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How to participate and Complete sims mobile family special events

How to participate and Complete sims mobile family special events. As in many games for mobile devices, The Sims Mobile has several daily events and special events that we can complete to get tickets, simoleons, special objects … With our guide on special events in The Sims Mobile , we explain how you can participate and how to complete them without problems.

How to participate and Complete sims mobile family special events

The special events of The Sims Mobile are developed in different areas of the world of our Sims. Once you start one of the special missions, you will have to interact with the environment until the progress bar is filled and you complete all the objectives. Once you get over it, do not hesitate to claim your reward by tapping on your Sim. 

It should be noted that there are many events in The Sims Mobile, some are associated with the professions or hobbies of our Sims, these are missions that occur by default in the game and have to do with the path we have chosen for our characters. They serve to raise our experience points, skills, ascend more quickly at work, gain friendships or get rewards. While, special events do not occur in our home or work, are in parks or other locations and have a limited duration.

How to participate in the special events of The Sims Mobile

First, to find special events in The Sims mobile, you have to access the “Missions” option on the right side of the screen of your iOS or Android device. Here, all the missions that are currently available in the EA game for mobile appear. Right at the top, you should see a tab with the name “Events” where you can find the special events that are taking place in The Sims Mobile .

As a general rule, you will have to pay a certain amount of simoleons to participate in the special event. Before paying, you can check what the event consists of and what prizes you can win. Once you have decided on what special event you are going to participate in, click on “Start” and go to the area where the event takes place to perform all the actions that will allow you to fill in your progress bar. For example, at the Music Festival in the Market Square, you will have to show that you have a great musical talent when playing an instrument. Once you complete it, you will get your precious reward.

We recommend that before going to the special event, check that your Sim is rested and with the energy bar to the maximum to avoid falling asleep in the middle of a masterful performance. Here is a list of special events that you will find in The Sims Mobile and the rewards you will get.

  • Exercise in training camp.
  • Music festival in the market square
  • Movies in the park
  • Quick appointments in the park
  • Street fair in the park
  • Art walk in the park

In all these special events you will get a reward: 1 luxury home ticket, 20 super home tickets, 25 home tickets and 75 XP.

Latest tips and tricks to recover energy in The Sims Mobile before the special event

We’ve already told you that it’s important that you get to special events with energy and well-charged batteries . If you have your exhausted Sim, go home, take a nap or take a bath. Another option is to return to the event a little later, but keep in mind its duration because time is limited. If you are more than eating, the cupcakes fully recover your energy, take advantage to buy a few before the special event or get them to complete the daily tasks. 

So here our guide on special events in The Sims Mobile, how to participate and how to complete them,  remember that if you have started playing the title of iOS and Android we have some tips that can come in handy .

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