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Tips and tricks to start playing Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery, the official game for iOS and Android phones based on the famous Harry Potter saga is now available for download on Google Play in soft launch format. Bad luck has meant that Spain is left out of the first selection of countries to become apprentices of magic, but we can download the APK and install Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery manually.

Tips and tricks to start playing Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery

Tips and tricks to start playing Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery

We have already become part of the most prestigious school of magic and we even have our own analysis of Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery and now the time has come for us to share this guide with you to offer some tips and tricks to start playing the RPG of Harry Potter for mobile.

How to start playing Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery

The first thing we have to do is choose the genre of our character, boy or girl, and customize it to our liking with the options that the mobile game offers us. In addition, we will have to choose one of the four houses of the popular fantastic saga. Once done, start a small tutorial in which they will teach us some basic things: use the magic wand, interact with other characters, and change the scenes.

In Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery we are first-year students of the prestigious school of magic and we will have to complete countless tasks to obtain reward coins or increase our level. To do this, we will explore the school in search of new missions, we will attend class, we will learn spells, and we will use potions … Everything to discover the truth behind the Cursed Vaults and the disappearance of our brother.

The vast majority of activities we do in Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery are limited to pressing the highlighted items that appear on the screen to reach the necessary percentage. All tasks must be completed within a time limit and consume our energy. Once we run out of strength, we will have to wait for it to recharge or spend gems that, in most cases, are achieved by paying with real money.

How to start playing Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery: Tutorial 

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery is divided into different chapters that will lead us to discover different mysteries and secrets of the School of Sorcery and Magic. We are going to talk about the tutorial and the first chapter to give you a better idea of ​​how the Harry Potter mobile game works.

As soon as we start playing the tutorial, our first task will be to recover the Flourish and Blotts books. We touch the door of the library, enter inside and to click on the start button to start the activity. From this moment, we must interact with the different characters and objects that appear in each of the levels. We have already told you that the mechanics are simple, so touch the screen of your mobile to get clues and recover the books that shine.

Once we have completed the mission, we will get some rewards like level up or unlock new magic skills that will be very useful in the adventure. Now we are ready to learn how to cast spells in Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery. Go to the Ollivanders Wands Store to talk to Ollivander. There, a new task will open, track the movement of your wand to know the exact moment when you can cast the spell. When we master the art of magic in the Ollivander store, we will talk to our friend Rowan and we will return to the main screen of the game where we will know our statistics.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery: Chapter 1

After our first steps in Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery, it is time to enter the subject. In this first chapter we will have to attend class, learn spells and talk with our friend Rowan to help us move forward in the adventure.

The first place we will visit is the Gryffindor room, there we will meet Rowan. Tap on the character to start talking and choose a class you want to attend. In this case, we must choose the enchantment class where we will learn the Lumos spell. We must get 100% to pass our Sorcery exam and get our rewards: coins and XPs. To perform the spell correctly, we just have to trace the movement that appears on the screen and try to make an L.

So far our tips and tricks of Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery. As we say, everything is based on playing and playing, as well as following the instructions that appear on the screen. It will not be difficult for you to continue the adventure and the only problem will be to exhaust your energy or having to wait too long between one task and another.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery is a free-to-play game for iOS and Android phones, although it has a multitude of micro-payments to update our character, buy items or advance faster in the adventure.

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