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Tips and Tricks to Earn Money Easily in Sea Of Thieves

Tips and Tricks to Earn Money Easily in Sea Of Thieves. It is possible to get a lot of money in Sea of Thieves if you are clear about how to take advantage of each of the possibilities offered by the game in real time, and with this guide you can get a lot of gold for your pirate interest.

Sea of Thieves is being a surprise since its landing, and many users have already ventured to the high seas to discover treasures and fall into all kinds of mysteries. But a good pirate in Sea of Thieves needs money, and there are some ways to get it that will make it easier for you to amass a lot of this valuable resource.

To help you in this great pirate company, we tell you the best ways to earn a lot of money in Sea of Thieves so you can have the best ship of all your friends and to be a fearsome player in each of the seas. So choose your best ship, because we’re going to search for gold.

How to make money easily in Sea of Thieves

With the golden chickens

As you will imagine, and you have already done, the normal way to get gold in the game is through the missions of the Companies of Commerce, but not all are valid. To be able to take advantage of them we must buy maps of the missions to the company of the Alliance Merchant, which will cost us around 40 gold coins. By having them we will unlock random missions, but those that interest us are those to hunt golden chickens.

As this is a random issue, what you should do is buy the maps and see if you get this mission, and if not, you go back and do the procedure until you have that goal. Why are we interested in gold chickens? Well basically because when we deliver them to the Merchant Alliance they will reward us with up to 2000 gold coins, so it’s worth doing them.


It is another random element that appears while we sail the seas. We must see if birds appear circling over an area of the sea to go directly to this location. Once we arrive, if we have been quick, we can get as many chests with lots of gold.

Skull fortresses

They are in different islands of the game and we will be able to locate them thanks to that we will see in the sky a cloud with a skull shape. It should be clear that we are talking about quite complicated missions, so you only want to go if you look sufficiently prepared. However if you have friends you must go with them, because it is just not an adventure that you can go well. Upon arrival you will have to face a multitude of skeletons protecting a fortress. Once we finish with everyone and get the area, we will receive a large amount of gold.

Bright skulls

They are usually present on different islands and you find them on the ground. The good thing is that you can sell for about 900 gold. Also do not hesitate to pick up golden glasses that have immense value for sellers. Of course, you must sell them as soon as you can so you do not end up stealing them.

These are the best ways to get gold in Sea of Thieves to be a pirate with some economic power.

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