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Tips and Tricks to Earn Money Quickly in Far Cry 5

Tips and Tricks to Earn Money Quickly in Far Cry 5. There are different ways to get money in Far Cry 5, although some are simpler and more rewarding than others. In this text we tell you the best ways to earn money in the game so you can buy all kinds of clothing and weapons possible.

Far Cry 5 is already in the market, and the first difficulties that the user will face is the issue of money. You will need money to acquire weapons and clothing for a character that needs to be well protected and with the best firearms to overcome the missions. That is why in Far Cry 5 money is almost everything, and we are going to tell you how to obtain it in the fastest and simplest way possible.

So if you want some tips and tricks to earn a lot of money in Far Cry 5 we’ll give you three procedures for it, something you can do from the first minutes of the game. We recommend that you dedicate a few minutes in each game to farm money because in the most advanced levels it is necessary to have accumulated money to face mandatory equipment expenses.

How to Earn Money Quickly in Far Cry 5.

These are the three procedures that have worked best for us when making money in Far Cry 5:

Stalks and hideouts of preparationist.

We are talking about hiding places of money, ammunition, supplies and other valuables that are scattered all over the map. When you find them you will get enough money (it is the fastest way), but then you can also sell the remaining supplies and get much more. In addition, the more advanced ones have unique weapon rewards and vehicles. There are dozens of these hiding places, so do not hesitate to find them all. Once you find them you must solve a small puzzle to access the site, although in general they are not too complicated either.

Hunting and selling resources

As much for the town as for the mountains there are loose animals that you can hunt for your interests. The idea is that you spend a little time in each game to go hunting everything that moves, but not kill for killing, but getting skins and resources of the highest paid animals. To do this, go to each of the vendors in the town, see how they sell and buy each of the skins, and go hunting these animals. In addition, you can hunt while doing missions, so it will not take long.


Yes, you can also fish in Far Cry 5, and you will find several zones enabled throughout the map. For each fish you will get money selling your resources, but the ideal is that you get the fishing magazines scattered on the map. These will tell you which areas are best for fishing a type of fish, and specifically those for which they can pay the most.

Obtaining a bonus by region

It is possible to get more money when completing secondary missions if you have previously eliminated the boss of the area. This will make all those secondary missions that you have left undone give you more resources and money. Although it is not advisable to leave all without doing because you need experience, yes that some can be reserved.

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Far Cry 5: Tips and Tricks for Far Cry 5

These are the best ways to get money in Far Cry 5 and, as you can see, fast and easy to make from your first steps in the adventure.

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