Xbox Free Games With Gold For August 2017

Xbox Free Games With Gold For August 2017. This August is the time for harvesting some of the great titles. Microsoft has been following the trend of offering free games to its Xbox subscribers. On the first of August, console debut will be made by the Slime Rancher on the Xbox One. Playing the game, you will be caring for galactic farm of slimy cute creatures. Enjoying this you will be able to grab Trials Fusion from the 16th of August with its platform of racing stunts and lots of challenges. Microsoft has committed to release Xbox free games with gold for August 2017.The above 2 are not the end of this summer fun. Wait for more. Discussing about Xbox one and Xbox 360, you will be able to enjoy games of Xbox one on the Xbox 360 by having backward compatibility. There will be classic game Bayonetta that you will be able to enjoy from 1st of August to 15th of August. After you are done with this or still enjoying this on your consoles, you can grab the adventurous trip to mars in the form of Red Faction with Armageddon where you will be fighting for its defense from 16th of August to 30th of the same month. These games are for limited time and after that defined time; these will not be there but will be replaced by new games to be offered by Microsoft for the upcoming months.

So, what you are to do is to get Xbox Gold live today for enjoying Xbox free games with gold for August 2017 and be a part of battle heroes. Listing down the 4 games that will be available we will head towards what each game hides in it.

Xbox one games

  • Slim Rancher
  • Trials Fusion

Xbox 360 games

  • Bayonetta
  • Armageddon (Red Faction)

Talking about Xbox one games Slime rancher will be in your access from 1st to 31st August whereas Trials Fusion will be available from 16th of August till 15th of September. Heading towards Xbox 360 games, Red Faction will be available for enjoying from 16th till 31st of August for both Xbox one and 360. Bayonetta will be available from 1st till 15th of August not only for Xbox 360 but also for Xbox One.

Now let`s talk about each of these one by one.

Slime Rancher will make you a rancher who is moved thousands of light years far away for her mission. Rather than wrangling cattle, she will be handling the slimes, large number of these. Slime science is linked to making money. So she needs to be careful as this business is risky enough as she will be using jetpacks and vac pacs as her tools.

Trials Fusion is based on science of physics that contains wide range of levels that are challenging and encourage pulling off of countless tricks & stunts. So if you are going to play this one, be prepared to show-off in ways that you never imagined earlier. Be aware, you will get addictive to it. Bayonetta is about witch magic whereas that of Red faction relates to mars defense against enemies.

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