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The Spring Update is Now Available For Xbox One Insider Members

Members of the Xbox Insider program can now download the spring update on the different Xbox One models.

The spring update comes to Xbox One

The Xbox One software continues to receive new updates from Microsoft so that players can access new features designed to take advantage of the options offered by the system. The latest update to make an appearance is the spring, although we must emphasize that it is only available to members of Xbox Insider . Later, on a date that we hope to confirm shortly, it will be available to all other Xbox One users . While we wait for confirmation from Microsoft , we will see what kind of news the users of this console can enjoy. One of the most striking improvements is the support for 1440p resolution (2560 × 1440) on Xbox One X and Xbox One S systems, thus offering higher image quality in games. The Microsoft EDGE browser has been updated with a more modern look and will also allow uploading or downloading photos, videos and music to the console.

At the moment, it’s only available to Xbox Insider members

The Mixer game relay service has also been the subject of improvements, since with the spring update it will allow sharing the command control with those who are watching us play so that sender and spectator can cooperate during the game. Of course, they can also annoy us. Another improvement implemented is that retransmissions will not stop when changing games. The new update of Xbox One will allow players to balance the audio trackof the game with the music that we are listening at that moment from the same console. In addition, it should be noted that the sounds of the Home and the Guide have been completely renewed to admit spatial audio, so the audio signals of the surround sound system will coincide with the actions that they see on the screen. With the new update we can sort the feed of our club , allowing to highlight the most current and the most interesting messages.

Includes support for 1440p resolution on Xbox One X and Xbox One S

The new spring update also allows you to filter the invitations so that club managers can select different criteria when accepting members, such as by recommendation of current members, reputation or by Gamer score. Finally, players can participate in Open Tournaments without having to belong to a specific club.

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