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Play Station 5: We Estimate Characteristics, Price and Date of PS5

Play Station 5: We Estimate Characteristics, Price and Date of PS5. It’s still early to talk about PlayStation 5, the successor of PS4 … or maybe not, because according to analysts, Sony has prepared its release by the end of 2018. Let’s see what the new console can offer: technical features, games and date of launching.

The gamers are nonconformist by nature. PS4 PRO has only been on the market for a few months, Nintendo Switch went on sale last March 3, and the Xbox Scorpio features have just been announced, and yet we are already looking at a new generation of consoles, a new generation PlayStation 5.

And now it’s Sony’s turn. Although PS4 is the most sold console of the moment, the Japanese company cannot sit idly by.

To be the first to move file, I would have to announce the development of a new videogame hardware during the next months, or at least that is what comes from reports like the analyst Damian Thong, who studies the behavior of Asian markets.

Play Station 5 in 2018 according to analysts

Thong explains why 2018 could be a record year of benefits for Sony and the reasons it gives are very clear. Regarding the division of videogames, PlayStation, expects an increase in the sale of digital games and first party developments, particularly after the success of Horizon Zero Dawn. It is not a very risky assumption, considering that The Last of Us 2, God of War, Spider-Man, Days Gone … whose sales will have an impact in 2018 are already announced. We also expect new announcements in the next E3 2017.

But the most “sweet” part is that the report also mentions the continued success of PSVR and the fact that it is going to launch a “PS5 with more than 10 Teraflops of process power”. Keep in mind that Project Scorpio, with 6 teraflops, will already be able to show games in native 4K resolution and 60 FPS, and that is what PS4 PRO only gets in some titles, like Wipeout Omega Collection.

Power and technical characteristics

As for the power of the console, we do not have specific data. Shuhei Yoshida, the head of PlayStation, made a statement in 2016 saying it was possible that a PS5 would never appear. He meant that from PS4 PRO, could be adopted a system of new machines, with an improved architecture, that were appearing every so often, imitating the model of smartphones such as iPhone or Samsung Galaxy.

So, what to expect from the next model? Considering the capabilities of the current console and the penetration of the new 4K TVs, we can assume that it will be able to display games in UHD resolution (3840×2160) with HDR and at a rate of 60 FPS. But this is only a standard, the key will be in its new processor, the GPU unit, dedicated to graphics, and RAM.

PS4 already marked a way forward with the use of GDDR 5 memory, and it seems that a 2018 machine should have at least 16 GB. Of course, the bandwidth of the console is very important, so that there are no “bottlenecks” that limit the amount of information. It should be around 500 GB per second. The PS5 connection would again be HDMI 2.1 and digital optics for 7.1 surround sound.

Virtual reality PSVR 2.0

One of the advantages of extra power lies in the ability to move more powerful virtual reality devices. PSVR has already managed to gain a foothold in the market, but we hope to enjoy a version with more screen resolution, and more fluid movements. The supposed PS5 should be compatible with the original headset (with an improvement effect similar to that seen with PS4 PRO) but we also expect PSVR 2.0 to coincide with the arrival of the new console.

This implies that PlayStation 5 will have to have at least two USB ports and one input for PlayStation Camera. The virtual reality unit would no longer need the additional processor, which means saving space, cables and power. Next to the new device, it is necessary to include a wireless control system, following the path marked by the haptic controllers (by touch) of HTC Vive, for example.

Sony already included a touch panel on the front of the Dual Shock 4 and the back of PS Vita, although in conventional games have not been used as much as a virtual reality headset.

Physical format or games in the cloud

Sony has opted for the physical format in different areas of business, so it seems that it will not leave the Blu-Ray in 2018. For both the reproduction of movies and games, the new PlayStation 5 should use Blu-ray 4K discs. However, this is only an accessory measure (which would allow backward compatibility with all PS4 games). Most of the games will be downloaded in digital format, to an internal storage of a minimum of 2Tb capacity.

The machine, in the same way that has happened with PS4 after firmware update 4.50, would also be compatible with external hard drives, to increase the storage capacity in a simpler and cheaper way. Of course, we can move our PSN account to keep downloadable games and our profile, with the trophies that we have accumulated in the previous consoles, from PS3.

However, the main advances seem focused on cloud storage (which has already taken its first steps with the ability to save our profile data with PlayStation Plus) and streaming game. PS5 would be the perfect host to perfect the PlayStation Now game platform, with more current titles, along with the PSOne and PS2 game catalog.

Price of PS5 and release date

You cannot guarantee the price that a machine with these characteristics will have. In particular, because it will be affected by the international market, the production of components and the fact that the architecture takes advantage or not of processors of a third party that have been modified from those used in PC.

However, staying in the speculative terrain, it can be estimated that PS5 will have a price around 500 euros. If, as we mentioned above, it is an “update” of the hardware, according to Yoshida, it cannot be far from the cost of PS4 PRO (399 euros).

On the other hand, it must be maintained in a competitive figure, taking into account the competition. Project Scorpio of Microsoft will take a year in the market when the release of PS5 occurs according to analysts (at the end of 2018) and will have adjusted its price. Finally, the 500 euros are a psychological barrier for many buyers, and we must bear in mind that the market cannot assume the launch of so many consoles every year (in 2016 were NES Mini, Xbox One S and PS4 PRO, and in 2017 it is the turn of Switch and Scorpio, in addition to the rumored SNES Mini) if the price is too high.

First PlayStation PS5 games

The launch catalog of PS5 is unknown, but Sony’s first party studios are already immersed in games that we will see at the end of 2017 and in 2018, and will come prepared with improvements for PS4 PRO (and probably upgrades for PS5). This is the case of The Last of Us 2 (developed by Naughty Dog) God of War (Santa Monica Studios) or the last title of David Cage: Detroit Become Human.

In 2018 we can also enjoy Death Stranding, the game of Hideo Kojima, which features the participation of Norman Reedus, Guillermo del Toro and Mads Mikkelsen, and is the estimated date to enjoy Cyberpunk 2077 , a futuristic role-playing game of CD Projekt RED (the creators of the The Witcher saga).

Along with all these intergenerational titles, it is expected that PlayStation 5 has at least four AAA games at its launch (as happened to PS3 and PS4), and with the support of the “indie” developers, which are one of the main pillars on which Sony has relied on the present generation. The price of the games will be around 60 euros (the cost of development increases, but duplication and distribution are cheaper, due to the jump to digital format).

Again, we recall that this article is of a speculative nature, based on the behavior of the company in the previous generations of consoles and in the statements of analysts. In the next E3 2017 we could have news about the real work on PlayStation 5.

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