Rocket League Item Value For 2019
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Rocket League Item Value for 2019

Rocket league has hit the milestone and is one of the popular games of the season. Not in 2018 but it is expected that will remain a hot favorite for the players in 2019 as well. The reason behind is the thrill and adventure with amazing graphics and sound quality. Those who get involved in the game remain involved in it for hours. Therefore, the game is popular because of the different features it has. One of the best parts of the game is that you can buy or trade different items and make the game more entertaining. If you are hunting for the Rocket League its value in 2019 then you can find the range of different items in this platform. you can buy as well as sell the items to make your game full of fun.

Rocket League Item Value 2019 For Selling Purpose

You can sell your rocket league items along with buying the products. In order to sell different items, find the list of things and their selling value range. The selling procedure is very easy, you have to log in and sell your old items to buy the new one.

Name of item Value range (USD)
Crate 0.04 to 0.16
Bodies 0.13 to 0.64
wheels 0.2 to 5.1
Toppers 2 to 2.75
Trade up 0.12 to 0.69
paints 0.21 to 0.32
Decals 0.3 to 4
Banners 0.3 to 0.65
Trails 0.3 to 0.45


The item value remains between the range. you can choose the item according to the cash you have in your account as well as you can trade through the keys as well. Get the update of the latest Rocket League item value 2019 to buy or sell your favorite items.

Through the Rocket league store, you not only buy or sell the products for your cars and the robot but also you can enjoy shopping for real-life clothing and accessories. Rocket League value of items like clothes or accessories are described below

Type of clothing Item value range (pounds)
Shirts 6.26 to 15.7
Outerwear 19.58 to 46.98
Accessories 4.69 to 23.49


The top brands which you get through the Rocket league store are

  • JinX Brand
  • Jinx Pro
  • Shroud
  • PUBG
  • Overwatch
  • World of Warcraft

You can buy the items of these brands and the Rocket League item value varies according to brand and type of stuff you prefer. The rocket league lovers can buy their favorite accessories and play by wearing different items to show their passion for the game. The Rocket League value of items is almost the same and does not vary from time to time.

If you are hunting for a new variety then stay in touch to get the Rocket League item value 2019. The team of Rocket league is bringing innovation in the game day by day so as in the accessories and game essential items. If you are fond of the game then you can show your interest in the game by purchasing different items to proceed to other levels as well as make the game more entertaining.

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