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Rocket League Cross Platform Ps4 Pc

Rocket league game players know that they can play the game in various consoles like Pc, PS4, XBOX and Nintendo switch. They can play the game individually as well as play with their friends. Now if they want to play rocket league cross platform ps4 pc or with other consoles. They have a variety of option to share their gaming experience with their friends playing on other consoles. They can easily join them and play the combined match.

Rocket League Cross Platform Ps4 Pc

If you don’t know about the rocket league cross-platform then below there is given a concise guide about using the cross platform rock league game play. Follow the tips and get connected with your friends and play Rocket League cross-platform PS4 PC or with other consoles.

Cross-platform compatibility

In order to connect with your friends,it’s important to check your device is compatible with other or not. Check the guideline given below

  • Pc users can make cross-platform with all four sources that are PC, Nintendo, PS4, and XBOX.
  • PS4 player is not compatible with the XBOX and Nintendo switch
  • XBOX player cannot connect with PS4 player
  • Nintendo player also does not connect with PS4 players.

In order to play PS4 cross-platform with PC, the PS4 users will see the PC user through the icon “PSY NET and vice versa. In a similar way, different players can see the vehicles in different forms depending on the type of console they are using. For example, if PS4 players are using the sweet tooth then PC players will see it as Merc.

Although the players can play at cross-platform, the invoice chat feature is missing. In case if cross-platform players want to communicate they will not able to do so. In a similar way, the skins and other items vary according to the platform. The user can see the specific skin or item to their platform but may not able to show to other team members.

How to play cross platform rocket, league?

To enjoy the Rocket League cross-platform PS4 PC, the users have to follow the following steps

  • In the main menu. click to Play and then open the “Private Match”
  • Click on “Join the Private Match”
  • Here you find the sign in option.
  • Enter the username and password
  • You are in the lobby to get connected with the cross-platform players.

Make your team and play as much you want. Keep in mind not all features are present in PS4 or PC. In case if you use the skin in PC and it is missing in PS4 then the PS4 player will see the default skin type, not the specific one. It will automatically revert and the user can see the skin or vehicle or any other item that is present in his game features.

If you are willing to play through Rocket League cross-platform PS4 PC, just check the compatibility. Sign in, create your team and here you go. Play matches and kill your spare time with the great entertaining game.

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