Register chests at Charca Chorreante in Fortnite BR, how to complete the challenge
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Register chests at Charca Chorreante in Fortnite BR, how to complete the challenge

The new challenge forces us to register chests in Charca Chorreante in Fortnite Battle Royale to obtain a new battle star, and this means that we must have a good time in one of the most complicated areas of the map.

Fortnite Battle Royale arrives at week 9 of season 4 and with it a new challenge to search for chests in a certain area of ​​the map, this time nothing less than Charca Chorreante, one of the most dangerous areas. It is a place with good resources but where you can easily lose the game of Fortnite, which can help you know in advance where most of the chests are.

That is why we offer you the location of all Charca Chorreante chests in Fortnite Battle Royale so that you can go directly for them, although you should be aware that other users also play, so the chest you have in mind could already be open. That is why it is important that you draw a good strategy with several chests in mind and trying not to go for obvious ones.

Register chests in Leaky Pond in Fortnite Battle Royale, how to complete the challenge.

Register chests at Charca Chorreante in Fortnite BR, how to complete the challenge

Then you have the map with the location of all the chests in Charca Chorreante in Fortnite, although after the same we also give you their situation in a descriptive way so that you do not have any doubt.

This would be the location of the chests that appear more regularly in Charca Chorreante, so they are a safe value:

  • You have one in the tree house in the middle of the swamp, near the prison. You have it in particular on the roof and you can reach it by climbing some stairs.
  • Another you have next to the giant tree in the southeast corner of the swamp. You can climb the column by going along the edge of this swamp and you can see it from there.
  • In a giant tree in the northern part of the swamp, next to a mound and near an overturned ice cream truck, you can pick up three chests.
  • When you go to the southeast corner of the swamp, you should look at the surrounding hills. You will see a hut in the middle of a meadow. In it, if you go down to the basement, you will find a chest by the stairs.
  • Another chest is found next to a large trunk directly south of the tree house. You have the chest on the south side.
  • In the overturned ice cream truck that we mentioned earlier, you can also find a chest.
  • Another of the chests that usually appear is always hidden behind the tree further north in the inland swamp. You will find it on the north side hidden from view.

The rest of the chests that you see marked on the map are usually quite random, so many of them could not appear in the game you are doing but could be in others.

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