game for the month of August even after August ends. You just have to make sure that your membership of Xbox Gold is active. Games available at Xbox 360 can be accessed at Xbox one by backward compatibility. During the month of July 2017 Xbox offered 2 games for Xbox One and 2 games for Xbox 360 users. Grow up and Run bow were the games for Xbox one whereas Xbox 360 users seem to be happy with their Kane and Lanch-2 and Lego Pirates of the Caribbean. Like I mentioned above, these games are still accessible even after expiry of offer period. Just be an active member and benefits will rush to you.

Free Games during August-2017

During august, Xbox is aiming to offer 2 free games. As august is on the go one of these is already introduced and other one will hit charts from August 16.

Bayonetta next free Xbox game

This next free Xbox 360 game is for Xbox 360 users that is made available from August 01 and will last there for 15 days, ending on August 15, 2017. Bayonetta is the game by director of Devil may-cry. This is a stylish game for style lovers that are designed with absurd fights with boss. It features special moves during the entire game. There is a titular heroine who wears guns. She is wearing heels as well with naked strips revealing her power when she makes use of her powerful abilities.It is not explicit or pornographic but it is not subtle as well.

Red faction next free Xbox 360 game

Second one next free Xbox 360 game in the list is ref faction that will make its place from 16th of August to 31st of August, 2017. This game is about revolution Mars where you will blow-up & destroy ridiculous environment. Hidden gun is the unicorn that will fire lasers from butt.

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