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RL Trading Prices List 2019

Rocket league has become one of the most popular games among the youngsters. People love to play the game as it is thrilling, amazing as well as the best source to kill the spare time. In the beginning, the player has enough sources to proceed to next levels. However, as they proceed to the high stages they need special items to complete the levels. The players then have to buy some items like trade elements to cover up the level and to defeat the competitor.

RL Trading Prices List 2019

If you are interested to check that what is going to happen in the next level then it’s important to get the items. For those who want to check the RL trading prices list 2019 to buy the items then they are at the right platform. here you find the prices of both types of items which you want to buy on cash or buy through the keys. You get the prices for different consoles like XBOX, steam PC, Nintendo, and PS4. Whatever the source you are using for playing the game you get the trade items easily. Buy or sell your items to proceed in the game and enjoy playing the best game in the game world.

Types of items you can trade

The rocket league provides a variety of items you can buy to modify your cars, location as well as by the keys and crates.  You can trade the following items. The RL trading price list and the range is given below. You can follow the RL index to trade with different game players

Item Price range
Crates 0.04 to 1.25
Bodies 0.75 to 2.25
wheel 0.37 to 3.02
Antennas 0.13 to 0.27
Decals 0.07 to 0.74
Boosts 0.75 to 2.5
Goal explosions 0.75 to 2.48

Rlt prices index varies from time to time so the players who want to trade must first check the trade item range from the rlt index in order to have successful trading of items in the game. In order to have successful trading in Rocket league especially for the beginners, they must follow the rules and tips.

Find the trading of items in the main menu and first create the team. You can get different players for this purpose in the lobby. Hunt for those who want to trade the items. Don’t be in hassle. First look out the RL trading price list 2019 and then start exchanging the items. This is because experts may provide you some expire items. For example, crates are renewed from time to time. The old one has no use so never be in hurry in trading of old crates. They are of no value. You can check the RL trading price list 2019 for the new items as well.

During the trading process, you may find some annoying people. you must first filter out the bad ones and search for those who do not screw you up rather help you and show you the good stuff that is really valuable and help you in the game. Don’t settle for the items which you do not need its just wastage of your keys or cash.


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