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Tricks and Tactics to Survive in the Last Circle in Fortnite Mobile

Tricks and Tactics to Survive in the Last Circle in Fortnite Mobile. To survive the final battle in Fortnite Mobile you need much more than luck, and that is why with these tips and tricks you will end up being the last player in each of the games thanks to the management of the final battle.

It is not easy to reach the end in Fortnite Mobile, since you are not alone and in the end there are professional players who can reach you in an amazing way. So if you know how to manage those last minutes of each game of this mobile version of Fortnite you will have the victory in your pocket, but before that you need to strictly carry out a procedure.

With these tactics to survive in the last circle in Fortnite Mobile you have many options to win the game, and that is thanks to the fact that during the previous minutes you will have overtaken the rivals thinking faster than them.

Next we give you the strategies to survive in the last circle in Fortnite Mobile and beat all your rivals.

Tricks and tactics to survive in the last circle in Fortnite Mobile

It arrives with the maximum shielding

Everyone has great weapons at the end of the game and they are pretty good at aiming. The only difference between the defeat and the victory is to go well protected with a shield superior to the one of the rival. In this case, try to reach, as it were, with a level shield to the last circle, so that when the nerves enter and there is no other way than to face it, you already have additional protection and you can hold the shots better.

Create a fortress

If you see that the circle is closing around you, do not hesitate to hide in your strength. Not all users do it, but it is recommended given that it gives you a better position compared to the rest. To build the fortress use metal or brick, but better not use wood. Try to build up, and put stairs. This way you will be able to show yourself and shoot your rivals, while they will have difficult to reach you. Of course, the strength will be demolished, but at least you have a time to beat the final opponent.

Do not believe in silence

In the last moments of the game there are few rivals, and that’s why you will not hear shots or see anyone. But that does not mean you can leave, because they are waiting for you. In these crucial moments stay well hidden and wait for the rival’s error. The key is to be patient until the circle narrows so much that someone has to leave. At that moment, defeat it.

Take a look at the storm

You know that in the end everything closes, but do not get distracted because the storm may catch you. In this case it is possible to intuit how it is going to be closed so that you do not take unexpected surprises. The recommendation is that you think 5 minutes in advance and if you have proof that in your position the storm will catch you in a few minutes, go looking for an alternative.

Always have a Plan B

Everything can end up going wrong, even if you think your plan is infallible. That’s why you should always have a plan B in mind in case your strength falls, in case the storm has caught you or whatever. If you have an escape route already programmed you can have a second chance to survive, and that is already a lot for these final minutes.

Thanks to these tips and tricks to survive in the last circle of Fortnite Mobile you will be the player with the largest number of options to win the game.

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