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Top 10 Best Mario Games of all time

It’s been over 30 years since Nintendo’s mustache has been entertaining generations of gamers since it first appeared in the Jurassic arcade of ” Donkey Kong .” Mario saved the video game industry from the edge of the abyss in the 1980s and practically defined the platform game genre on the market.

The most famous plumber in the world has appeared in more than 200 games of the most varied types, from races, tennis and fights. Of course the best games are those produced by Nintendo for their systems, but the character has received a series of alternative games, usually developed by other companies and many of them released only in Japan, not being well known here.

Top 10 Best Mario Games of all time

It was in thinking that we set up this Top 10 Mario Unknown Games . Check out where the most famous character in the gaming world has walked.

* Note: The list is not in order of preference.

Mario’s Early Years!

“Mario’s Early Years” was a series of educational games released for Super Nintendo, especially developed for children up to six years old, focused on developing skills ranging from language and typing to geography and history. A way to learn and have fun at the same time.

Mario’s Time Machine

Another educational game developed by The Software Toolworks for NES, SNES and PC, where Mario must use a time machine to return historical artifacts stolen by Bowser, and get everything back to normal by answering history questions.

Excitebike: Bun Bun Mario Battle Stadium

The “Excitebike” motocross racing series was born in 1984 on the NES and was one of the first Shigeru Miyamoto games . This version with Mario and his gang is a remake of the first NES game and was released only in Japan for the Super Famicom, via Satellaview , an accessory for the console that operated as a satellite modem, for exclusive game distribution.

Wrecking Crew ’98

“Wrecking Crew ’98” is a sequel to SNES’s original jigsaw puzzle game for the NES. The player must destroy the blocks using a giant hammer to form equal sets, in a system reminiscent of the classic “Tetris”. It was released only in Japan.

Super Mario Bros. & Friends: When I Grow Up

This game was released exclusively for the DOS system in 1991, developed by Electric Crayon . The game is essentially coloring book on the computer, and was illustrated by Rick Incrocci, who made drawings aimed at the children’s audience and who also made works for Atari and Sega.

Mario Clash

“Mario Clash” was produced by Nintendo for its infamous “Virtual Reality” videogame Virtual Boy, one of the biggest failures in the company’s history. It was the first three-dimensional game of the Mario series and is quite inspired by the classic arcade “Mario Bros”, which instead of the traditional long scrolling scenarios, presented static phases.

Mario no Photopi

Released in 1998 for the N64 only in Japan, it was not quite a game but basically an image editor, with fonts, frames and arts of the Mario series . The cartridge had two slots to place cards and so make transfers of digital images, something well advanced for the time, but of course, not for the Japanese.

Mario Artist

A spiritual successor to “Mario Paint” , this four-part game was released for the Nintendo 64DDaccessory ( used to expand console memory ) and greatly increased the creative options of its predecessor, as it also allowed 3D graphics to work. Just like the peripheral, the game was a failure.

Mario & Wario

The evil version of Mario nowadays is well known by gamers, but not in 1993 when he received “Mario & Wario” , only released in Japan. The game was created by Satoshi Tajiri , simply the creator of the Pokémon franchise. The game is very simple and aims to take a Mario ( or Luigi and Peach ) that walks alone without being able to see until the exits of the scene, where Luigi is waiting, going through several obstacles. Its differential was the use of the mouse of the SNES to control a little fairy, that is the mouse cursor, to make way for the mustache.

Mario’s Bombs Away

This is the old one, it was released in 1983 for the Game & Watch system , which were very simple portable games with LCD screen and practically were the kings before the arrival of the Game Boy. Only Nintendo released about 60 titles of these mini games. In this game, Mario is a soldier (?!) With the mission to bring bombs to his troops on the other side of the screen avoiding some obstacles like enemies in the trees and the fire of his fellow smoker. It was one of the six games made for the Panorama line , which was a more dashing model.

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