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Sea of Thieves Analysis for Xbox One and Windows 10

Sea of ​​Thieves Analysis for Xbox One and Windows 10. Sea of Thieves is one of the great releases of Microsoft for 2018, a pirate adventure developed by Rare with a strong multiplayer and cooperative component, which has cross-game features between Xbox One and Windows 10. We have analyzed it alternating between both versions and based on the content that has launch, and we tell you what we have found below.

Sea of Thieves Complete Review for Xbox One and Windows 10.

You wake up in a tavern of bad death, lost in the middle of the seas. Alone, with a pitcher full of grog at your side, without direction or destination. After recovering from a big hangover, you can get close to the beach, where you can see the white sails of your first ship. The sea opens at your feet, and your legend as a pirate has not done anything but begin.

Sea of Thieves is Rare’s latest proposal for Xbox One and Windows 10, and Microsoft’s first exclusive to debut on the Xbox Game Pass the day of its release. As part of the Xbox Play Anywhere program, Sea of Thieves allows us to surf with our friends regardless of whether we are on a console or on our computer, to explore an immense sea of thieves where gunpowder and cannon are as common as bananas, music and good vibes.

We have analyzed the game based on their content launch, alternating between the version of Xbox One and the Windows 10 to test its operation across all platforms, and an analysis we bring all that entails Sea of Thieves in their first trips.

What is my boat my treasure

As with your own character, Sea of Thieves starts without a specific goal. You know that there is a ship to man and a sea to sail, that each island can hide some treasure, and that each ship carries several players like you. You start your adventure activating one of the three possible missions that give you the three different factions of the game, you raise the anchor and you throw to the sea. Some missions will ask you to look for a treasure on an island. Others, that you collect some resources or animals in the islands of the area to take them to another port.

For its part, the third will ask you to end up with some enemies on another island. So, complete your first trips. You have done several missions of each type, your level with the factions has increased, and now you can access higher level missions. You accept the first of these missions and, to your surprise, it is exactly the same mission that you have already completed over and over again. And this is one of the evils of Sea of Thieves in its launch, the lack of content.

The game consists of practically three different types of missions, repetitive missions with a basic development, that take us to visit one island or another, pick up what has to be collected there, and back to the port. To these three missions are added two activities such as shipwrecks, which impress the first time but are limited to diving and return with the booty, and the bastions of skeletons, marked by a cloud shaped like a skull, which lead us to overcome hordes of enemies to get more booty.

Because the only reward we get, whatever the mission and whatever the loot, is more gold coins for our character. Sea of Thieves lacks a real progression system. This helps any player to start in the game regardless of the hours that others have thrown, but makes completing more and more missions meaningless in the long run. With the coins we can buy clothes, accessories, cosmetic variants of our weapons and tools and new sails and helmets for the boat.

Some elements are more ostentatious than others, but in no case vary the gameplay or your abilities. However, lacking the game of some kind of social area where the players congregate, the only ones who will see your new hook or your golden pistol are your own crewmates, since encounters with rival crews usually end with cannon fire distance between your boats.

What is my god the freedom?

Of course, the social aspect is key in a game of these characteristics. To communicate with our colleagues, regardless of the language, we have a series of contextual messages that adapt to any type of possible situation. And with any situation we really mean anyone, either trimming the mainsail or sighting a ship in the distance like making a toast, enjoying a song or telling the whole boat that you have a chicken or a pig in your arms.

We can also make several gestures and actions and, even, lock up in the prison of the ship those crew members who have earned it by hand (or our own friends if we see ourselves wanting to annoy them). The only downside in this aspect is that the game does not give the possibility to invite people during the game so, if you are playing three friends (for example) and a room is connected, you need to leave the game and lose the progress made in the active mission to re-enter as a group of four.

Beyond this pitfall, the game in cooperative is the great star of Sea of Thieves, and it is here where the game shines with greater force. With two people the trip turns into an adventure, and with three or four it goes from an adventure to a total desmadre on the waves. The mere fact of traveling from one island to another requires some communication and coordination between the different players, which gives it enough dynamism in itself, but there are also dances and music, bad jokes, attempts to vacillate your friends and, in general, all the good vibes that are generated when you travel well accompanied.

And let’s not talk anymore when you meet an enemy ship, the excitement generated by the first cannon shots, the races to drain water from the ship and the boarding attempts when you shoot yourself with the cannon. Or the adventures on land when you dock on an island to find their treasures, and to bust your comrades when they pass near a gunpowder barrel set with very bad intentions.

Undoubtedly, this is one of the most fun multiplayer experiences of recent times, which focuses more on camaraderie, collaboration and, in general, the good atmosphere, and less on putting together a group of players simply to face a challenge And this makes it a delight to play in company, but also makes the game alone is really tasteless, since it lacks the true essence of the gameplay of Sea of Thieves.

My law, strength and wind

That yes, and we play alone or accompanied, Sea of Thieves is quite a show as far as the technical section is concerned. As we pointed out in your progress, we are looking at what is possibly one of the most realistic simulations that have ever been done of the seas, with a changing swell depending on the weather, that rocks the ship in moments of calm, and it shakes it hard in storms.

The lighting and its reflections in the water make you stay enthralled with each sunrise and sunset, even when you have been surfing for hours without stopping. And the sea itself acquires during the day some turquoise tones with which it is impossible not to marvel at the sight of them. All the graphic section, from the daytime waters to the night sky, the tropical islands and our own boat, show a very careful aspect, with a very lively and cheerful range of colors that continues to attract your attention after a good handful of hours of play.

And all these elements show great detail on the part of their creators. The plants move in our path and hide us from the view of others, the stars light up with the night and allow us to look for the path as in real life, and the water that jumps on the deck with the waves is positioned there where it falls on the planks, and small puddles are formed dynamically depending on the cracks in our deck, something that really impresses when you see it while you sail.

The sound section is also very polished, and it is a real pleasure to hear the sound of the waves when sailing, the sounds made by the wood of our boat, the music of the accordions and, in general, all the sound elements present during any departure. Whether it’s a standard Xbox One or Xbox One X, or the PC version with the best quality, the game presents a very stable performance while you marvel at its views and landscapes.

My only homeland the sea

In general terms, Sea of Thieves is a hilarious adventure when playing in company, especially if you do it with well-known friends, which is reinforced by a world of bright and vibrant colors, brave Caribbean seas and dangerous uninhabited islands … But which is usually empty.

The missions are repetitive and little varied, without a real sense of progression, and there is not much more to be done beyond them. In addition, there is only one type of enemy “NPC” beyond the sharks or the Kraken (which appears very infrequently), which are the skeletons, with some variant between them but little else.

But this does not mean it’s a bad game, far from it. In Rare they have created a very solid base to build on it a multiplayer adventure that lasts. Both the technical section and the playable are outstanding and, as more content is added in the future, more enemies and more playable options, we could be facing the best pirate adventure ever created. But at this moment, at its launch, Sea of Thieves still has a journey ahead.


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